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    posted a message on Mushroom bioms too much rare?
    Never found one yet. But its good their rare. If they werent, whenever I do find one I would be like

    "Oh yeah whatever just another mushroom biome"

    Rathar than them being rare and me being like

    "WTF a mushroom biome score Yeeah man!!!"

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    posted a message on Newbie questions
    Man savor this moment youre in! Savor that you are new with the game and everything is new and still exciting! For instance you say you dont wanna go out because it might be dark before you find your way, *Keep that fear of night in your head* Thats one of the things that keeps it good is being honestly afraid of going out at night.

    And like SuperZac said, dont read the entire wiki/ or whatever minecraft guide. If you do then it leaves nothing new or cool for you to discover. IF you had read about the abandoned mine you talked about before you found yours, would you have had the same *shock and awe* reaction? No cause you saw it coming :P

    Savor it man while its still new!!!!
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    posted a message on So what have I missed? From a user that hasn't played since 1.0
    All kindsa jazz. like ^^^^ said, look u some update notes :P on the MC loginscreen perhaps.
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    posted a message on What's your rage story?
    I was playing with the mo'creatures mod, and I strayed too far from my house and got lost. couldnt find my way back and then died. Didnt know where I walked from spawn to where my house was so I had no idea which way to go to get home. I had a house with all my stuff and a whole horse stable with a built on big pasture. I had a bunch of horses too and was pretty close to getting a black pegasus. I was looked for soo long for my house but to this day I still have that save file but never found my house :P

    And the famous story that everyone has of getting too greedy while mining and dying with a inventory full of diamonds, ores and all the abandoned mine goods...
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    posted a message on DrZhark's Mo' Creatures (mod suggestion thread)
    Why is it most of the people suggesting mobs say they want added either tamable

    1. Dragons

    2. Monkeys

    3. Big water snakes

    But only *one* of the most common suggestions are added to the poll?

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    posted a message on Minecraft isn't Minecraft anymore.
    Thats what minecraft is. Its a survival sandboxish game. If Notch and/or Jeb didnt keep updating it to make it more survival oriented, whats the point in Notch even continuing the game to this point? :P Its supposed to be the way it is now.

    EDIT: And if Notch hadnt updated it to what it is today, Im sure that people would be complaining that it isnt realistic enough or that it needs stuff it has now like hunger :P
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