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    Everything you need is in that link with a layer by layer guide

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    Welcome to LostLands Survival
    Custom Features:
    - 500 custom enchants
    - Towny Claims
    - Custom Recipes
    - Shops
    - Pets
    - Bosses
    - Raids/Dungeons
    - Mcmmo and a lot more!
    Boss System:
    - Custom World Bosses
    - Quest Bosses
    - Dungeon Bosses
    - Raid Bosses
    All our boss battles are custom made with new ones being made everyday!
    Power System:
    To go along with them custom enchants we also have a fully custom Power system for your character.
    Power is used to make your character overpowered but just remember there is always someone stronger than you.
    Raising power is simple just fight our custom level mobs or even take part in our raids and dungeons.
    The better your team does the better the rewards you get.
    We will be implementing events based on the feedback we get from players.
    Our events will be held every week.
    Rewards will be Ranks, Keys, Money, Exp, and more
    Server Info:
    - Ip
    - Version 1.16.4
    - Gamemode Survival
    - None Cracked
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