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    Actually i think what human mob can be very nice for mapmaking actually it can add some nice addon to a little story or even special event for one map in specific so how this could work well here it comes some explanations now

    This is how the "Human will spawn" if we use a tag like Type;1 it will appear the Alex skin instead

    When the "Human" Entity spawns it will be frozen on one block whitout any action whit a command block or an special tool we can select actions for this entity we can use this imaginary idea for the command block like ~Make;HumanEntityMove;Left (or for making more movements on command block you can realize it by this form ~Make;HumanEntityMove;Left, Right, Up, Down) and this entity will move to the desired direction (remember this is an imaginary command) or also we can summon a stick like a "Debug Stick" summoning by a command like /give @p minecraft:debug_MoveEntity then when you select the human entity you will see a yellow lines what it will mark the desired positions of the Human entity when you select like 10 blocks up you can click-shift on the command block and the command will be added for realize the desired movements (this could also work whit other mobs)


    the actions are easy for realize by this form when u realize the command ~Make;HumanEntityMove;Left,Up, Up, Up;use minecraft:wooden_button, the entity will press the most closer button around of 30 blocks

    Collecting Items/Blocks...:

    The human entity has an inventory like a normal player and can also realize normal actions like any other player but some of this ideas are really insane for make because it can really need a long time for add it so the idea i consider "insane" it's make that when you summon this entity whit the tag "Natural" the Human will make normal thing in an infinite world like found wood get minerals, own food and others but i think it's possible but it's hard to make

    well now to the true deal its what you can make the entity pick and equip items by normally dropping a helmet or a sword the human if it's around of 20 blocks the human will equip it

    now other interesting think he can fight mobs if you want by adding this ~Make;HumanEntityAttackHostileMobs;True

    if you wanna make it break some closer block whit a pickaxe you can move it to one position and use this ~Make;Humanbreakblockdown;30 (30 it's the quantity of blocks and down its we're the entity will face) let's say what the Human entity ended whit the blocks now we will put this if whe want to keep the "mining" ~Make;Humanbreakblockdown;20,Make;Humanbreakblockright; 15

    Theres a lot of thing what we can add whit this entity because theres unlimited usages for this so it's better end here for now also lasting this as an interesting fact you could use a nametag and write the name of a player there, then you shift-click on the entity and the skin of the desired player will be added to the entity..

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    i think planes on minecraft it would be really weird :/

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