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    IGN: _Quincy

    Name: (I personally would prefer not to share that, you can just call me John... I've always liked that name XD)

    Age: 13 (But, honestly, I'm quite mature.)

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    Minecraft IGN: _Quincy

    Time on Minecraft: about 2 years

    Time watching Gravity Falls: Since the day it first aired

    Scale of 1-10, how much do you love Gravity Falls: 9

    How much would you play on the server: At LEAST once every week.

    Who are your 3 favorite side characters: Waddles, Pacifica (I don't consider her as a main character), and Bill (If Bill counts as a main character, then I choose Celestabellebethabelle the unicorn)

    If we accepted you, what would be the first thing you did: Log on to the server and get familiar with the rules.

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