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    posted a message on What happened to my 'Retired Staff' title?

    Not too gaudy yet enough to differentiate. Good job.

    Yay for retired janitors.
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    Just think of all the people that have died in there.

    Anyways, I'm sure the ghosts of the fallen will leave you alone.
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    posted a message on How did you manage through high school and college?
    High school was just a matter of managing to get up everyday and go. I never did homework or anything outside of class, though I still managed decent grades. Ended up basically being out of school for a year and a half due to circumstance. How difficult it was to go back after this, it was crazy. I caught up and graduated on time some how.

    College is something that is still in the future for me. I haven't had the motivation to give up a decent job/income to start college, but I'm getting there. I *might* be able to get something paid for by my employer if I brown nose the right people. The issue being it certainly will not align with the career path I wish to take. Choices choices choices such difficult choices.

    After school it gets both better and worse at the same time. Though I've never found myself missing school.
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    Quote from CyberFlux

    Something with plenty of action and battles!

    English dub preferred but I'm willing to give subs a go.

    Trigun is an oldie but goodie.
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    Quote from meow247

    damnit now i have another series to watch >.< (dragon crisis)

    Forget the dragons, the wolf was the best character.

    So cute. ^~^

    Moe fang and everything.

    Finished the latest episode of KLK:

    Trolololo you got me, KLK

    Hey a new opening and ending.

    Just when you thought it couldn't get any more ridiculous....
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    They're all having a "play the victim" circle jerk and sounding like they think they are on some righteous quest.

    Its too stupid to be funny, concerning really. They need to check that ego if they think they even matter enough to be targeted by a mod. Breach of privacy because the moderator can click and link in the thread and read a public forum... right. If they are children I'd suggest I slap upside the head, if they're adults I'd suggest professional help. At the very least they need to work on the victim complex.
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    Quote from meow247

    welp,. pupa was pretty gross. the quality and anim :\

    I know, right.

    I watched that the other day. It felt like watching someone's weird first attempt at story telling/animation. It was pretty disgusting, weird, the animation was bad, the story didn't flow right.
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    posted a message on Do You or Did You Enjoy High School?
    I can't recall many positive experiences from my time in high school. Its was pretty poor all the way through. I moved around through my time in high school, four different school in total, so I never had the time to form any deep friendships. Socially I was never a good performer and the was exaggerated by various problems at home. Through my years I kept seeing freedom decline through the various school I went to. I was never a trouble maker, so the school I was at during my freshman year generally allowed me to do w/e I wanted during my free time as long as I didn't cause issues. I could get away with some roaming the halls, hitting up the library, or getting some fresh air outside. Keep in mind this was a very small school.

    From there I moved to a school which would treat you as a criminal if you are caught outside the class room with out a note from a teacher and you were generally confined to the class room at all times. Even access to the library was limited. Not that it was worth my time reading such censored rubbish it contained. This school was only slightly larger yet felt the need to have police stationed at the school which loved to project an overbearing presence. Here the "zero tolerance" for fighting kicked in. If someone walked up and punched you in the face and you offered no retaliation both parties, you and the attacker, would be expelled.

    The final high school I had the displeasure of setting foot in was the real draconian prison wannabe complete with psychotic administration. This opinion was not solely held by me nor the students but agreed upon by a number of the teaching staff, many of whom left for other employment opportunities or proclaimed they were retiring due to that fact. This was a small school, very small, ~200 kids yet the felt the need to station a number of ARMED police. God forbid you were caught somewhere you didn't have express permission to be and god forbid you were late to class, but this really depended on who caught you. Favoritism was blatantly afforded to the offspring of the more affluent in the area, this was quite the wealthy school, as in look at the high-end exotics in the parking lot when school let out wealthy. This was my senor year in school, my parent was off working a large amount of the time, and I generally took care of myself. I maintained As in all my classes but there were a few days I just flat out didn't feel like going and/or was late enough to miss a class. Well, I disregarded their requirement for a note from a parent. When I had racked up **THREE** absent days for the WHOLE YEAR the school presented me a letter saying they where taking me to court for truancy. Fortunately a what is wrong with you meeting cleared that up. This school would have one of their big, bad popo write you a ticket if you accidentally slipped profanity in front of the wrong person.

    There were a few amazing teachers at that school that made it bearable, most of whom were leaving their employment at that disaster the end of the year. *Some* of the administration was very nice and very helpful an I was able to catch up from what basically amounted to missing a year of school and graduate on time. This school had a very poor curriculum director and poor state testing results, so when the results of my state tests came back excellent I gained some leverage with the administration that made things a lot better. It never shook the feeling of being locked in a prison, but it did make it bearable. Finally, whats sad is there are schools in the US which are 1000s of times worse and actually dangerous for the students so though I may complain it could have been much worse.

    Fortunately the real world is much better and high school is becoming nothing but a distance memory for me.
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    posted a message on Applying to be a moderator
    Surprised this thread hasn't been locked with a simple FAQ.

    All that matters is that you are competent, mature in attitude, and respectful of the rules/other members. Use of common sense and patients greatly outweighs nitpicking every little detail about the moderator applications.
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    posted a message on Getting to know other Moderators/Admins/Retired Staff Thread
    Quote from fm87

    I ­ing hate christmas.

    I <3 you.

    I was able to stay bunkered this year. No one at my work gives a flying ­ about Christmas, my local store didn't go completely overboard, and I slept all Christmas day. I think is was the best Christmas I've had in years!

    Always been a terrible time of year for me.

    Lots of bad memories.
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