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    Well, maybe it's because Minecraft hasn't really finished "evolving" yet. There have been various updates adding a couple things here and there, but not really much to qualify as anything significant in the way of evolution. I enjoy Minecraft early on in the game, when you have to try to find a staple food source, get yourself some stone tools, and fight mobs that are kinda challenging.

    However, the difficulty is the first thing to be thrown out the window, as diamond armor, enchants, potions, etc. remove any potential challenge that may have existed. The game is nice, and the beginning is fun, but the mid/endgame isn't really developed enough to still be fun. Many people often complained that certain suggestions made the game too easy, or that certain weapons (such as muskets/crossbows) would be overpowered, yet the game isn't really hard in the first place.

    The problem for me is that once you have diamonds... Scratch that, once you have a dirt hut and a food source, you can't die. Mobs never try to break in, and aren't even that tough either, not like there are even that many of them anyway. The last time I played Minecraft I had diamonds within an hour, with a solid farm and a simple shelter set up as well, instantly lost interest already.

    Quite a ways back, I used to check the forums frequently just to see if there was an update, and the potentially amazing things it brought. I was disappointed far more than I wish I had been. The combat is ridiculously boring, there are only two weapon types that appear the exact same (aside from colors), armor looks the exact same, etc. Sure you can still build, but I just don't even feel motivated at that point, it isn't necessary, and I don't feel like putting huge amounts of time into a structure that I don't even need to build.

    On the outside, the game seems like a huge, never ending world with adventure and fun around every corner. What it turns out to be is absurdly boring mining, simple combat mechanics, and structures that appear the exact same as the last one you found. I definitely got my money's worth though, but just wish it had grown more than it has.

    (To think I didn't even feel like commenting at first, but made all this. To clarify any potential issues, I do still think the game is good. However, it has the potential to be so much better than just good, but I won't be checking back too often if that ends up happening soon. MP is still decent if I actually feel like getting on Minecraft [(not PvP, just like hanging with friends and building a small town]).

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    Quote from Ouatcheur»

    I AGREE so much with you here.


    I'm glad you agree, but went way more in depth than I had, and really went in depth on what really could (and should?) have been improved by now. I also had noticed the other day that in 2011, I had bought both Minecraft (May 27, 2011, for about $26) and Terraria (Aug 8, 2011, for about $10), and I really still haven't been playing Minecraft at all, whereas Terraria I played till about 3 this morning.

    As you had ended your statements there, without mods it really is kinda dead for me. The only things I've done with it in the past few months were launching and seeing if the updates really had any major impact, giving one server a friend recommended a try, and playing a little modded MC via the Technic Launcher. It truly was a magical item if you merely looked at just the cover of this book, infinite sandbox, so much to explore, etc. But once you delve into said book, the lasting appeal isn't there unless others alter and add content to the book.
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    To be honest here, I barely ever play it today. Back when I originally got it, I was very excited about the possibilities, infinite world to explore, mobs everywhere to slay, tools to craft... Unfortunately, the things that appeal to me (weapon/tool variety, exploration, wide variety of entities to fight), were quite limited, and I basically don't play it very much now. Building my own multi-story home and various other structures outside of it seems to be what takes up more time really if I do play MC.

    In the end though, it basically comes down to opinion, and what you feel like you'd be more into. For the price and when I got it, I'd say I got my money's worth for the game. Also worth noting is that the base game seems to have fairly limited content, and is more-so kept alive by the community's contributions of maps, mods, servers, etc. If you prefer to have a base-game that's completely great on it's own, then this game won't be lasting quite as long appeal-wise
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    A skin is not something worth raging about if there's an extremely easy way to upload a Steve skin...

    But anyway! I'm glad to see a new default skin for the player to have, personally it doesn't really matter to me how many times they say Steve and Alex are gender-less, their appearance seems more like they have a gender of their very own, especially since they suddenly make a new default skin, that also appears to be a female, that also just happens to have a slimmer arm texture (only three pixels or whatever I think)...

    (Just checked the Minecraft.gamepedia site, and found this: "The Alex skin features what appears to be a female with ginger hair, a green top, brown pants and black boots as well as 3-pixel wide arms." So I'm not entirely sure where you got this information on Alex being a boy, but whatever.)
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    posted a message on Minecraft pick up lines/Puns
    Hey, want to come set your spawn at my place?

    Literally just came up with that one, so don't kill me for being original xD
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    Meh, I'm honestly on the same boat here, I'm largely unimpressed. They've definitely added a sizable amount of content here, but much of it literally doesn't interest me at all. Armor Stands, banners, rabbits, new wood items (doors + fences), new enchanting system, new types of stone, villagers actually do something now (produce food and distribute it), and that's what mainly has caught my attention about the update which took 300+ days to develop.

    Don't get me wrong, it is certainly a sizable amount of content (as the changelog is fairly large), but I feel like the base game itself has changed very little regardless of this. Sure there are a few new things to notice aesthetically, and villagers are capable of finally feeding themselves, but none of it really makes me excited about the update. I'm honestly still waiting for other things, such as new weapons or tools (seriously, I am tired of the same five swords which basically become useless with the acquisition of iron, and a couple sticks and string), maybe a few interesting structures to go explore (ocean monument doesn't exactly seem worthwhile to search for), maybe villagers would actually do something such as build and develop or protect themselves for once, and definitely more mobs to fight.

    However, so long as people are satisfied with this content, Mojang must be doing something right, so let them keep at it I suppose. I'd just like to see Mojang do something with the base game that actually makes it feel like something new was added and it's a huge deal, not something I can stumble upon and just forget about after a while.
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    Quote from PolarFluid
    Oh boy, another one of these threads, here we go...

    Before when Markus Persson ( Creator of Minecraft / Mojang ) new items and blocks would come out not very often. This says that he took more time thinking and creating the things to improve the game.
    Okay... Or maybe he just took his time doing other things as well (slower work pace, busy life, etc.), I personally don't know. Not like it's a huge deal or anything anyway...

    Now jeb_ has control of the game and is the new owner. New items and blocks have been coming out very often, on average every couple days to 1-2 weeks. This of course means that he is not putting a lot of thought into the game.
    1-2 weeks is fast and means that there was little thought? That's more than enough time to add a few blocks or items (if they're working diligently and constantly on the game, which is cool considering the amount of time this game has been out for already with free updates). They're probably putting plenty of thought into the game (it's possible that the colored wood items, armor stands, and banners would catch the attention of many players as being fantastic additions). Besides, more content does not mean little thought, unless you are of course Jeb or a member of the Mojang team working on the game...

    jeb_ has now added rabbits! I mean come on, Minecraft did not need this.As in the latest snapshot, he added different types of doors. It has sort of messed up how Minecraft is, Minecraft is a simple game. It should not have different types of doors and rabbits! jeb_ has added many more thing that were unnecessary to add to the game.
    Are rabbits unnecessary? Yes, but they help to make the environment actually feel a little more alive, rather than dead and boring. I'm glad to see different types of doors and fences to complement the types of wood, this shows they are putting the various different types of wood to use, and showing they have reason to exist, as there are recipes to be using them for. Having more building options encourages the player to experiment with them and see how they like them, as building is essentially the main entertainment feature of MC in the long run (beyond mods and some other stuff).

    Basically what I am trying to say / ask, do you think since jeb_ has been in control the game Minecraft has got worse? What do you think made it worse? The game is doing fine, there have been more than enough threads about this sort of thing. More content certainly isn't hurting the game in any way, shape, or form. Coming from someone who does not play this game very frequently, I still see nothing wrong with the free content that the community is receiving. I personally am quite glad to finally see armor stands and banners, they're both very cool additions to the game.

    My responses are in bold, have a good day/night everyone else.
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    posted a message on Your minecraft rule #1 ?
    My Minecraft rule #1 would probably have to be, above all others, no floating trees. No exceptions.
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    posted a message on Lumberjack Enchantment
    The idea seems perfectly reasonable as it is and is fairly well thought out as well. It's definitely not OP for the time necessary to take down trees and the durability is consumed as well, along with being an enchantment making it even harder to get in the first place. It's barely even redundant beyond being about chopping trees down by destroying one log, and is obviously more fleshed out than other one or two sentence long posts, this idea has my support.
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    Oak wood is my favorite to build with of course, it matches everything else as well. You know, signs, fences, etc. Well that, and it was all there was earlier on, so it's just what I had gotten used to using, as oak is still common, looks great overall, and grows into a fairly simple tree to chop down.

    Edit: Just hit post 666, Mark of the Beast, I like the way that sounds, even if it means something different than I'm sure everyone else is probably thinking.
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