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Well, this is my about me page, huh? Alright, here we go! My name is Zachary, and I guess I'm a fairly casual individual. I like cats and dogs, they're both just awesome. I enjoy video games and just hanging around. I enjoy music a lot, and I play the drums. I'm generally a friendly, conscientious, individual with plenty of respect for those that deserve it... What else... Well that's all I've got for now...
Legend of Zelda, Minecraft, Terraria, XCOM, Halo, CoD, CA, Borderlands, Gears of War, Skyrim, L4D, Starbound, Patapon, KF, Civ V, SSB, etc.etc.etc. (I have many other interests, but this would have taken quite a while to type up otherwise)
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Minecraft Bantha__Fodder Xbox ll LoneWolfe ll PSN 3DS/Wii U > Playstation Steam