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    Out Of Character

    IGN?: _Kumuro_

    Age: 15.

    Sex (Optional): Male.

    Have You Read All The Rules?: Yes.

    Why Us?: Your server seemed very interesting.

    How Have You Found About Us?: I looked up fallout in the server section of Minecraftforums.

    RolePlaying Experience?: I used to roleplay on an old Naruto server 2 years back.

    In Character:

    Name: Jacob Okonma

    Age: 17.

    Sex: Male.

    Personality: Kind, quiet, strong.

    Profession: Mercenary.


    Strength: 6

    Perception: 5

    Endurance: 6

    Charisma: 6

    Intelligence: 6

    Agility: 6

    Luck: 5

    Traits: Speech, Small arms, Lockpick.

    Race: Caucasian.

    Backstory: Jacob grew up in the town of Jesboro. Growing up, his father had never been in his life. Due to this, at an early age he learned how to use firearms to be able to protect his family. When he was 8, his mother had lost her job, so he learned how to take advantage of his childish charm, being able to simply ask someone for most things and being able to get them. Soon after, he tried this on a very dangerous, well connected man, and after his mother and whole family were killed except for him. He then learned the way of the streets, lockpicking homes, robbing full grown men, and being able to use his silver tongue to avoid being killed or arrested by the NCR. Now at 17, he decides to take to the wasteland.

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    I would like access.

    IGN: _Kumuro_

    By the way, great job on the mod.

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    Great map -- I love that you've made this. It's hard to find a decent modded map. Especially with things such as Custom NPCs and Flans. Love it, following you.
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    Hey, I have a request.

    I was trying to use this with other mods, and I think the BlockOvenOverhead was conflicting with another block that took Slot 500. I'm not sure if you'd be willing to fix this or not. But, if you can, that would be nice. Thanks!

    - Kumuro
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