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    Im going to Minecon and Im all alone!(incert terrified face here) My MC username is AnneM, and right there you get my firstname.

    Minecraft username: AnneM
    Fist name: Anne :)
    Minecon thread; I only have my userprofile, Im mostly on the '2g1m' community(if you dont know them,search them on youtube). http://www.minecraft...minecraft-girl/
    Country; Norway (and before you say "no-waay" I say YES-way! :3)
    Age: Im 21 years old, but I look younger(yay me)
    Birth date: My birthday is february 25(But I dont mind getting presents earlier ;) )
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    posted a message on (Minecon 2012) introduce yourself (+ a list of attendees!)
    My name is Anne, Im 21 and I come from Norway! My minecraft name is AnneM(very original I know, M is from my middlename)
    I was mostly a singleplayer girl until I found the server of the 2g1m, and it got me really loving it.

    I am mostly these days on the 2girls1minecraft server, and its Team Speak community. There I am known as both Obsessed and Anne.
    (From my nick there omg_ObsessedMinecraftGirl)

    I have bought my tickets, booked my hotel and I have everything but someone to go with! I am hopeing to meet some of you awesome people there, as it is really scary to go alone! But I have high hopes that it will be really fun. Only 20 more days now!
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    Hello :)
    I wanted to try out this map, it looked like a fun challenge. But when I opened the world I got in creative mode O.o. I tried to convert(like you can now in 1.4) it but it then spawned me on the bottom of the ocean and you drown before you can get up.
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