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    • What is your in-game name? JC_C
    • Your age. 24
    • Your country or timezone. Canada (mountain standard time)
    • Why are you interested in joining an SMP server? I love playing survival minecraft and building amazing creations and single player has for a while now felt lonely and like its holding me back.
    • Do you consider yourself an experienced Minecraft player or are you a beginner? I am a fairly experienced player, been playing since 2013, but I still lack some skill in terms of not dying.
    • Have you ever been a part of any other Minecraft community like this before? I have been in a few SMPs before as well as been staff on one for a number of years.
    • What sort of a person are you IRL? Do you have any other hobbies? I am a huge film nerd so I love watching and talking about movies with people. I am a extremely social anti social meaning that I love talking to people but I am very anxious at first.
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