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    posted a message on One Block Man -One Punch Man in Minecraft! 0.3.0 "Boros" Update (1.0v pending, information in description)
    A wild mod showcase appeared!

    EDIT: Have you thought about posting your mod on PMC as well?
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    posted a message on Blocklings - Pet block buddies!
    Quote from MCTalen
    I think keeping the 'cute but cool' style is the best way to go. Rather than having a Blockling with legs carrying stuff around, simply make the Blockling a living chest. Rather than having one with arms to hit things, make it a Cacus Blockling that charges into enemies knocking them back along with some scattered thorns :)

    You could really do a lot with Blocklings that simply give you an advantage over enemies too. Snow Blocklings that running around enemies leaving snow on the floor that has the Slow potion effect and then tosses snowballs when the threat isn't something they can get too on foot. Water Blocklings that spray splash particles over enemies pushing them away while also causing Creepers too be too damp to explode. Gold Blocklings which spawn 'loot' by running over to random spots, generating a hidden chest 1-block down and then hopping around like crazy to get the player's attention.

    This. I like this.
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    posted a message on [1.7.2][1.7.4] FremmShade Vivid Shaders
    Curious what the average FPS drop is for this shader-pack!
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    posted a message on MonsterCrafter - a mobile Pokemon/Minecraft hybrid

    I recently came across a game called MonsterCrafter, which is kind of a fusion of Pokemon and Minecraft. Of course, I thought it would be lame but downloaded it and was pleasantly surprised!

    First off, you choose your base element of fire, water, or grass for your first monster! (You can have more than one later by level 2.)

    You can BUILD your monster, custom!

    Then, you take your monster to campaign dungeons to fight bosses!

    Engage in PvP and even EVOLVE your monster!

    Download (free)
    iPhone: https://itunes.apple...d660928091?mt=8
    Android: https://play.google.....monstercrafter

    Add me, and join my clan!
    Note: I'm pretty powerful in-game!

    Friend code: Z68CP3
    Clan code: NAXAP733

    See you all in the world of MonsterCrafter!
    (Make sure to reply down below if you added me or not so I know to check! You'll earn money for it as well)
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    posted a message on (Cheap) NOW SELLING DRAWN AVATARS! iSeeB1urry's Minecraft GFX Shop! - Banners, Avatars, Renders, and Thumbnails!
    Wow such graphic, many good, how supers, MUCH AMAZE!
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    posted a message on New youtube comments ):
    Made a little video on Google+ in Minecraft, if anyone cares.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Motion Capture Mod (Mocap) [55,000 Downloads]
    This is so creepy, yet cool... I can see a lot of Let's-Players using this in the future!
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    posted a message on [1.6.4/1.6.2] [SMP/SSP] PokeCycle Mod - Bicycles in Minecraft! Pokemon Bikes (AcroBike + Mach Bike)

    Quote from Reflex9876

    How would you feel about making the bikes portable? I mean i'm an adventurer and all and i have smart moving so i cant quite take the bike everywhere without busting it to pieces. It would also go along with how the pokemon bikes are folded into your bag

    Or you could Shift+Right-click. There's that too.
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    posted a message on [Naruto RPG Server] :: [24/7] :: [Custom Jutsu] :: [Clans]

    Welcome to the BEST Naruto RPG server, running 1.6.4! Any and all can play on our server -- no whitelist.

    What we feature:

    JUTSU - Fully custom, three jutsu per clan plus the techniques available to all shinobi
    • Senju - Wood-Style Wall Jutsu, Wood Entomb, Shadowstep Substitution
    • Uchiha - Sharingan, Fireball Jutsu, Tsukuyomi
    • Hyuuga - Byakugan, Gentle Fist, Eight Trigrams 64 Palms
    • Inuzuka - Fang Over Fang, Man-Beast Clone, Wolf Kuchiyose (Summon)
    • Nara - Shadow Entomb, Shadow Possession Jutsu, Shadow Shuriken Jutsu
    • Akimichi - Multi-size Jutsu, Food pills, Human Bullet Tank
    • Aburame - Insect Poison, Wall of Insects, Insect Entomb
    • Sunuyuza (Sand) - Desert Coffin Jutsu, Sand Wall, Shield of Sand
    • Puppet Master - Puppet Kuchiyose (Summon), Poison Shuriken, Puppet Transformation
    • Note: recently new clans have been added like the Yuki and Sarutobi clans

    MAPS - Detailed, with multiple villages. No pics no clicks? No problem.

    More pics:

    Along with secret hidden maps, like Orochimaru's Hideout (an intense dungeon!)

    RANKINGS - Just like the series.

    Genin (Parkour and Theory Test) -> Chuunin (Forest of Death PvP and Arena PvP) -> Jounin (Parkour and PvP) -> Anbu/Medical-Nin -> Sannin

    ETC - Stuff you should know!

    We also have amazing staff and an intricate system! Upon reaching genin, you can join a squad led
    by a sensei, who will give you ranked missions. After that come the chuunin and jounin exams, so be ready for some intense PvP.

    You can also buy your own house with Ryo, the shinobi currency, and own up to two areas in any of the villages -- the houses include enchantment tables!

    There are also basic jutsu that advance when you do, which enclude, entombing your opponent, leaping, substitution jutsu, confusion of mobs, and of course, the Kage no Bunshin (Shadow Clone Jutsu).

    With friendly staff, and an active community, we are the best Naruto server out there.



    Something wrong? Contact 'venomjelle' on Skype

    Note: this post is still being edited daily, please check back for updates! The server is up.
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    posted a message on 1.6.4 Mods
    Quote from TheZeroTakashi

    are those mods (bettersprint,optifine,armorstatus,rei's minimap) uses forge? Cause i don't really like forge's lag.

    Are you kidding me? Forge doesn't lag noticeably at all. And if it does, Optifine balances it out as an FPS booster.
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