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    Night Raven



    Minecraft: Life Expanded is a mod where life is expanded to its limits adding humans, animals, bosses making Minecraft feel more real and also having fun you can fight rare bosses, have pets, use animals for resources, start a family but most importantly survive.

    • animals, birds, fish, dogs, bears, big cats, reptiles, and more
    • humans that you can marry and start a family with maybe a city system
    • bosses fight rare bosses that can be summoned or found, get rare drops from them
    • misc new items, go from stone age to advanced weapons and technology, new biomes, new blocks, new systems

      • Items
        • Acropora cytherea gametes
        • Agaricia agaricites gametes
        • Bone cutter
        • Boulder Brain Coral gametes
        • Favites abdita gametes
        • Great star coral gametes
        • Hand trowel
        • Lettuce coral gametes
        • Marine biologist handbook
        • Nether coral gametes
        • Pillar coral gametes
        • Sol
        • Tissue scissors

      • Fishing
        • Bait & Lures
          • Earthworm
          • Beetle grub
          • Caterpillar
          • Fishing fly black
          • Fishing fly blue
          • Fishing fly brown
          • Fishing fly cyan
          • Fishing fly green
          • Fishing fly grey
          • Fishing fly light blue
          • Fishing fly light grey
          • Fishing fly lime
          • Fishing fly magenta
          • Fishing fly orange
          • Fishing fly pink
          • Fishing fly purple
          • Fishing fly red
          • Fishing fly white
          • Fishing fly yellow
          • Fishing spoon black
          • Fishing spoon blue
          • Fishing spoon brown
          • Fishing spoon cyan
          • Fishing spoon green
          • Fishing spoon grey
          • Fishing spoon light blue
          • Fishing spoon light grey
          • Fishing spoon lime
          • Fishing spoon magenta
          • Fishing spoon orange
          • Fishing spoon pink
          • Fishing spoon purple
          • Fishing spoon red
          • Fishing spoon white
          • Fishing spoon yellow
          • Maggot
          • Shrimp

        • Catchable Fish
          • Arapaima
          • Asian arowana
          • Australian lungfish
          • Brown Trout
          • Discus
          • Fairy cichlid
          • Giant snakehead
          • Nile perch
          • Pacu
          • White Catfish
          • Red Bellied Piranha
          • Redear Sunfish
          • Redtail catfish

        • Plants
          • WIP

        • Mob drops
          • Piranha tooth
          • Shark tooth
          • Capuchin skin
          • Monkey skin

        • Drops
          • WIP

        • Foods
          • Elephant meat raw
          • Elephant meat steak
          • Giraffe meat raw
          • Giraffe meat steak
          • Hippo meat raw
          • Hippo meat steak
          • Antelope meat raw
          • Antelope meat steak
          • Sushi
          • Rice
          • Seafood soup
          • Mussel cooked
          • Mussel raw
          • Banana
          • Capybara meat raw
          • Capybara meat steak
          • Dried fish
          • Nori

        • Blocks
          • WIP

    Note: As this is a work in progress, all models, all textures, all items, all planned features, and all team members are subject to change.

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    Thanks for the all the info folks, I have selected the following colors to replace with my idea for stained glass/panels. Pink, Light Gray, Brown, Gray, Lime Green, and Magenta. The other glasses that are most popularly hated such as white will be replaced with something else.

    (Outlined with black wool, my garden is behind it. Using blocks it only works for 1 side, using panels it works with both sides.)

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    It should look like this,

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