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    posted a message on ✨Aurora ✨ 18+ | Community Based | Vanilla Survival | Discord | DynMap
    IGN: Nickolus
    What You'd Like Us To Call You: Nick
    Time Zone: Central
    Do You Agree With The Rules?: Yes!
    Do You Participate in Voice Chat?: Yes, though I am still getting back into gaming and playing minecraft in general, it'll take a little bit for me to get a proper microphone and such but definitely soon :)
    How Would You Discribe Your MineCraft Play Style?: I've just now gotten back in Minecraft so i'm still exploring to see what i like best, but i do love to build and help others any way i can. I like collecting and gathering different resources to help build bigger and better things. I also like shiny things.
    What's Your MineCraft Petpeeve?: Silverfish. I hate whenever i'm really deep into mining and all of a sudden i mine stone and now something is attacking me. Also cave spiders.
    Tell Us A Bit About Yourself: I'm a college student who's bored and wants to make the best of memories again on minecraft. I like being productive and getting things done in a fun way. I love communities as well as friendship. Also music is a pretty big part of my life. I enjoy gaming a whole lot and i'd love to get back into the groove of things :)
    Anything Else?: Let Me In!
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    posted a message on [1.9 SMP] [Hermitcraft like!] [100% Vanilla!] Nirvana Minecraft! [Community driven!] [Friendly atmosphere!]
    IGN: Nickolus

    Age: 16

    Timezone: Central Mountain Time

    Why you would like to join: I'm looking for a server where i can get back into the feel of playing minecraft again since i haven't been playing for awhile. Also because i want to be a part of a nice friendly community!

    What are your 3 favorite Minecraft foods: Spider eyes, apples. and cake!

    What are you best at in Minecraft?: I think i'm best at surviving and have a little bit of skill in building.

    What kind of player are you?: Semi-active, friendly, persistent, and trustworthy.

    Did you read the rules?: Yes

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    posted a message on Craftbound SMP [Vanila Server] [Mature] [1.8] | Fresh Map (March 12th) |
    IGN: Echronome


    Skype (Necessary): Echronome (no mic currently)

    Timezone:Central mtn

    Why should we chose you for the server?: I think i would be a pretty good addition to the community because i like to help people and such, plus i like to meet new people.

    Strength's:I'm a pretty good builder and i'd say pretty good at pvp even though i probably won't partake in any of that. I also can mine pretty well if that counts as a trait.

    Weakness's: I'm not that good at farming, i don't really know the best ways to do it but i could still build a crappy one.

    Do you know basic SMP skills? Such as how a nether hub works: Yeah i know a lot about survival in minecraft, including making a nether hub. I'm pretty above average when it comes to survival skills.

    Have you ever watched Mindcrack, Hermit Craft OR The Cube SMP before? If so, who was your favorite YouTube on their server?: Etho and pause :)

    Have you ever played on a Vanilla Server before? Why aren't you playing on it anymore if you have:I used to play on one my friend owned but it shut down awhile ago.

    Why do you want to join Craftbound SMP: I want to find the right server i can go on everyday and meet new friends and just play minecraft alongside awesome people.

    Oh no! Someone has pranked you... What do you do?: I'd most likely let it go depending on the prank. I might even prank back ;)

    What makes you better than an average Minecrafter?: Well i've been playing since 2011 so i've kind of grown with minecraft and understand the game pretty well.

    Are you a community oriented person? Oh yeah i definitely am, i love being in communities and being with others.

    Screenshots of your builds (If you have any): I sadly don't have any screen shots of my builds but i have built quite a lot of cool stuff.

    Any other information what you would like us to know or that we should know abut you?: I'm a cool guy :D
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    posted a message on (1.8.1) ★★KINDRED SERVER★★, Active/Mature - Hermitcraft/Mindcrack inspired | Apply now!!

    1 IGN: Echronome[/b]

    2 Age(it doesnt matter, so just be honest): 15[/b]

    3 Skype (Send me a PM if you’re not comfortable to put it online): Echronome[/b]

    4 What time zone/part of the world are you from? Central mtn time[/b]

    5. Are you going to school(and what type) or are you working(whats your job)? I go to public school[/b]

    6 Have you been banned on a server before(wont effect your chances, so just be honest)? When i used to play minecraft a lot i thought it would be fun to grief and destroy stuff, but now that i'm starting to play more i'm not interested in that anymore.[/b]

    7 A little about your life: I'm still a student in high school that's interested in music education/audio engineering. I like to play games on my computer a lot. I'm pretty interesting in technology in general and hope to be successful in it in the future. I'm taking a computer science class so i kind of know how to code which can be pretty useful sometimes.[/b]

    8 What’s your experience with minecraft?(when did you start, how long have you been playing?)I've started playing around 4 years ago, sometime in beta.[/b]

    9: what are some great stuff that you built, What would you say your best at? Redstone? big buildings? ect?I would say i'm best at building large homes including the outside of the home as well. I like redstone but i'm not amazing at it.[/b]

    10 How often will you play? Are you daily? once a week? and for how long?I would probably play everyday, if not everyone other day if i'm not busy.[/b]

    11 If you have a Youtube channel, please post it's info here.(how often do you upload, subs, ect ect) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-94NyGyBojpYlsYYnNJG2A [/b]

    I rarely ever upload due to me not having a mic, plus i never had anything to upload. If i do make videos it would be on this server of course.

    12 Past experience on other vanilla servers? I used to go on with server every day that my friend owned but it shut down awhile ago.[/b]

    13: Will you be willing to donate as little as 4$ a month to help with the high end server and teamspeak costs?If i get this job i recently applied for, then of course but otherwise i'll try my best.[/b]

    14 What is your favourite block?mossy stone, duh[/b]

    15: Anything/extra information? Feel free to post pictures of your past builds here! I'm a cool guy once you get to know me :D[/b]

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    posted a message on New Whitelisted Minecraft Server (Mindcrack & Hermitcraft Style)
    Name : Nick
    IGN : Echronome
    Age : 14, 15 in July
    Country (TImezone) : Central
    Why Do You Want To Join The Server ? I've always wanted to join a nice SMP server that i can regularly play one and meet new people :)
    Who Is Your Favourite Mindcrack Members (or Hermitcraft) Etho, Docm, and Sethbling
    How Long Have You Played Minecraft :Minecraft Beta 1.4
    Redstone Skill (1-10) :5
    Building Skill (1-10) :7.5
    Skype (optional but it will be nice) : Echronome(no mic, yet)
    YouTube (REALLY OPTIONAL) : https://www.youtube.com/user/Echronomies I don't really plan on making videos with no mic ;(
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    posted a message on 100% Vanilla [Whitelisted] [2 spots left]
    Minecraft name: Echronome

    Age (Will not be judged): 14, 15 in July

    Have you been banned from a server?: Yes but like loooooonnnggg ago when i used to get bored and just griefed for fun but now i've learned the error of my ways.

    Country/timezone: USA, Central time zone

    How can I contact you? Skype, G+. Mic not required for Skype): Skype- Echronome (Nick)

    Why do want to join: I've been trying to find a good small community to play minecraft with. Servers like these are tons of fun and i would really like to be apart of it.
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    posted a message on Hermitcraft/ Mindcrack Server - New - Survival - Whitelisted - NO GAMEMODE 1 - 32 Slot Server
    Ingame name: Echronome
    Do you use Skype? If so, are you comfortable talking occasionally: Yes i do. I am somewhat comfortable. Some people underestimate me because of my voice.
    Age: 14
    Mature (Be Honest) 1-10: 8
    Country: USA
    Have you been in any other servers? If so, why did you leave: I have in the past but i eventfully got bored due to the lack of players.
    What kind of builds do you make: I make just nice looking houses. (Most of the time)
    How long have you been playing minecraft: I can't remember a date but i started playing at around Beta 1.5_01
    How often will you be online: Up to 5 hours or more
    How do you deal with social conflict: I'll try to talk it out and make it fair between the ones arguing.
    Why do you want to join this server: I want to find a server i can play on everyday and be a part of a friendly community.
    Do you watch Mindcrack or Hermitcraft? : I watch both.
    Do you make Lets Play videos? (if so, link to channel please): I don't make videos because i don't have a very good computer.
    Do you consider yourself quiet or social: I find myself to be a mixture of both. In the beginning i may be quiet but as the server grows i'll become more social.
    Tell me about yourself: I love music. I don't care what genre (except country). I like being friendly to friends and trying to be friendly to enemies. I love pandas.
    What should the server name be? It should be something that we can all agree on and like. But just to say one, i'll say AwesomeCraft.
    Best way to contact you? Skype or Steam
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    posted a message on ~Simplistix~ |1.6.2 | Vanilla Style | Whitelisted | Mature |
    In-Game Name: Echronome
    Age: 14
    Reason you left your old server?: Mainly because it shut down and i eventually got bored of it. I want to find a new server to be a part of.
    Why would you be a good fit on this server?: I think i will be helpful to the community and i would be a good help to others.
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    posted a message on Industrial Wasteland - Whitelisted Post-Apocalyptic Serious RP
    OOC Info:

    Minecraft Username: Echronome

    Skype: Echronome

    Steam: Echronome

    Age: 14

    Have you been banned before?: I have been banned in the past for griefing but that was long ago and i have learned the error of my ways. I've never been banned on a roleplay server before.
    What is the answer to the question in the rules?: 409

    List the rules quickly, and state which one is your favorite:

    1. You make a character, you be the character.

    2.No god-modding.

    3. No doing any type of meta.

    4.Try to roleplay the survival.

    5. Be unique with the characters.

    6. Only robots and humans.

    7. Try to roleplay fights.

    8. Math.

    9. Be the character as you made him/her.

    10. Have fun and have common sense!

    My favorite is to be unique with the characters.

    What made you want to join the server?: I haven't been on a good roleplay server in a while and i thought i would try to relieve that awesome experience again.

    If the server could improve in anyway, what would it be: I'd suggest trying to appeal more to the common minecraft player.

    IC Info:

    Character Name: Johann Nobel (People just call him Nobel.)

    Character Age: 18

    Character Physical Description: A man about 5'9 with long, straight black hair. Wearing old clothes that seem too small on him. He's seems in shape but doesn't care to take advantage of it. He has green eyes and light skin.

    Character Condition: Suffers from asthma and depression.

    Character Dreams: He aims to become a famous musician enlightening the hearts of everyone with all types of music.

    Character Fears: Fear of things going wrong. So in this case he has a fear of his surroundings.

    Character Skills: Musician - He is good with any type of instrument that makes a sound.

    Knowledge - From the education he got from the past, he is able to solve most things in life.

    Character Backstory: Born as the son of two great composers, he parents dedicated his life to music. At the age of ten, he was already composing large pieces of classical music inside of the family's personal bunker. By the age of 15, he was talked about around everyone near him. He never liked the fame. One day he confronted his parents about them talking about him. They argued for hours, but it eventually stopped once the father struck upon Johann. He tended to do this when Johann got mad at his parents, and that was when the depression settled in. By the age of 18 Johann knew he was permitted to leave the bunker, but his parents wouldn't let him. They would force him to practice and practice the instruments he had till he passed out. One night, he decided we would take charge and just run away from home, regardless of the outdoors. That morning the parents noticed he was gone and alerted everyone they knew to help find him. After weeks of searching, they never found him. He is now far away from home not regretting a thing he did.

    Character Roleplay Example: "A sack of apples please." Johann Nobel said to the vendor. Nobel handed him the money. "Thank you very much sir!" Chanted the vendor. "Hey wait a minute," Nobel turned around to see what the vendor had to say. "You look very familiar," Nobel continued to walk away. "You're that piano boy! From that town about north of here!" "No i'm not," Nobel quickly said as he rushed out of the place. "Wait! You're parents are looking for you!" The vendor shouted. And at that very moment, Nobel heard a piece in his head that reminded him of his beatings and gave him a huge migraine almost instantly. He eventually passed out in the middle of the town. When he woke up he saw a blur of people surrounding him, memorizing his face, and remembering who he is and where is from. He stood up. "I have to get out of here." He said in a low voice. There was a warm towel on his head. He took it off and ran out of there. People tried to stop him, but he made it through out of the town for good.
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    posted a message on SkyblockME :) ~BRAND NEW 1.5.1 ~ [FREE RANK :)] {Apply Now} [Website] [Anti-Grief] [24/7] [No Lag] "The Way Skyblock Should Be P
    Minecraft Username: Echronome

    Age (Optional): 13

    Why do you want to join Sybilcraft?: I want to join a nice community where i can meet new people and survive. :D
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    posted a message on Kingdom of Ender [Adventure map] [Custom map]
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    posted a message on [1.3.1] GLSL Shaders (DoF, Bump Mapping, Waving Wheat, Dynamic Shadows, and More!)
    Quote from nebux

    no mods at all
    I believe if you have your graphics on fast it will do that. If you have optifine you can change the clouds to the fancy clouds and they won't be transparent.
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    posted a message on Looking for a player or two for small Tekkit survival! [3.1.1]
    Age: 15
    TimeZone: Central
    In Game Name: Echronome
    Experience with Tekkit: I know a lot of EE2 and know most of the basics.
    Have you ever been banned before? Yes but that was when i thought their wasn't anything better to do in Minecraft but now i know better. If you don't accept me it's understandable.
    Why do you want to join this server? I've been looking for a small Tekkit server with people i can trust and converse with.
    What mod is your favorite, why is it your favorite and what are some things you have build with it? EE2. I can build magical things such as rings rings that can do certain things like flying or make things grow.
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    posted a message on New vanilla server! 1.3.1! need staff! 24/7
    Name: Nick
    IGN: Echronome
    Age: 15
    Country: U.S.
    Timezone: ( GMT-5, etc):GMT+/-7:00
    Skype?: Echronome (Sadly my mic broke not too long ago and i'm trying to invest in one soon.
    What are you good at: Survival and mining mainly.
    Why do you want to join: I've been looking to find a good Minecraft server hoping to find one soon.

    Staff application ( add this to your member application if need be)

    How many servers have you played on: Quite a lot. (Probably over 100 :P )
    Have you ever been banned: Yes, because i used to grief out of stupidity but i no longer do it but if i don't get accepted i will understand.
    Why would you enjoy being on our team: I like to converse and meet new people. It's always nice to meet new friends.
    Any experience with plugins/bukkit: I used to own a server so i know a bit of commands.
    Also, "Potato"!
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    posted a message on Friendly Vanilla 1.3.1 Server, No-PVP, Survival - Whitelisted
    IGN: Echronome
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