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    posted a message on question about riding pigs

    Why ride pigs? Even with the carrot on a stick they are a bit derpy.

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    posted a message on Magic and better weapons in MineCraft Concepts.

    These are good suggestions. Just that there are so many mods that Include this.

    But overlooking that, this would add a brand new aspect to PVP for all those players who enjoy doing so.

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    posted a message on ★-Oblitus Regnum-★-Lite Modpack-★-WIP-★

    Oblitus Regnum Is a modpack currently In the works by _Drix.

    I am trying to focus on two aspects for the modpack.
    First thing I'm focusing on Is Magic and Technology. Including the best of both sides that I enjoy.
    The second thing I'm focusing on Is how small the modpack. I want to Include good mods but not alot, making the modpack playable on small servers & computers. Too help with optimization I am working on Including Fastcraft and Optifine.

    There are currently no download links for a few reasons. I am still fixing conflicting Item ID's. This Is a must, because conflicting Item ID's can cause mod malfunction. The other reason Is that I am still awaiting permission for Optifine. I have already Installed It Into the pack and do not want to remove It. If I have permission to use It I will post a link for download very soon. If not I will remove It and then post the link.

    These are mods that are going to permanatly be In the modpack.

    The spoiler list the mod names, permission links, and a brief desription of the mod quoted from the mods forum post.


    Thermal Expansion, ✓Permission

    ("Thermal Expansion, at its core, is a "tech" mod - it's a mod of what ifs. For example, what if you could turn water into ice or snow with a machine?" KingLemming)
    Tinkers Construct, ✓Permission

    ("Tinkers' Construct is a mod about putting tools together in a wide variety of ways, then modifying them until they turn into something else." Boni)
    Ender IO, ✓Permission

    (How many pipes In one block? CrazyPants)
    Extra Utilites, ✓Permission

    ("Just a bunch of fairly useful things" RWTema)
    Open Blocks, ✓Permission

    ("OpenBlocks is a new open source mod that introduces a variety of ideas into Minecraft" Mikeemoo)
    Ars Magica 2, ✓Permission

    ("Ars Magica is a mod about casting powerful spells, fighting bosses, and having fun with magic!" Mithion)
    Blood Magic Latest Version, ✓Permission

    ("Blood Magic is an arcane art that is practiced by mages who attempt to gather a vast amount of power through utilizing a forbidden material: blood." WayOfTime)
    Optifine, Awaiting Response
    Fastcraft (Optimizes client and server processing), ✓Permission

    ("This pack contains Fastcraft, by Player, enabled by default. Fastcraft enhances Minecraft with increased performance. Bug reports being made directly to Mod Authors should state Fastcraft is enabled." Player)
    Rei's Minimap, ✓Permission

    Fast processing, Beautiful map rendering, Entities radar, Cave mapping, Waypoints, Ingame keyconfig, ZanMinimap frame appearance, Indication of slime spawning chunks" ReiFNSK)

    NEI, ✓Permission

    ("NEI is a successor to both Too Many Items and Recipe Book." Chicken_Bones)
    JABBA, ✓Permission

    ("Jabba (Just Another Better Barrel Attempt) is a storage mod aiming at making a better barrel than what is already out there." ProfMobius)
    Iron Chest, ✓Permission

    ("Iron Chests are tough enough to still work when a cat is sitting on it. Maybe it'll eject the cat. Who knows?" CPW)
    Any mods that are required for other mods to run successfully.

    These are mods that are being considered. No links are put because they have not been added yet.


    Magic Crops,
    Twilight Forest,

    My plans are to get It on the Technic Launcher as a Server Modpack allowing us to run It on our server. Then hopefully getting It realized and then an official Technic Modpack. Then my plans are to send It Into FTB Team and get It under Third Party Modpacks. Knowing that It Is hard for modpacks to get noticed, I am trying to get lots of Idea's, suggestions, and Information about making this modpack; to make It the best It possibly can.

    If you want to see something In the modpack feel free to comment or message _Drix through Enjin; PixelmonDrix through MinecraftForum; Nitro9boy through Skype; [email protected] via Email.

    I am posting this as a notice. I will bump my thread upon modpack release, and modpack updates.

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    posted a message on Tekkit Classic Server | Divinity-Tekkit



    Sorry I completely forgot about the IP.
    Quote from Bryce300»

    Can't connect to the server

    Quote from JohnCraft98»

    whats the address?



    Sorry Completely forgot to post the IP.
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    posted a message on Tekkit Classic Server | Divinity-Tekkit

    Hello everyone, welcome to Divinity-Tekkit, a brand new Tekkit server that was created by Knyghtmares and xBingmyskillzx, to bring back the ever-changing community of Minecraft. We plan on having a joyful community, and hope that we eventually grow large.

    Nothing too much on our server is disabled/banned besides the big griefing / lagging items.

    Remember to vote daily for some nifty little items that will greatly improve your experience on the server.

    === Rules ===

    1: No griefing

    2: No EMC farms/explots (Will be removed)

    3: Do not ask for your application to be read

    4: Do not advertise

    5: Do not spam the chat

    6: Do not use excessive obscene language

    7: Do not spam lightning or kill people with it

    8: Do not ask for items or money from staff

    9: No hacks/cheats or abusing glitches/bugs

    10: Keep drop parties to a minimum

    11: No scamming or luring

    12: No griefing on claimed land

    13: Donator names must be somewhat related to their in-game name, nothing rude or inappropirate or you will be punished

    14: No megaliths, known to cause large amounts of lag

    15: Players cannot have access to staff member chests/machines in any of their claims

    16: Try to keep the main chat english only

    If you think any players are breaking a rule, please submit a screenshot and upload it to our forums.

    === Information ===

    Grief Prevention:

    Tired of having your area griefed?

    Use a golden shovel to claim it! Right click on one corner of your area that you want to claim, and then right click another corner. It must be atleast 5x5. Once you have right clicked both corners, it will have created a claim for you to build in. If you want someone else to build in your claim with you, type /trust username to allow that person to build.

    ** Note ** If you are scammed or griefed by someone trusted in your claim, it is not guaranteed that you will be refunded **


    You can rankup on our server by playing for a certain amount of time. You can check your time by typing /ar check. When you have a certain amount of time played, it will automatically rank you up.

    The time list required to rankup to each rank is:

    Guest -> Member: 1 Hour

    Member -> Trainee: 5 Hours

    Trainee -> Instructor: 10 Hours

    Instructor -> Scientist: 24 Hours

    Scientist -> Technician: 60 Hours

    Technician-> Engineer: 120 Hours

    Engineer-> Professor: 168 Hours


    You can start your own auctions to sell your own items in-game.

    /auction - shows this list

    /auction start amount price price increment time

    amount - How much you want to sell of the item you are holding

    price - How much the auction starts at

    price increment - How much the auction can be bidded at

    time - how long the auction lasts (in seconds)

    /bid bid maxbid

    bid - How much you want to bid

    maxbid - If you set a maxbid, and the bid is greater than the current bid, you will outbid that bid if its lower than your maximum. Think of a maxbid as how much you are willing to bid, at a maximum.

    /auction end - Stops the current auction

    /auction cancel - Cancels the current auction

    /auction info - Gives you the current auction information


    Donations can only be sent to us by buying things through the donation shop, nowhere else to prevent scamming. If you would like to send a donation without buying anything, contact Knyghtmares or xBingmyskillzx.

    The new banned items list:

    All rings - Can still fly with swiftwolf



    Nova Catalyst

    Mercurial Eye

    Destruction Catalyst

    Hyperkinetic Lens

    Catalytic Lens

    Evertide Amulet / Volcanite Amulet

    Gem Armor

    Red Matter Hammer / Dark Matter Hammer- Completely disabled, although you can still mine with it

    Red Morning Star / Red Matter Katar - Completely disabled, although you can still mine with it

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