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    Quote from euphoria4949

    Hi _DioM_, actually it may surprise you that the most popular and frequently use version of Minecraft as a whole is still 1.6.4. I think most people on this thread are using between 1.6.4 and 1.7.4, just because we mod the game. Anyone that mods "any game" knows the fundamental rule of modding: "You never ever update to the latest version!" Well not until your mods are up to date anyway, as it takes time for mods to be updated, sometimes weeks or months and sometimes they never get updated to newer versions because of big changes in the games update.

    There is no way to make a mod work for newer versions or older versions, if it's not designed for a particular version, It's not compatible.
    The reason 95% of mods have not been updated to the latest Minecraft is because v1.7 brought in some HUGE changes and pretty much changed everything in the games mechanics. So the software needed to create mods had to be completely started from scratch, then there were more MC updates which changed things again. So the "Key" software, MCP, is not up to date yet as 1.8 is nearly here and that might change everything again!
    MCP is needed to make a mod like Forge, Forge is needed to install most mods like the GLSL Shader Core, and the GLSL Shader Core is needed to update SEUS! Everything is waiting on something else to be updated sadly.

    Hope this explains it well enough, as I've had a glass or two of wine :D


    Alright, I figured as much. I'd still be on 1.6.4 as well for those reasons, if my favorite server hadn't already updated. Thanks for clearing that up.
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    Quote from euphoria4949

    No, don't let the "1.7.5" mislead you. SEUS is compatible with "Any" version of MC, even 1.7.9 or 1.0.0. It's the version of the Shader Core Mod (GLSL Core) that determines whether it can work. SEUS will always say the latest version it works with based on which version the Shader Core is working on.
    Bare with me, I'm going to DL that resource pack and check for the appropriate maps.

    How does one enable GLSL for 1.7.9? It doesn't look like it's up to date. Have you found a way around that, or is everyone on this thread playing on 1.7.5?
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    Very neat! I don't do much on the forums, however I shall be following this thread. :)
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    Quote from LosAngelesChepes

    This update is infested with bugs uuhhhhhhhh

    Typical Minecraft update. Buggy first version, then a bugfix a few days later.

    But, since this is PE and we'll need to wait for an update to be approved, we'll need to wait a week minimum.
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    Quote from hjklr54679

    I just moved away from pennsilvania to georgia, so please do florida, its closer. and also, wahts the new cape gonna be? but seriously, MAKE IT IN FLORIDA OR I KILL YOU AND STEAL UR DIAMONDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    edit: if any mojangsters see this, i have a message, make a vote! dont be selfish, let the peeps decide

    edit2: first page, YEAH!

    Ah.. The tweet clearly say's they've selected a location. They simply haven't released it yet. :P
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    Want :3
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    Quote from gifi5

    Hey, I didn't say all of the features should be implemented. Far from it.

    Still, very few would be beneficial. That's what I'm fairly much saying.
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    Quote from gifi5

    Tinted glass (Or whatever it's called) would ruin Minecraft? No.
    More types of structures to explore would supposedly ruin Minecraft? No.
    Those are just 2 of the features that were good and should actually implemented. There are also others.

    New structures would be interesting. Tinted glass may be tolerable.

    Explosive diamnd chickens would not be. Mob armies would not be. Pink regen Withers would not be. Vanilla magic would not be.
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    So glad it's the first of April.. These features would absolutely kill Minecraft. -.-

    The whole point of the game-- building cool crap --would be lost.
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    Still looking for a sponsor. I'll repost this on pmc.
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    Does the JSTR team currently accept bock suggestions?
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    Hello there,

    My name is _DioM_. I'm in my mid-teens, I'm a poet. I'm a Christian, and while I'm incompetent when it comes to drawing, I nonetheless enjoy art. I'm a bit of a nerd, a die-hard Trekkie, and I sometimes listen to metal.

    Recently, I've been wishing to create a server. Unlike most other uninspired "Crafters" who have a similar desire, I'm a proud holder of a great vision. That being:

    This server I wish to create shall keep the name of Kiri. The variation shall not be overdone pvp, or simple survival. My thoughts are upon more of a higher group of architects. I call it "Creative Team-Build". Similar in thought to what other build teams do, however Kiri should be focused as well to new ideas, player interactions, and the pursuit of knowledge. Simply put, we shall strive for originality, and work to teach some of the more reserved "crafters" on how one might create with great thought.

    We shall be privy to a good few locked worlds, unlocked worlds, and adventure worlds-- each with a different theme. As an example, one world may be a one kilometer square, Roman-esque city, unlocked to the best builders and a tour point to the rest.
    Another guest world may be smaller, but home to miniature teambuilds that a new guest would get to participate in, as a way for staff members to judge their skill, and assist them until they've reached such a caliber to participate in the larger server projects.
    This third variation I've spoken of, adventure worlds, as expected, are the bode of adventure maps-- both server-made, and imported from the Internet. Sometimes these worlds might also host a contest (such as, build a cannon that launches a mob without having it take damage).
    All worlds will be, of course, entirely custom even while empty. Think: large scale terraforming, done via the external program entitled "World Painter".

    I've .. ideas. I've the sounds of a multiverse through my head, and I very much wish to let them out. I've want that I could rent a server myself. Such is more "honorable", as it is. You might have guessed by now, I cannot. Due to fairly complicated, personal problems, I'm unable to create a Paypal account, or really even a bank account.

    So I ask you, the hosts and others willing to sponsor a server, to consider this. Your rewards would be 30% of any donations that may come in (thought you'll need to manage them, for reasons already stated).

    Regarding power, I'd like a server with full FTP access, two or three gigs of RAM, and a five to ten gigs worth of HDD space.

    If you'd like to sponsor us, or are even simply interested, you can contact me via pm, or via my Steam account: twenty_first_pilot. If I'm given your Skype username, I'd be able to speak with you and yours via that network, too.

    I greatly hope we can work something out,

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    I support this! Currently, it takes so much time to make fireworks that it isn't worth it if you're playing in Survival.
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    So I'm in the process of building a high-quality, team-build server by name of Kiri.

    Thus far, I've came upon two awesome ideas in regards to worlds, however I'm not sure what way is best to go. (Keep in mind, my server is quite strong, with eight gigs of ram, an 8 core cpu, and 50 gigs of hard drive space. Thus, power isn't a concern.)

    Awesome Ideas Both Awesome Ideas will Share
    1. There shall be a small world where guests prove themselves before they can build in the other worlds. I’m not fully sure how that’ll work (not plotworlds, as they’re overdone and difficult to properly manage. Perhaps mini team-builds will be done).
    2. Players shall have to rank up and earn the ability to build in each world. Of course, they’ll be able to tour the other worlds freely.
    3. One world will host the main, giant spawn, but each world will have a smaller one.
    4. There will be staff assigned to each world.
    Awesome Idea #1
    The server is divided into small, cell-like worlds. Each world has a different theme. for example, one may be home to a fantasy landscape, while another may mirror a modern-day city. New players will first have to prove themselves before they can build other worlds.
    Awesome Idea #2
    There are a few worlds. The one dedicated to guests still exists, most of the others are combined into one larger world, with one theme. There will likely be secondary worlds, but they’ll be minor details.

    So, what awesome idea does the Internet prefer? And do you, dear PMC, have any suggestions or comments?

    (Oh, and if you’d like to follow our server development, feel free to check out our feed at www.kiri-mc.tumblr.com)

    These are ideas I'm contemplating. This is simply a repost from PMC, and I'm no longer looking for the opinions of others (I've decided to use awesome idea #1). What am I now looking for? People who're awesome with World Painter.

    Anyone who applies will be given a fair chance, anyone who I accept will be given the illustrious staff position of terraformer.

    Please use this form
    Are you willing to voice chat over Skype? (not necessary, but helpful):
    How long have you been playing Minecraft:
    How long have you been using World Painter?:
    Link up to at least 3 of your best terraforms (IMPORTANT):
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    I do think we'd make a great team :P
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