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    posted a message on minecraft xbox360 lag spike?

    anyone else here having a lag spike in minecraft game,i almost frozed in the game,but when saving the game it doenst lag then when i logged out and come back in couple of hours then i logged in back again and play minecraft in the first game i dont get these lag spike but later on i lag again,:( anyon else lagging!

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    posted a message on Small Xbox 360 Edition Suggestions

    i would like to suggest a treasures can be caught while you fish just like in the minecraft pc version.pls thnx! :lol:

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    posted a message on minecraft teleportation[tp] per player command block
    hi vrydex, should i place first the command blocks with the tellraw @p command
     next to the button,and then i will place 4 command blocks separately without doing chaining them on those scoreboards objectives add Player1 dummy[up to 4], and then the other 4 command blocks after the game ends i do the same without chaining them separately with scoreboards players set @a Player1 - 4 to 0 and by pressing all 8 each command blocks with button manually.

    edit: hi again i forgot to tell you i have my /tp @p coords command code on my first command block but seems like it didnt worked for me and the second player can still enters it.

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