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    What is up everyone PigeonPlumz here With Islands In The Sky PE! SURV/ADV V1.4

    This will be the last update for this map. Challenges have been added to the list but as for the islands none of them have been touched. Nothing added or removed from them.This was built for Pocket Edition, and was built In Pocket Edition, This map was built by me, and Sachagroove. Based off the Pc survival map, Stratosphere Survival!

    Main idea/ Objective: Survive

    Subscribe to my new YouTube channel. I do voice acting, if your into that stuff '3'


    There are Seven islands. You must branch out/ build a bridge to the other islands. You will start out on Plain island, there is a starting chest placed there for you and your friend if your doing multiplayer. Lava and water has been placed in the starting chests. Explore the other islands for hidden chests (keep in mind not all chests contain items due to a bug. If you can fix this bug please message me) and secret rooms.

    V1.3 Let's Plays


    PLAIN ISLAND: This is your spawn island. You only have a chest that has lava and water inside. Do not waste your supply. There isn't much to do on this island except it is known for having a lot of caves but I would advise you to build your home base on this island because it is your spawn and has the most resources.


    SAND ISLAND: This island is one of my favorites. It consists of a cacti dune desert with an underground temple. It also has a secret room with a chest so keep an eye out. Oh yeah! And be careful which blocks you break because gravity might get ya >

    LAVA ISLAND: Lava island is very dangerous so be careful. There is a lot of lava and caves so I wouldnt dig straight down if I were you. This island contains old abandoned Worship caverns. Lava island was once before Holy worshiping ground until a massive earthquake had happened causing the eruption of a volcano.

    NETHER ISLAND: This is the newest island in this map. The nether reactor is held on this island. You must build a reactor core and place it in the Reactor frame. Then activate it to get a few items. If you dig at least three or four blocks down you might find a surprise. And you obviously cannot go to this island without a diamond pickaxe.

    SNOWY ISLAND: This island is snow biome themed island. This island consists of a small cave system and also has worship caverns that are similar to Lava island. If you look in the trees pretty good you can find some goodies.

    THE RUINED CITY: This island used to be a small town off the coast of Dinami. It's structural foundations are old and worn out. There is lots to explore on this island. There is a few old chests that are still in the tower. And you can explore the dark sewers for some treasure.

    JUNGLE ISLAND: There isn't much on this island but there is a task you must complete on it. You must either build a large treehouse or build a village. It's your choice.

    Challenges:Build a Cobblestone generator.
    Expand the island as much as you want.
    Build a 12 by 12 house (or bigger) made of cobble.
    Find twelve Lapiz Lazuli.
    Find enough Diamonds to make a diamond pickaxe, sword, helmet, and boots.
    Try to find all three moss stone blocks and bring it back to the starting chest.
    Build a Wheat Farm!
    Make a sugar cane farm, growing up to 20 sugar cane.
    Make a cactus farm, growing up to 74 cacti.
    Make a melon farm, growing up to 20 melons.
    Build a mob Spawner/ Grinder.
    Collect 10 of each of the following items: String, Flint, Bones, Feathers, Arrows, Gunpowder.
    Go to Jungle island and choose between making a giant treehouse or a village. Your choice.
    Collect 15 saplings.
    Collect 10 obsidian.
    Collect 64 snowballs.
    Craft a furnace.
    Craft 10 Glass Blocks.
    Craft 10 Glowstone.
    Craft 10 paintings.
    Make a Reactor core, carry it to Nether Island and activate it.
    Collect 20 Nether rack from the Nether Core.
    Craft a bed.
    Craft a shear.
    Craft 10 TNT.
    Collect up to 20 stone.
    Craft a Stone Cutter.
    Craft 10 stone brick stairs.
    Make a cake (optional).
    Craft a 3 buckets.
    Get Milk (No pun intended).
    Craft a flint & steel.
    Make an iron chest plate and leggings.

    Rules:Have Fun! Play on normal, Do not die intentionally for health regeneration, No hacks, mods, or cheating on the whole.

    There is more than enough of each ore to carry out the challenges. (The difficulty for finding or has increased. And as I said, NOT ALL OF THE CHESTS CONTAIN ITEMS.

    DOWNLOAD!: https://www.dropbox....y Survival!.zip

    V1.1 download

    V1.0 download
    Hope you enjoyed this map and give feedback and creations below in the comments. See Ya!
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    Hmm another well made map I see :)Hmm another well made map I see :)
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    Hello everyone! I'm PigeonPlumz and I've made a service thread (obviously). This thread will consist of Tutorials, Map Reviews/ Let's Plays, Texture Pack Reviews, and Seed Showcases. 

    Please Subscribe to my new YouTube Channel for all of these great things. 


    Before you look at the Tutorials, Reviews, etc. Let me tell you a bit about me.

    Well im a Mincraft Freak to Mind, Body, and Soul! There is not a time I'm not playing, if im not I'm either on the forums or watching Anime or reading a Manga. I'm also an Anime Freak as well. If it wasn't for one of my friends at school I probably  wouldn't be here because he introduced me to Minecraft and for that I am truly grateful. I'm actually a pretty smart guy, always on top of my class and I'm athletic as well. And always happy and a nice person to be around. Umm I guess that's me in a nutshell, if you aren't already subscribed please do, I would be truly grateful :)


    Now Enjoy the rest of my thread. Leave requests for Tutorials, Map Reviews/ Let's Plays, Texture Pack Reviews, and Seed Showcases. And I would appreciate if you would give me some Rep points :)

    Welcome to the Tech Dev. Section! This Section deals with cool inventions and tutorials that would be fun and useful to you and pocket edition. Please leave your ideas and inventions below for this section to grow and expand. You will be given credit for your cool invention.

    This invention unfortunately only works in 0.4.0  (Created by RainbowUnicornSniper, channel link is in video description)


    A Triple Cobblestone Generator (Created by Shifter20, his thread is the in video description)


    Welcome to the Texture Packs section! This is a review section, not a porting section. Please send in requests so this section can grow. Leave information and a link below.

    This amazing texture pack was created by Chimeratech. He also has a service thread which is in video description :)


    Welcome to Seeds section! All seeds will be made by me, but if you have a seed you would like to share please do :)

    This seed showcase features seeds created by me and inspired by famous pocket edition Youtubers. 

    Welcome to Let's Play section! Send in Let's play requests and I will get right on it. Make sure to leave a link to map post or download :)

    Islands In The Sky Survival Map! (Created by Me :D Download and Thread will be in Video description)



    JFM's Parkour Map. (Created by JackFrostMiner. The Link will be in the Description)





    The Dropper (Ported by RssCraft, Links will be in video description)



    Welcome to the Map Review section. This section is similar to Let's play but if you map is sorta like Von Fatalis' Castle Kingdom, I can't actually be played it would be reviewed. Hope you understood what I meant. Leave Requests below :)



    Welcome to the Updates section! This section keeps you updated in Future MCPE updates. These update videos were made by Alex Zhu. His channel link will be below.






    An Avatar section is soon to come. Note* These are Anime Avatars so if your interested keep an eye out :)

    If you haven't already Please Subscribe to me and Alex's channel. We wanna be helpful to the community and with subscribers out work can be seen.


    Alex's Channel:


    See ya :D
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    thanks, bro! want me to add some of your tech dev videos ? i can if you want (i know you do XD)

    Lol, yes please :$
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    Quote from Noxigen

    I cant find sheep, how am i going to make paintings, plz respond cuz im almost done with all the challenges

    Either get it from making wool blocks from spider web or find the hidden chest located on one of the islands which contains enough :)
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    Bigre im a huge fan of the dropper map and was very curious of when you were coming to PE. I really like this map, its alot like the pc. I actually had a friend port the pc version, and i did a lp on it. It was really fun but alot of errors during the port. I am definately gonna do a lp of this. Check my lp of the ported version :)

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    Here it is Shifter. Hope you like it. Can you put in post so other ppl can see.

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    Are you sure cuz the update is almost here.
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    Quote from SHiftER2O

    I really hate it when people dont leave feedback, It's just discouraging
    Great map again, I conquered all islands and found 3 mossycobbles.

    Coool! I like feedback cuz it encourages me and tells me what I need to make the map better. Nowadays ppl just click download and don't even bother to say anything. Thx as always Shifter :)
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