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    posted a message on [ADV] Kingdom of the Sky (Narrated Story) Multiple Perfect Review Scores - 175,000+ Downloads!

    I have updated this map to be compatible with Minecraft version 1.11! Links to all of the neccessary assets below. As well, I updated the sequal to be compatible with 1.11 as well, link here.
    * KotS World (1.11 fix)
    * KotS Resource Pack (fix)
    * KotS Audio Logs

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    Thank you so much, Skylinerw! I didn't realize that the first entry, the stone pickaxe, wasn't included. I fixed the loot table, and now it's working perfectly. Again, thank you! :D

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    NateT_Bird, I heard you help people with their redstone questions. I'd like to know how to make small slimes do damage.
    I've tried raising the generic.attackDamage, but it doesn't work. I thought about putting an invisible baby zombie riding them, but I don't know how to remove said zombie after the slimes are killed. Any advice?

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    Wonderful map, Nate! I heard about your map from xisumavoid's Crypt Crawler let's play series. When I saw it, I had to try it out for myself, as it has such great gameplay mechanics, custom resource pack, and I just really like dungeons. Although it's been awhile since I played it, I come to you now as I still have your resource pack in my folder. I have to admit, I peeked at the redstone, and it's well organized! Although, I do have a couple questions...
    How do you get the events to trigger just by players being in a certain location? A simple explanation on how to use the [x=#,y=#,z=#,dx=#,dy=#,dz=#] selectors. As well, how do the keys work? How do you get mobs to drop them? How do they work on gates? How do they work on locked chests? Full detail would be appreciated!

    And most importantly, do you have any tips on how to make a texture pack as good as yours? Specifically, how do you get it to look so detailed? (My attempts come out looking rather simplistic...) And how did you get the armor icons to appear three-dimensional?

    Thanks you for your assistance, and please continue to make amazing maps, such as this one!

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