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Hello, I am Zygen, I'm a 16 year old guy whos a sophomore currently. I'm a shy guy IRL, although more outgoing online, and overall pretty kind(sometimes to much so.). Oh and i like video games.

Minecraft included, i've played the game since back sometime in Alpha? A little while after indev, not totally sure when, but it was a good while now, so i've played the game awhile, and its still fun for me to play.

I'm not really anything notable as even though i've attempted making a texture pack and other random stuff to contribute before they didn't really end up working out in the end.

Never really built anything notable either. Unless the one time i dug out the entire tunnel system me and my friends had connecting our houses and replaced all the walls with cobble just because i felt a little Minecraft OCD ;p.

My mines are usually pretty formulated and organized to. My friends refer to them as my "OCD caves" or anything involving OCD.

However, i'm not really super creative, but i do still enjoy Minecraft even if i don't really have the ability to make anything awesome compared to others.

I guess thats about all you really need to or want to know about me. So i'll see ya around!
Interests Minecraft, video games, trumpet, youtube videos, music, and video games.

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