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    posted a message on The Castle City (In Progress)
    I don't wanna sound mean or anything, but this isn't the absolute best. You need more detail. I finished this so far in 4ish hours.

    I think with enough effort and time, you can up this build a lot and make it look nicer. Make sure to use a variety of blocks that contrast each other, and make sure to add even the smallest details.
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    posted a message on Ideas for an Adventure Map
    So a few days ago, I was making one, but.. it didn't fit any particular theme but walking around, like a story kind. I want to make one with all kinds of elements. If you have any ideas you'd be willing to let me use, it'd be greatly appreciated.
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    posted a message on Recruiting People for an Adventure Server (Those Who know how to Build and Act)
    Quote from GreenGenesis1

    IGN (In game name):GreenGenesis
    Do you own a microphone?: Yes
    How about xfire?: Yes
    Experience in videos?: A ton, Check out the channel called Themineiacs on Youtube.
    How long have yo played Minecraft?: Since 1.5_01

    What is your Xfire account?
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    posted a message on Recruiting People for an Adventure Server (Those Who know how to Build and Act)
    Hello everyone,

    Me and my friend, Blackvipercobra, are looking for those who would like to join our adventure series. It will be somewhat like the Yogscast, but not in the way they are. We want it to be completely fantasy, so somewhat like a film. We are only building at the moment, so it is somewhat slow going. We are using Bukkit, and have the following plugins:


    These speed up building, and we will mostly pick those who are skilled at one or both of these. If you prefer standard, vanilla building, you may also join, however, it may be slow, as you will not have such excellent tools. We will give you a tour of what we have at the moment, and will tell you more of the series once you arrive.

    We trust that those who join do NOT grief, and will not destroy what we have worked for, and because of that, take backups every so often. We hope most people who will join aren't as immature as to do this, and will be a great addition to our series.

    To be in better contact with us, we use Xfire, a free program allowing you to both type and talk. It is very useful, as it saves time from typing, as well as letting you get to know us more.

    For acting:

    As far as we know, the filming process could take place either soon, or depending on our situations, farther in the future. You must have:

    A microphone
    Hopefully a matured voice, not higher pitched.
    Enough self control to not purposefully mess up in the attempts to be funny.

    We won't only be doing work, we will take breaks to talk and discuss ideas, so all in all, it will be a fun experience for all of us. If you wish to join, please reply, and possibly fill in this:

    IGN (In game name):
    Do you own a microphone?:
    How about xfire?:
    Experience in videos?:
    How long have yo played Minecraft?:
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    posted a message on NPC Village Wars?
    How would they fight though? They have arms that are connected to each other, so wielding it with their mouths?
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    posted a message on Looking for two People
    Hello everyone.

    Me and my friend, Blackvipercobra, have started up a new server, only a small one for now. We hope to have two trustworthy people, who are good builders, to come into the server and help us.

    If you know how to use VoxelSniper, a Bukkit plugin, it gives you a better chance of getting in to build with us.

    Thank you all, and good luck to those who are picked.

    (Room: Zyanourixserver Password: Zyan123)
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    posted a message on Tredding water.
    Maybe like how you do sneaking on land, if you held shift in the water you would float up and then tread water?
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    posted a message on I've created a big wooden mansion. Now what should I put in it? (Picture Obese)
    My God.. That's beautiful..
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    posted a message on [1.6.5] Coal4Diamondz V1.5
    Honestly, I think this makes getting diamonds much to easy. Diamonds are supposed to be found in adventure, you know? But I think that you should add a way to get it similar to this.

    A pressure block:
    The interface for this block should be like a furnace, but to craft it, it is somewhat expensive.

    :stone: :stone: :stone:
    :stone: :Red: :stone:
    :stone: :stone: :stone:

    where :Red: is redstone
    and :stone: is iron blocks

    From here, to power the furnace, you place in redstone dust, and 1 redstone dust powers it for 2 pieces of coal. However, if you obtain lightstone dust, it powers it for 8 coal.

    This means it will retain the adventure aspect, but finding more diamond easier :smile.gif:

    Just a few pictures I edited:

    How it is crafted.

    How the diamond is made.
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    posted a message on [1.6.6]DSS (Dead Shrub for Stick)[MOD]
    I kind of imagine this turning into a mod where dead shrubs can grow into normal trees, without the leaves, and a new type of wood, like birch and pine, except it is a light color and look frail. I like this mod :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Last Legion Clan (recruiting again)
    IGN: Zyanourix
    Why do you want to join the Last Legion?: It looks like an interesting clan and I would like to join a Roman Themed one.
    What is your skills?: I am pretty good at building roman themed buildings, and I am good at defending and being militaristic.
    Will you be active?: Of course.
    Favorite movie line?: "Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof." V for Vendetta
    You do understand that if your inactive, you will be kicked
    from the clan?:
    I fully understand this.
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    posted a message on Recruiting a new clan! Legion of War! [PvP]
    Hey guys.

    This clan jumped out at me and I believe that I would like to join you guys :smile.gif:

    My ingame name is Zyanourix and I would like to be a sentry and also if possible a Shadow.

    Look forward to your reply and hopefully playing with all you guys :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [V1.3_01]Blood Stone[WIP]
    Pictures are basically a requirement if you are going to post a mod.
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    posted a message on [V1.7.3] Dragons [WIP][v2.4.2]
    From my experience with this mod, a few mods I use work while one doesn't.

    Single Player Commands

    Zombe's Mod Pack
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    posted a message on HELP!! my Minecraft wont login
    I'm not having any problems with Minecraft. I can open it and everything.
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