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    I can afford a used RT. I've always wanted a surface. I know it can run remote desktop for sure. Plus I don't want to have to pay for a keyboard and mouse. I like pocket edition.

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    I was wondering if there was a way to play Win 10 Edition through remote desktop while still using touch controls. I want to play Minecraft on my surface rt. If that doesn't work. I know there has to be another way.

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    Quote from AmazingSkitty

    My server doesnt have factions, but it is a brand new kind of server. it will ALWAYS be up unless I am uploading a custom plugin. It currently is a crossover server and you can become a bender. this lets you pvp in a whole new way.

    The Plugin that is coming this saturday:

    Plugin IDea (in prog)

    ***Ok so all default players can do /choose to choose a fandom. so far I just need four. Eden of the east, my little pony, avatar the last airbender, and zelda.

    The command is /choose (name of tv show)
    players can do /choose list to see a list of tv shows.

    **players can do /rechoose at any time they want to choose a different ability/show*

    *Eden of the east:


    Players who choose this get an enderchest, a vault of sorts, of diamonds, one inventory full of stacks of diamonds. they cannot take or add anything to their diamonds.
    to use the diamonds they can execute certain commands that players don;t normally have. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE STAFF COMMANDS LIKE BAN KICK MUTE ECT. NO GM1 AND NO FLY OR GOD.

    commands they cn use that take diamonds away:

    /tppos Is -10 diamonds per use.
    /tp (player) (player) -20 diamonds per use
    /give they can give items to anyone, but only 30 of the item requested per use. -35 diamonds
    /kill (player) -Three WHOLE STACKs

    when all their diamonds are gone, they get a msg and they die.
    &4"nobuless obeliege" BANG!

    My little Pony:

    Four choices: unicorn pegasus earthpony changeling


    ok so unicorns can execute ten spells:
    Healing (heals half the user's health)
    Feed (feeds half full)
    Jump (teleport to where they are looking)
    levatate (themselves and others)
    Speed (up to 4 (like the /speed command))

    all spells can be performed with a click with horn in hand.
    after doing /spell (name)

    Pegasi (pegasus)

    they can fly, thats a given.
    they fly at a speed of 2 at all times.
    they can pick up and carry other players (if this is possible)
    they can change the weather.
    they can change boimes, using the wand tool. ONLY CHANGE BIOMES. not do any WE commands.

    Earth ponies

    Earth ponies can grow any food item on a tree (check out the appleseed plugin)basically just anything, like pie trees, cake trees ect.

    their left click if they have a wooden hoe in their hand will let them have an unlimited supply of bonemeal.

    they are super strong, the effect. (effect strength 3 at all times)


    changelings basically just have the mobdisguise plugin. they do /chicken they are a chicken. the command is /(mob) and they become that mob and get all the mobs attacks and whatnot. NO BOSS MOBS LIKE ENDDRAGON AND WITHER.

    Now for the zelda series.

    three choices: Zora Goron dekuscrub

    Zoras can breathe underwater
    they always have a speed of 3 in the water, on land they have slowness 1
    zoras can shoot water at their enemies with different status effects, by doing /water (type)
    the types are:

    Poison poisons he player, like a splash potion of harming
    healing heals 3 hearts per use at any target.
    knockback flings the target 10 blocks away. if they hit land it adds damage.

    Gorons can roll anywhere, building speed and power(to hurt) as they increase time. Just by shifting and pressing forward, they can roll only down, so its best to do so at the top of a hill
    they start at one and build up one level every second, so 1: speed 1
    2: speed 2 maxes out at speed five no matter how long they hold.
    If gorons touch water when they are rolling, they will instantly die due to drowning. (this happened in the game)

    Gorons can also break ores with their hands in just one punch and still can keep the ore.

    Deku Scrub:
    Deku scrubs can bounce on water five times before they hop and drown. they do this by holding down the jump button and pressing the w key. if they try to go into water without using this method, they will drown in water that is more than one block high.

    Deku scrubs can do /hide to disguise themselves as a plant. this plant is any flower, and it cycles through them so they are a different plant each time. (like the hide and seek minigame but with flowers) they cannot jump when they are in hideing.

    The avatar series:

    This one is the simpleist. look up the bending plugin and its basically that. just the /choose is the addition. they can /choose avatarlastairbender then /element water,fire,earth,air. when they are in the element they cannot rechoose an element unless they do the /rechoose command to go back to the beginning.

    **The /rechoose command brings them back to the spawn for the group default. they are reset as default unless they were an eden of the east before. eden of the east cannot do /rechoose. they have to spend all their diamonds. period. when they die they are set to the group default-E and that group cannot rechoose eden of the east.

    ***each character: deku scrub, water, ECT all listed above, are pex related. they have their own prefixes as follows:

    Eden of the east players:


    My little pony:














    TO THE WHOLE SERVER When someone joins for the first time: &e (player name) has joined... now they must &c/choose...

    I like the msges you have, remove the (lol) on the choose a ponny though ;3
    each show has its own color:

    Eden: &c
    Zelda: &a
    MLP: &5
    Avatar: &b


    when someone dies in avatar: (playername) was bent the wrong way...
    when someone dies in Eden*: Juiz:(playername)has been eliminated... I hope you will continue to be a savior.
    *THIS IS NOT THE FINAL DEATH! the final death displays this:
    &4(Playername) has been a savior... now they will be permanently eliminated. BANG! &3noblesse obliege...
    when someone dies in zelda: (playername) Has failed... Ganon returns.
    when someone dies in MLP: (playername) Died? Nah, they just fainted silly!

    So alot is coming, and if you want to see a gorgeous spawn, that is coming as well. My building skill is viewable if you pm me for pictures. I hope to see you on!

    IP: 1.7.9

    PMC: http://www.planetmin.../crossover-179/

    I would like a further explanation of this server type...it sounds interesting yet complicated

    and I am looking forward to more server suggestions
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    I'm looking for a good server to play on

    -great aesthetics
    -easy to achieve ranks
    -friendly members
    -mature yet fun staff
    -beautiful spawn
    -events (lots of them)
    -many warps
    -expansive world
    -no more than 70 online at a time
    -starter kit
    -90% or more uptime

    I hope I discover many servers
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    Quote from TheChromiumSlime

    Isn't survivalcraft on WP? Just use that, it has more features.

    I would...but I don't have money XD I know its stupid that I want minecraft PE when I have no money but don't judge...
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    Quote from chinesehorse

    Mojang won't port MCPE to the RT, it's just to small of a percentage of people using it; it wouldn't be viable. Windows 8.1 did release, but didn't really change anything for RT. Minecraft won't get on RT!

    The thing is, a port of PE for PC? That's actually so stupid, I can't believe how stupid that can be. Creating a mobile version based on a PC version, than porting the mobile version onto PC. ;-;
    Quote from Moosharoom23

    Dude, to the guy above, you just bumped up this topic and it's dead.

    I don't care if its dead...I made it live again and its a subject I'm strong about its not porting a mobile app to pc its porting an iOS / Androind app to WINDOWSPHONE version of windows 8. and trust me...they are built for different purposes so they aren't the same.
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    Whatever its Mojang's loss if they don't port mcpe! they could get many more customers and they would have happier fans...and it can't possibly be that hard, yeah it'll take a while but so!
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    could this thread be dead too?
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    posted a message on [TEMP CLOSED FOR ANOTHER WEEK]Taking custom skin requests for Minecraft PC and PE
    Quote from Radical_Steve01

    I'm pretty busy but ill get working on that too, in a while

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    Plus with the windows phone 8.1 update... windows phone usage is going to increase greatly! Cortana being used as an AI is going to hook in tons of Halo fans... I'm still looking for ways to get minecraft PE on my windows phone... keep in mind that windows phone does not operate on windows mobile. It operates using windows 8
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    I request for this to be deleted
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    posted a message on Looking for a good server to play on
    I'm still taking server suggestions if you would like to make some.
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    posted a message on Crazydude101 Is Accepting 1.8 Skin Requests :D
    This topic has not been replied to in almost a month... I deem it dead
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    I want a minecraft version 1.8 skin that has cool white and blue hair and a blazer (black) sort of style on the body, then jeans as the pants but I want all of the "jacket and hat" layers to make him look he's wearing a fancy peacoat. so when the jacket system is off he'll be a fancy looking guy; then when i turn them on he'll become a dragon. I want my Initial on the back of the blazer so I can have it relate to me. if you have trouble figuring out what a blazer is or need more details the let me know. lol goodluck
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