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Hey there! I'm Rukzan II Ruthimaru Lexan Gridian E-Light.... but everyone tends to call me Ruth...or Zuth XD. I spend most of my time on facebook or minecraft. so I tend to be available... unless I'm grounded. I enjoy talking to people, dancing, singing, shopping, roleplay, and playing video games. obviously since I'm a guy who loves to shop and dance... I'm gay. I'm not afraid to admit it! so if you want to talk... or have any questions, feel free to ask

Availability Rating: Partially Available...not on weekends
Interests -minecraft -Reagan700's art -Pokemon -Dragon's -Addux's Profile Pics -EST Cracked Server -Addux, Scorchmark, and other people that intrigue me -cute guys -art -lost causes -ways to fix my wreck of a life -any questions you wish to ask me

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