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    One big idea for a new Minecraft update would be to have an update for new dragon mobs/boses. People have obviously been demanding that the red dragon be added into the game, and I agree; however I think that there should be more dragons added into Minecraft. The reason being is that if you're going to be adding another dragon breed, I think that there should be more dragons added with it, but that's just my opinion.

    These dragons will obviously be extremely rare to a world, and it will be a random chance as to wether a world will get 1 or more or no dragons at all; this same principle will go with the Nether as you will see with one of the dragons.

    The first dragon is obviously the Red Dragon:

    Attack: 10 Hearts
    Health: 100 Hearts
    Tamable:Yes; but only to baby red dragons; the way to tame the red dragons is if you make a special taming potion which you can brew, however it takes alot of ingredients.
    Biomes Spawned:Anywhere
    Drops: Red dragon eggs

    The red dragon will be a mob/boss that will attack you like the enderdragon, however, it won't do the destruction that the enderdragon does due to it being in the overworld. It will be a boss that will have a 1/10 world chance to aqquire; why so low? Because with these dragons it will cause havoc among other players in servers in multiplayer.

    The second dragon idea is the Ice Dragon:

    Attack: 10 hearts
    Health: 100 hearts
    Tamable: Yes, but like the red dragon, it's only the baby from the egg, and it also takes a special taming potion.
    Biomes Spawned: Taiga, Snow Plains
    Drops: Ice dragon egg

    The Ice dragon will be a big dragon that will have the same properties as the red dragon but the only difference is that it will only spawn in certain biomes and in certain structures. The ice dragon will fight the other dragons because the other dragons won't like each other in the update.

    The third dragon idea is the Nether Dragon:

    Attack: 10 hearts
    Health: 100 hearts
    Tamable: Yes, baby only, again using a special tamable potion that is especially used this time with Nether ingrediants.
    Biomes Spawned: Nether
    Drops: Nether Dragon Egg

    The Nether dragon is a boss of the nether that will spawn in the nether flying above Nether fortresses as my idea of a castle guarded by a dragon. The nether dragon will possibly be a a bit smaller than the other ones due to the lack of space in the nether, and this time as mentioned above, the potion to tame the baby from the egg will be used only with nether ingredients.

    The final dragon idea I had is the Ghost Dragon:

    Attack: 10 hearts
    Health: 100 hearts
    Tamable: Yes, baby only, the potion this time will consist of using ingredients mixed in with invisibility potions.
    Biomes Spawned: Any Biome
    Drops: Ghost Dragon Egg

    The Ghost Dragon is a dragon that I thought would be really cool, as to its effects. The Ghost dragon would turn invisible ,when you attack it, for a small amount of time, then it will reappear automatically or if you find it and attack it when its invisible. The Ghost dragon does look like the old enderdragon skin with no color, but I think that this would be a cool "enderdragon" ghost type of dragon.

    Sidenote: All potions and structures for the dragons will be coming soon, so just wait, please?

    Thanks Everyone
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