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    posted a message on So...... 1.8 won't come out until September.
    chill out guys, the reason it is getting released in september is because it's going to be rather big and notch will need a couple months to finish prepping the game for "release", and really, 3 months for what it's going to contain is reasonable, and don't you complain about not leaving time for more updates, there will be expansions after release and content still coming, but believe it or not, there is more involved in a release than just a few bug fixes... (even if it is just a milestone)
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    posted a message on How do you guys feel about griefing? (Assuming you're not a victim)
    if it's allowed on the server than i'm all for it, as long as the person being greifed is a ****, it's really just sad to greif a nice chill guy who is just enjoying the game, but it's absolutely great when you major greif the house of a guy who's a complete asshole.
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    posted a message on the forums shouldn't use curse anymore
    Quote from JonasQ

    To those saying that Curse provide a "solid service" - not quite.
    Curse have had quite a history of random downtimes because "things fail."
    To be honest, I preferred the old management and servers - fair enough, it may not have been ideal, but it was still better than Curse.
    From what I can remember, the only time these forums have really died was during a DDoS (nothing you can do about that) or a critical failure (but even then, basic functionality was kept so we constantly had updates on what was happening.)
    Curse comes along, they have a critical failure, and we're left for a day with one of the most vague messages possible, and then they add/remove "explanations" over the next three days. If you're going to take down an entire network of millions of users, you should atleast have the courtesy of telling them why right from the start.

    so wait... another company has a critical failure in the past but when another company has one its different just because you didn't have the ability to click a link as apposed to typing in the url (last time i checked, typing in url's was not a strenuous activity) and you decide that they are a lesser service? not to mention the fact that they not only told you exactly what was happening and when they thought it would be fixed they offered compensation to some users.

    as to telling them right from the start, they don't always know exactly what the problem is at the beginning, and if it's only going to be a few hours, what does it matter what the cause is.

    basically you have formed a biased not based on anything other than an unfounded dislike for the company and your own laziness (correct me if im wrong, because you never state having any prior dealings with the company).

    people, seriously, get a life. **** happens, stuff fails, we move on and get over it, no need to go on a witch hunt k?
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    posted a message on the forums shouldn't use curse anymore
    sarcasm really doesn't translate well through text, should have seen that coming, and 96 hours, whatever, that's not really that long, and i really don't think you can blame the hardware failure on them, hell, if you've never had any piece of hardware fail on you you must be the messiah.

    Quote from Sealystar

    I fixed your post. I am the antithesis of all Curse fanboys who suck their dollar-coated ****.

    i resent that comment, i absolutely do not, as you say, "suck their dollar-coated ****", i merely have the intellectual capacity to forgive and move on with something as trivial as 96 hours of downtime, especially when the company handling the situation keeps me informed and has not, to my knowledge, had any prior problems. they also have made attempts to compensate to their users after the failure. this puts them in my good books, your immature and frankly overly assuming post puts you in my bad books.

    you are correct in one respect, you are the anti-thesis of me, you insult a person just because they choose not to hate a company that you have an unfounded hatred of, to each their own i guess.
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    posted a message on the forums shouldn't use curse anymore
    yeah, what a good idea, a company that has so far done nothing other than give a solid service has just had a hardware failure that put their sites down for a whole 48 hours, A WHOLE 48 HOURS. this is UNACCEPTABLE, we have NO SYMPATHY, NO MERCY, NO COMPASSION, AND NO LOYALTY.
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    posted a message on zombie_killer
    minerriky, you are either a failure of a troll or just very stupid, either way, please stop posting all these redundant threads of spam.
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    posted a message on The Great Roof of the World
    make the roof out of two layers, the top layer out of mossy, and a second layer directly below made out of mob spawners.

    *edit* then put beds on top
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    posted a message on The test, challenge map
    alright, im dling it now, but i have a few questions,

    1] what texture pack is that?
    2] is there a lot of glowstone?
    3] is it easy and above because of mobs or you just don't want people to be healing?
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    posted a message on Request : V For Default
    not a v for vendetta mask, it is a v for vendetta movie rendition of the classic guy Fawkes character converted to mask form, v himself probably looks nothing like that, making it highly unlikely for it to be a mask of him.
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    posted a message on Read this before you make a 'hd realistic high res' pack
    Quote from Fandan »
    for ****s sake, stop using google images to find textures for your mobs and/or blocks.
    it looks like ****.

    I quoted myself there.
    Too many times i see something that tries to be REALISTIC or HD or HIGH RES in Minecraft (and we are talking about a game where everything is blocks. EVERYTHING. ON JAVA.) and then you can clearly see, some textures (about 90% of all the hd-highres-realistic-packs bookshelves and pumpkins) are straight off google images.
    some of those things even look creepy and bad at the same time (if they do that with the mobs.)
    it doesnt look good, you did NOT do well if you did that, and it doesnt look good.
    i wont post examples, it would be a bit too offensive.

    needless to say i cant understand why people like those 'hd textures super realistic highres-pack' (i say it so many times because maybe you will read it, and actually think about it, how dumb this is in a game like minecraft. minecraft has many ways to look good, and realism isnt one of them.)

    on a sidenote: there are too many of those packs, too. almost as many as those 'simple' packs, but atleast they look decent.

    i made it coloured for you.

    red = opinion
    blue = fact

    its sad you guys cant tell

    implying anyone actually cares what your opinion is, some people like texture packs that are copied from images, you know, there is a whole art style based of copy-past images, so kindly do what any decent person does, and stop saying the same opinionated **** over and over again like it will have some effect, like history said, you have no authority, and you are by no means the be all and end all opinion, or even a consensus.
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