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    posted a message on NEW SERVER 🌌 DRIFT SMP 1.18.2 🌌 24/7 | Whitelisted | Vanilla+ 🌌 DISCORD 🌌 16+ (APPLICATIONS CLOSED)
    Username: ZontaferGunnar[/b]

    Age: 23 [/b]

    Country: USA[/b]

    What do you like to do in Minecraft?

    I like to participate in community events or push myself to start a new project. I love SMPs because you get to meet and grow with other players. Really nice community experience

    Do you have any screenshots of your projects?[/b]

    Unfortunately I don’t as I just got a new PC and have nothing on there at the moment

    Have you ever played on an SMP?[/b]
    I’ve played on many but unfortunately they have all eventually died :(

    Do you agree to the rules I have listed above?[/b]

    Yes, I agree to the rules listed above.
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    posted a message on [OLD THREAD] 🌲 The Sanctuary SMP 🌲 1.16.5 Vanilla // Whitelist // Pure Survival // 18+ // Discord // Dynmap // Group Events

    In Game Name: ZontaferGunnar
    Age: 22
    Country: USA

    Are you familiar with Discord? What is your Discord ID?: Yes, my discord is Zontafer#1004

    How did you hear about The Sanctuary SMP community?: Scrolling through the server advertisements here on the forums!

    What is your favorite/preferred base/building style?: I really love western themes although I usually always end up in a hole in the ground haha, hoping to change that this time around.

    What aspect of vanilla gameplay draws you towards SMP?: I really enjoy the community aspect. I like coming together and creating something grand. I also enjoy seeing other players' builds and getting inspired by them, I feel like that pushes progression.

    Do you have any experience with Minecraft communities?: I do! I've joined both vanilla and modded communities. Although they all eventually fell off due to inactivity. This server looks promising!

    Outside of Minecraft, what kinds of activities/hobbies do you enjoy?: I used to backpack every now and then and find new places to visit in my city, but with COVID around I've mostly just been home. At home activities include playing other video games or watching anime for the most part

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    posted a message on [Private SMP] Looking for players for private multiplayer server

    I've applied!

    IGN: ZontaferGunnar

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    posted a message on Looking for active members to join my realm! 16+
    Quote from nja0112Β»

    GT: EVR Ninja

    Age: 19

    Discord #: 4974

    Specialty (Ex. Redstone, building, etc.) : I’m good at getting resources and like to mine, and work on big projects

    Sent request

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    posted a message on Looking for active members to join my realm! 16+

    Sent a friend request


    Age: 43

    Discord #: don’t have but would get no problem

    Specialty (Ex. Redstone, building, etc.) : all around, red stone, building, auto farms

    Sent friend request

    Quote from reztikonΒ»

    GT: ReztiKon

    Age: 24

    Discord #: 6706

    Specialty (Ex. Redstone, building, etc.) : mining, buliding, farming

    Sent a friend request

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    posted a message on Looking for active members to join my realm! 16+

    Title says it all. Would prefer that you are able to use discord and prioritizing people that do, but it's not required.

    Pure vanilla and 16+ server. No griefing/stealing, pranks are fine.

    Please fill out this quick app.



    Discord #:

    Specialty (Ex. Redstone, building, etc.) :

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    posted a message on ♦ Seginus SMP | Brand New Server! Looking for players! ♦

    Sent my application!

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    posted a message on SilverCraft- Vanilla Experience Server Bringing the "Good ole Feel" Back to Minecraft!

    In Game Name (IGN): ZontaferGunnar

    Discord (Please include your 4 digit number. Ex: ChickenRat#5326): ZontaferGunnar#3240

    Age: 18

    How can you specifically contribute to the server?: I can help with community builds when I'm not busy (usually I'm not though) or help out newer players

    What is your favorite thing to do out[/b] of Minecraft?: I usually play other video games, mainly smash bros

    Do you watch youtube? If so, who?: Not much anymore but when I do watch its random videos on my recommended or Smash bros YouTubers

    Why do you want to join this community?: Single player is kinda stale. It's more fun to progress with others and learn new things about the game from them.

    What is your favorite thing to do in[/b] Minecraft?: Working on building efficient or convenient farms or expanding my base.

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    posted a message on 🌲 Evergreen SMP 🌲 πŸ‚ Vanilla 1.12 πŸ‚ Hermitcraft-style πŸ‚ 18+ (exceptions) | Discord πŸ‚

    Minecraft IGN: ZontaferGunnar

    Name/preferred name: Zontafer or Luis

    Age: 18

    Timezone: Pacific time

    How active will you be on the server?: At the very least 3 times a week for 1-5 hours. I'll most likely play more than that though considering summer is coming up.

    Why would you like to join?: I want to play while talking to others, it makes it more enjoyable and the grinding isn't so bad. Also, I've been in SMP servers before and I like the community feel. It makes me want to play more. Public servers on the other hand aren't as welcoming and have hackers sometimes.

    Do you agree with all the rules?: Yes.

    Will you use voice chat(Discord)?: Yes.

    What's your discord id?: ZontaferGunnar#3240

    What's your favorite thing to do in Minecraft?: I love playing survival but to be specific, I like building my base and finding ways to make it efficient. I like to have all the resources I need without leaving my base.

    Tell me a bit about you!: I'm a high school student and this next year will finally be my last. I love art and music although I'm not an artist nor musician. That is one of my goals for the future. I'm also really into the game Super Smash Bros. Other than that I really don't know what else to say. Nothing comes to mind. Though if you have questions, feel free to ask me.

    Got any questions for us?: No, but if I have any I'll be sure to ask.

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    posted a message on Chaos Craft SMP Whitelist Server (Ages 16+ only)
    IGN: ZontaferGunnar
    Age: 16
    Timezone: Mountain Time Zone
    Why you would like you to join Chaos Craft SMP? I just want to play a simple survival with friends~ and because playing survival alone is well...lonely ;-;
    Have you ever been on an SMP before: I have once, but the server closed.
    What is your best skill in Minecraft: Mining (Not with hacks xD)
    What is your worst skill in Minecraft: Building (I have 0 art talent ._.)
    Tell us a little bit about yourself: Well, I'm just someone who's bored and looking to have a fun time. I'm going to be a Junior in High school very soon and I enjoy to make others happy ^~^
    Link to your youtube/twitch (If you have one): None
    How often are you able to play?: All the time on weekends and some days during the week
    Do you accept the rules we have established?: of course~
    Skype (Required): Anything else you would like to say: Zontafer_120

    I'm sorry if this isn't very descriptive, I don't really have much to say about myself xD I'm just your everyday teenage loser. Nothing more, nothing less.
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