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    Hey Guys and Gals, my name is Zombie_Zonk. A lot of people are familiar with the Middle earth Project, which had the amazing idea to make a world in minecraft based off of the world in the Lord of the Rings books/movies. After hearing about it, I had a similar idea, but a world based off of the world in the Wheel of Time series. After searching the internet, I failed to find a solid effort put into recreating the world, and those I did find are outdated and discontinued. So I have decided to reignite that flame.

    Please note that the ideas shared in this thread are in no way official as of yet, this is just my "probe" to see how people react. Also, if you have not yet read the Wheel of Time series, this project is most likely not for you, reason being that it will require lots of knowledge of places in the book. I do, however, suggest you go pick up or download a copy.

    What is the Wheel of Time?
    The Wheel of Time is a popular book series written by Robert Jordan and later finished by Brandon Sanderson. Explaining it in even a gist would be far longer than I intend to make this thread so please just go google it.

    What are my intentions?
    My intentions are as follows:

    Step 1. Gather a group of dedicated WoT fans to help in the project.
    Step 1a. Pay for a host to host a whitelisted server.
    Step 2. Get a experienced map painter to make the basic outline of the WoT World
    Step 3. Get the appropriate plugins demanded for the project. (World Edit)
    Step 4. Assign members to their jobs. (I will share those later)
    Step 5. Go do it.

    Where do we start?
    If you have not read the books, then you have no idea of the scale of this build, but I was thinking about starting in Tar Valon, because it serves as somewhat of a hub to other kingdoms, and will most likely be one of the harder builds. I then think, depending on the number of members, we can either split up or all move on to work on another big city, filling in villages and paths along the way.

    Additional Q&A
    Q: What About Waygates?

    A: Nether Portals

    Q: Portal Stones?
    A: Command Blocks

    Q: When do you plan on starting?
    A: That is, as of yet, undecided. I will have to see if I have support.

    Guys, not to put any pressure, but this project will heavily rely on support from you, I can't do this alone. So spread the word to friends who have also read or are reading the Wot's!
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