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    Hit a goal of 50 players total on the network within two days, donating is 50% off use code RELEASE :)

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    Bump - Online and helping anyone who needs it!

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    Vitality Network is an upcoming network starting off with one server -Vitality Factions. This is a new and unique way to play with your friends in a competitive faction scene! With custom coded plugins and an F-Top reward at the end of the map, we are certainly not your average faction server. Many faction servers, unfortunately, lack a decent staff team, originality and the competitive element that makes the server so fun. Fear not, however, as we are here to present Vitality Network which has all those features, and more!

    Website: www.vitality-network.net
    IP: play.vitality-network.net

    Here at Vitality Network - we want YOU!
    We aren't here to rake in big cash, nor are we here to gain 1000 players on the first month, we're here to bring an enjoyable and competitive faction server for those who are in need of one. Remember, it all starts with YOU.

    Custom Coded Plugins:
    The whole point of owning a server is to be original, and that's what we are. We took almost every single plugin out there and decided to make even better ones, resulting in us only using a few plugins that are public (PermissionsEX, Essentials, and Vault). Our custom plugins are designed and coded in a way that will give you a gaming experience like no other!

    F-Top Reward:
    Our server will be in BETA for two weeks, however, after that, there will be two and a half months to complete the map! The winners of the map on F-Top will be rewarded 50$ straight to your PayPal(or as BTC), 2nd place will be 50$ in-store credit and finally, third place will be 25$ in-store credit. Some awesome goodies up for grabs!

    Unique Builds:
    Here at Vitality Network we offer a fully custom built map built by our builder, Tornado666111 and modified by ZombieMB. Whilst we’ve made sure our custom build is as close to perfection as possible, we’re always looking for improvements and additions to the team! If you're ever interested in joining, talk to ZombieMB in-game.

    1.7 TNT Mechanics:
    The main reason we are who we are today is because of 1.7 TNT Mechanics, without them no faction server would have a population. No one likes the TNT Mechanics of 1.8+ and so we’ve made sure to be a fully functional 1.7 TNT Mechanic server!

    No Lag:

    Vitality Network is guaranteed 99% lag free with a TPS of around 20, all the time. You won't have to worry when raiding with big cannons and you won't have to worry when you're just chilling and scared of a server crash! With our server boasting fantastic DDoS Protection, Vitality Network is here to stay for a long time.

    Extraordinary Crates:

    Vitality Network offers four types of charms, which are commonly known as crates. These are Voting, Gladiator, Rare and Legendary. Each one of these charms offers in-game items and ranks that will blow your mind and give you that advantage you’ve always wanted to have when starting off in factions!

    Friendly Staff-team:
    We have a tight-knit but friendly staff team who are passionate about the server and keeping the players happy. We're always looking to add more passionate staff members to our team and applications are currently open. You can apply for staff at our website! Taking on the task of staff means you need to be responsible, dedicated, mature and reliable!

    24/7 Server:
    With such an amazing host Vitality Network's dedicated server is 24/7 and means you can have the lag-free gaming experience that you want and deserve.

    Instead of wasting time running around getting to a shop, you can simply type /shop and open a wonderful shop for you to use! If you have a request for an item to be added to the shop, simply post it on the suggestion section here on the website!

    What are you waiting for?
    Vitality Network is coming out soon, so will you thrive and survive with the best of the best? Experience it today and realize what you’ve been missing out on.

    "Vitality Network; It's all about the community."
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