About Me
Hey everyone!

Short bio: I am a high schooler in the United States. I'm an avid tennis and minecraft player. Recently, I've become a huge fan of CTM maps. I also enjoy Hunger Game servers and other pvp type servers. I've started making a map, but don't expect it for a very longggggg time. When I get an intersection or two done I'll make thread and official announcement. You can find me around Vechs' thread and other forums related to CTMs (especially the ultimate CTM community thread). Hope to see you around.

Currently Playing Draco's Lands of Desire II

Maps Completed

CTM - Amlup's Xmas 2012 map, Sunburn Islands (by Vechs), Spellbound Caves (by Vechs), The Lake of Mirrors (by Skeeto), Rugged Horizons (Aimoskeeto), Super Charged Shrooms (Karrott), and To Greener Pastures (Karrott)

Non-CTM - Zombie Apocalypse (by Hypixel) and Cake Defense II (Disco)

Future Maps - TBD
Interests Tennis Minecraft... Obviously?

Profile Information

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