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    posted a message on new enchantment (bow) "Anty Gravity" 1;2;3.
    Well. Based on what I can decipher from this...

    A new enchantment called, "Anti-Gravity" (or 'Flight', whichever anyone agrees with).

    It comes with ranks. (I,II,III).

    Okay, so we need statistics, and I have a solution.

    Normal bow:

    24 blocks straight, flat area.

    Gravity I: (Six block increase of range)

    30 blocks straight, flat area.

    Gravity II: (Another six blocks)

    36 blocks straight, flat area.

    Gravity III: (Range doubled altogether.)

    48 blocks straight, flat area
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    posted a message on Overused skins...
    All of these 'Honeydew', 'Dwarves' and the modified Steve skins. People have no originality these days. (I for one, have a Whaler from Dishonored.)
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    posted a message on Move Wither Skeletons out of Fortresses! *Over 480 Supporters!*
    About time. I rarely find Wither Skellies. Ever. They need them shuffling around outside, ready to absolutely screw you over. (They should also work in conjunction with Zombie Pigmen.)
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    posted a message on Minecraft Needs a Buffer UI
    This. This needs to be in. Now. Because you're highly vulnerable during the few seconds in the inventory.
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    posted a message on NEWCRAFT: The new form of crafting
    This is just another useless prospect that should not be in game. It's just a bunch of hassle. No support.
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    posted a message on Fixing The Crafting Of Chain Armor(No More Fire Needed!)
    Seems reasonable enough. But why would we sacrifice our hard earned iron on something that is lesser than ir- ah forget it. It's good.
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    posted a message on Remove the Level Cost to name an item.
    Renaming should just cost nothing, end of story. Everyone is complaining about 'trolls' and how they would name it something inappropriate. Yeah, here's my rebuttal: You don't see the name of the tool unless you trade it. What's next? Someone's going to ask to add an XP cost to put down blocks?
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    posted a message on Wood armor
    Okay. IF we want to make this work without overshadowing/replacing leather armor, we should:

    A. Make it so that it's 1/2 the strength of leather.


    B. Incorporate it with leather armor, so that it acts like an additional layer of armor.

    What I mean by that is:

    Say you have a whole set of leather armor. That's a done deal. You make a plate of wood armor, to go over that leather armor. That'll make it reasonably strong. So. About 2/3 the strength of iron armor, and that's that.
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    posted a message on Enchanted Blocks
    Here is my idea. Enchanted blocks. With the constant pre-releases, besides potions and weapons, you can enchant blocks. With a bit of redstone, a fermented spider eye or blaze powder, you can get yourself some Twist Powder (doesn't have to be in any order at all.)

    You get enough Twist Powder for about 10 blocks. What do you do with it? Toss the stuff at a block by RIGHTCLICKING and you have a block that does not defy gravity anymore! But here's a special property of it, if it is touching an edge of a block, it will lock there. That means you can make hills fall into nice staircases. You can also pull the blocks. Just right click and hold it. You can pull it out a space.

    I believe this would be an interesting addition. The End could be completely like this and you can escape out of this. While the Endermen take away the blocks below you. This could add a whole new way to play. And yes, I have been playing Catherine lately.
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