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Well. It's been a long time
I've been browsing around incognito. Now, I still read my stuff, but I haven't posted in a long, long time. I wonder if anyone's going to read this and remember me from the older days of Curse's Minecraft forum

No, I'm not dead, and I still follow the updates. Mod's been steamrollered by a bunch of scheduling If anyone would like to take it from me, feel free, just mention. The link is still in my signature if anyone would like to edit it Quote this if you plan on doing so. My server's been down for about a year now, sorry as well

On a side note, how are you guys? Still following my defunct account? Still hanging in the MC universe?


Older Stuff:

If you're reading this, I will let you know:
I will almost always follow a banner, click your dragon (unless sick), hatch a pokemon egg, give you an internet diamond/cake, give you an internetz, whatever. It's nice, polite, take 5 seconds. I have dragons too, also

I won't click that green plus if you just ASK for it. If you make a post that's funny, helpful, creative, or just took a lot of effort, (Copying and pasting a comprehensive article from the wiki does not count; it is something even I can do, and that's saying a lot) +rep.

Please, PLEASE do not post something over-ly obvious and has been stated before.

If you're new to the forums, don't worry! I know what it's like to be new and have these 'pros' hating on you. Don't worry at all

If you need help on something, I'll do my best!

I'm sorry if you think I have no life and am on the forums/minecraft 24/7. I'm on the forums after school, after wushu, after eventss, and after homework... Yup, I'm a normal highschool asian nerd with a life (Yes, I narrowed down my race. Now find my IP address and my house number. Then I'll be worried.)

I try to think of challenges, redstone contraptions, (I hate redstone), and other etc things.
I'm mostly active in the survival section.

I won't hesitate to click 'report' if you are being a major jerk, (don't test me) post spam or post rude things.
No pics no clicks.

Frankly, what kind of policy is that? You might as well post "FIRST." Taking and posting photos/screenshots are not instantaneous processes. Also: If you HAVE to say it, only say it once. Nobody reads a thread that only has "no pics no clikz" on it.

Please don't vent your terrible day on the forums, but if you REALLY want someone to talk to about anything, just message me!
Once again, if you really need someone to talk to about anything, bad day or purple unicorns on meth riding sea cows, I'm up for it!

I don't curse. I don't like it at all, please don't

My youtube is FrYeNinja. I don't really post anything, but if you want to know, now you know.

If you've read this multiple times, yes, I do edit my about my page.
How do I play Minecraft?
I usually play clean vanilla(with SPC and TMI), but recently, I started getting into game-changing mods. My smaller mods I have on my main world are TF2 Sentries and TF2 Teleporters, Flowercraft, Recipe Book, and Sign tags.
Credit to the makers of those mods.
My bigger mods installed?
Elemental dragons, TMI, SPC, Spawner GUI, and Beer mod.
Credit to those mod-makers.
I'm learning java, but I'm only a wee little freshman learning things with the difficulty at: "randomObject.herpDerp();"

Yay! I built my first redstone double door!

One thing I really don't like: stealing. Taking somebody's idea and calling it your own is not accpetable.
From the book Kite Runner: (Not an exact quote.)
The greatest crime is theft. Kill a man, rob his life and his family.
Not paying a farmer for a piece of naan? You've stolen his living.
Taking a person's idea and calling it your own? You've stolen and idea. Everything bad is a variation of theft.

Oh. I see you're still reading: here's a rant.
There are very, very few people that I do not respect in this world. You could guess who they are. However, there are a fair number who have my minimal respect. I don't judge on who you are, I judge by what you do. If you're annoying, stuck up, and stubborn, it's not bad; I'll treat you just as I would treat somebody else. If you don't accept that you're annoying, stuck up, and stubborn, and call other people sensitive... then we have a problem. I understand each person is their own separate and (Look, Zide's getting all worked up ) unique personality, but you can't lob it around as if your opinion is worth more than mine, his, hers, etc.

Talk to me about anything you want, I WILL answer.
I don't give free pluses or free "Report User"'s. You have to earn them.
My youtube is FrYeNinja.
I am going to start modding.
I will not purposely try to ruin your day.

Oh, and one more big thing.
If you have not seen this:
"Action failed, you have reached your quota of positive votes for the day"
I think you're cold and heartless and evil (and etc, etc, etc), or not on the forums enough

Hmm... So you've read my about me page. What do you think?

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