About Me

I am a 22 budding Minecrafter. I grew acquainted with the freedom to innovate and invent. I don't merely play Vanilla as I usually spend my time finding mods, created by talented people, and trying them out.

Some have been so amazing, I actually integrate it during my time on the game. I will not list them, due to fears of criticism or...favourism.

Otherwise, on my Xbox One, and PC, I like redstone. It's a wonderful implementation of circuitry. I wire up many things: From the basic piston door, airlocks to TNT Cannons, rapid fire arrow launchers to even passcode doors. My innovations are endless, respected and admired by my friends. ;3

*insert Ride of the Valkyrie here*

I love vehicles and often be seen driving them in games that features them like Halo, Battlefield and Borderlands. I never expect myself fighting on foot.

Many things interest me:

The Legend of Zelda (I start but I don't finish)


Military Equipment (Nothing more that turns me on is tanks. Don't take that seriously, pls.

Fighter Jets

The Timesplitters series. (Everything about Timesplitters is perfect. Go home)

Location Lindblum, Gaia

Profile Information

Minecraft RealCrystalion Xbox BansheeAce PSN I can't buy one. Steam robitribal