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    Quote from MustangDood

    There seems to be a new incompatibility with Mo' Creatures newest version, which was released yesterday.

    In my own (limited) testing, I've narrowed it down to something in the MoCreatures.zip file that goes in the \mod folder.

    BTW will work fine without Mo' Creatures. Mo' Creatures will work fine without BTW. Put them together, and it crashes at the main menu (before you load a world).

    Since they both work independently, I'm not sure where the best hope for a fix is.

    Anyway, these two mods used to work together in 1.1, so I didn't think it would hurt to bring it to your attention, in case there is something you were interested in adjusting, to make them happy again.

    I'm running BTW with Mo' Creatures (and a handful of other things) with no issues :)
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    Equus is a texture pack specifically for horse lovers and farmers! Now you can decorate your barns appropriately. Here's a video:

    Screenshots! With Painterly textures as filler for anything not complete. I use BetterLight and BetterGrass.

    Ores, netherrock and soul sand

    Pumpkins and reeds (horsetail reeds - it seemed appropriate; I'll be editing these a bit)

    Cobblestone (old), smoothstone, dirt, gravel

    Grass, sidegrass, sand, half steps and stairs



    Planned/to do:

    - Alternate wood colours
    - Armor -> various equestrian or farmer clothing?
    - New textures for all items, signs etc.
    - New textures for animals, including horses



    Critique and ideas are very appreciated! :smile.gif:
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