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    Beta Build 3:

    After hours of experiments, the ender rod is finally completed.

    Just Right click an ender rod on the ground and it will be placed.

    also, check out the new dark tools and armors if you can afford them. they are really powerful!

    If you think the tools in vanilla minecraft are too weak,here is the mod for you.

    The Ultimate Elements Mod adds several powerful elementsthat can be made into foods, armors and weapons, they are:
    Nether Gem:
    The nether gem is the first element in the mod, its ore can be found in the nether(Obviously). But you can also craft it with 4 blaze rods, 4 nether bricks and 1 diamond.
    it does more damage than a normal diamond tool and it mines faster.
    Crafted with 4 end stone,4 ender pearl and an emerald,this element requires the player to go to the end to craft one. But it does twice damage than a normal diamond tools.
    the ender rod is the material requied to craft enderite tools.this can be crafted with 2 end stone. The ender rod is also placeble, just right click one on the ground.
    Amethyst requires lots of diamond to craft, and Obsidian as well.but with 20 attack damage, it can instantly kill any mob.
    Dark Crystal:
    The dark crystal have to de crafted with amethyst, and the handle for the tool also requires amethyst. However, it's also very powerful.

    Something special about this mod:
    Armor Effect:
    All of the armor in this mod have both status and particle effects. for example, the nether gem armor gives player an ring of fire it will also gives player fire resistance.
    Special foods: the foods in this mods gives you some very good effects, like regeneration, jump boosts etc. some food also clears all negative effects from the player.

    Although there are only 3 elements in this mod, there will be more in the future. I have some ideas about some new updates. And if possible,this mod wil be competible with Mc1.8.0 and 1.8.9 soon.

    Support development


    requires forge 1.7.10- or later

    Download link and more screenshots


    Screen Shots:

    The Ores And Foods:

    The Items

    Armor With Status and Partical Effects:

    Blocks of Ores:

    Change Log:

    Beta Build 3:

    1.New Placable ender rod.

    2.New Dark Crystal and its byproducts.

    3.changed inventory layout, only available for newly created world.

    4.increased spawn rate for ores again


    Beta Build 2:

    1:increase the spawn rate of ores.

    2:fix the bug for element plant.(Hopefully)

    3:three new blocks: nether gem block, enderite block and amethyst block.

    4:ores will generate in the twilight forest and orespawn miner dimension.(Hopefully)

    5.fix the problem for apples upgrades


    Beta Build 1: initial release

    Our Banner:

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    There are some problems going on with this page so here is the new page:


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