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    posted a message on [1.16.4] ✨{ - BloomBlocks - }✨ | Claim Land 🛕 | Survival 🎒 | Mob Cash 💸 | Challenges ⚔️ |
    BloomBlocks | Survival, Reimagined. | 1.16.4

    We welcome you to connect at PLAY.BLOOMBLOCKS.CO

    The world is yours! BloomBlocks has an open world where you can explore the countless biomes, caves, dungeons and villages that Minecraft has to offer! Visit one of the four portals at spawn at the end of the paths under the N-E-S-W signs to warp to the wild and start your adventure!

    Farm Crops - Farm crops with redstone or by hand and sell them to earn some cash!
    Kill Mobs - We have a custom mob cash plugin that gives you cash for killing mobs!
    Player Shops - We use ChestShops which allow players to make their own shops in-game!
    Roulette - Play roulette with your in-game currency to multiply your earnings /roulette!
    Auctions - Auction off your items to everyone on the server!
    Become the richest - Build your empire and become the wealthiest!

    BloomBlocks uses Bedrock Protection Stones to keep you safe from grief. Our famous bedrock system is very easy. All you need to do is place a Protection Stone down to "claim" a 29x29 chunk of land, protecting you from grief, it will lock doors and chests, furnaces, dispensers, and more!.

    We have parkour courses that you can complete and earn some cash on the server! As well as Find The Button where you search for the buttons in a custom map.

    Player vs. player is optional here on BloomBlocks. You have the ability to disable your own PvP status with a command, simply type in-game: /pvp on or /pvp off. Remember that disabling PvP does not make you invincible and it DOES NOT work in the nether or end worlds.

    Come play and become the richest! Complete challenges, apply for staff and more.

    Server IP: play.bloomblocks.co

    Reply with your IGN below and get an extra $1000 in game when im online :)
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    posted a message on Nether Tunnel to End Portal

    That looks amazing! Good build! :regen: by MissNyanolina

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