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    Mel, you fail to realise I only singed up for the forums to join this clan, my first post was my application :biggrin.gif:

    Well, I’m going to assume we are agreed on being the Privateers of Alesgan, so I’ll draft up a new OP, application for a clan merge etc, then put them here before submitting them to KoA. I have time now, but in about a month, if all goes to plan and I end up at boarding school, I probably won’t have as much time. But the clan should be rolling by then.

    Also, we need to elect an Admiral. Not Admiral of the fleet, as this is not quite right. We do not need a million ranks, so it should be fine with just Admiral. Also, I’m not very good at skins ATM, will get better, so who can make them right now? Going to rename a few things and re-allocate names to the current system I have designed.

    Get ready Pirates, change is coming!

    Oh and I’d like everyone to remember that, I’m barely 15, so I apologise for any mistakes I may have made.

    I’m also busy creating a flag, probably a recolour or something of the KoA flag. What does everyone think of asking KoA to allocate the Admiral the rank of Noble or something, possibly council?

    I’ll get to it!


    I think I'm done what do you guys think?

    Leadership system-

    The leader of the Privateers, to be respected at all times. While this figure holds power, it is not absolute, and should the Fleet rebel against the Admiral, he can be removed by a majority of votes. A majority means at least 51% of the fleet agrees to the Admirals removal. The Admiral must rise from the rank of Captain unless in extraordinary circumstances, when an Admiral is elected, their ship becomes the Flagship of the Fleet. The Admiral can also have an Airship, which becomes the Flagship of the Air Fleet.

    Second in command, bears equal power to the Admiral, however is answerable to the Admiral. The Vice-Admiral is also a Captain of a ship.

    A Captain is the master of a ship, and is ranked directly below the Vice-Admiral, Captains must show good leadership skills, activeness and a willingness to be part of the clan.

    Council of Captains-
    With the Admiral at their head, this is the main political and leading body of the clan, making decisions and electing and allocating recruits.

    Crew Members-
    Below the Captain is the First Mate, Second Mate and Third Mate in that order.

    The First Mate’s duties are helping to lead the crew, and making sure orders are followed. Holds two votes in any clan elections or votes.

    The Second Mate is also the Pay Master, paying anyone who needs to be paid and organising paying other clans etc for services. At this point in time, this role is rather little. The second mate is also charged with paying Shipwrights.

    The Third Mate is the quartermaster, ensuring that food is distributed, along with armour and weapons when required.

    Below the officers of a crew are 5 other members, simple sailors, one sailor can rise to the rank of Senior Sailor, the next Crew member into an officers position should something happen, such as leaving the clan.

    Members not affiliated with a Crew rank below Sailors of Crews, but are referred to as Sailors themselves. Sailors without a Crew are required to help construct a Port Village on a server we settle in, were they are to live until recruited to a crew. These sailors are strongly suggested to either hide the village, say, underground, or simply hide the valuables inside the house they own.

    These members of the clan are respected, and can choose if they wish to be part of a crew or not. Shipwrights are outside the leadership system, as they are required to build ships, water ships for most crews and even possible Sky Ships for the Silver Seagulls and other flying related crews. No man can order them to build a ship, but any man can pay them, the shipwrights are payed what they deem fit, and are sworn not to reveal the location a ship should the buyer so command. Shipwrights who are part of a crew do not count for the 8 men and a Captain, however, they cannot be payed for their ships made for the Crew.

    How a Captain gains a crew- By either coming to the Council of Captains with 5 other Sailors who wish to become part of his Crew, which is then named by said Captain. A Captain can also gain a crew if the Council of Captains or Admiral decides to appoint a respectable member, either a Sailor or an Officer/Sailor of a Crew to Captain, and assigns him 3 Sailors to begin the crew. A Sailor wishing to become a Captain needs the approval of the Admiral.

    Crew Guidelines-
    Crews are to follow the commands of their Captain to a reasonable degree, meaning that if a crew member thinks the command is unreasonable, such as being commanded to drown themselves in lava, they may refuse, as they are not bound to slavery but serve willingly. Captains would do well to remember that.

    Should a Crew dislike their current Captain and be able to prove he is unjust and unfit for the role, they may commit a mutiny without threat of punishment from the other Captains, who should be able to see why this occurred. The disgraced Captain can then rejoin the ranks of the Sailors in the Port Village.

    Should a disgraced Captain reveal to outsiders the location of the Crew Stronghold (Below) to another crew ( who has the intention to raid said crew) or an enemy clan (hopefully there won’t be many of those) he shall be cast from the Clan and branded traitor, to be hunted on sight by members.

    Crew Appearances-
    Each crew needs to pick a colour or colour scheme for the crew, then construct a flag design to represent it, and each Crew member must wear a skin with those colours, I would suggest standard sailor white slacks and striped shirt being placed on a skin and recoloured in the crews colours for sailors, and then something else for Captains and Officers.

    Crew Raiding Guidelines-

    A Crew may raid another Crew for booty and bounty, however, they may NOT commit structural damage and/or cause the other Crew any difficult apart from a loss of items. Any Crewmen involved in a raid may be killed on sight by the other crew. This is to ensure battle readiness and skills improvement, such as getting to a hidden base without being seen, ensuring it is a HIDDEN base, and for the attackers, finding a hidden base and stealing from it.

    If we are accepted as Privateers of Alesgan, crews will then be forbidden from raiding each other.

    Crew Strongholds-
    Each Crew must construct a Stronghold, that acts as a meeting hall, a warehouse, and anything a Crew might need to support itself. The previous Stronghold of the Silver Seagulls was a huge entrance hall, with rooms to the sides, before entering the main corridor, the first section contained crew housing, and the second was the Workshop, Smithy and Storage room on one side, and The Agricultural Sector on the other. Then through a door was the second hall, the military sector, with the armoury behind a locking iron door, the CTF (Cannon Testing Facility) and the Archery Range.

    Suggested Stronghold tips. Put the stronghold far away from Spawn, ideally in the side of a cliff overlooking a bay, with the main stronghold being far underground. This means the Crew can create their Ship in the bay, while their stronghold is built underground. The bay should generally then be renovated to include a proper harbour and possibly houses or some form of buildings on the wall.

    Clan Stronghold-
    In the case of the KoA server, I intend to buy a large area of land in their city so that we can dedicate rooms to Crew valuable storage places, and create a meeting hall. The main area above ground will be the Tavern or Inn of the city, I’ve built a few so far, so we should be able to make it awesome. This Tavern will be the rallying point as well. The Clan armoury will also be contained with the Clan Stronghold. If possible, and enough land can be sustained, we will build a ship in the City, propped up for aesthetic reasons, appearing to be dry docked.

    Also in the case of the KoA server, should we be accepted as their Privateers, we will construct a port near the spawn, and request it Cuboided, where the crews can create their ships and the unaffiliated Sailors live.

    Admiral: Vacant, awaiting election of a crew.

    Vice-Admiral: Vacant, awaiting election of a crew.

    Council of Captains: Gilguy360, Melvarius, Zevandir, NamNats.

    Ranking officers: Kevalalajnen, AidanJan, Sethbean, RainbowPanda, Grayslayer.

    Sailors: MadTuck, Jax129, Trevdor, Gladosexe, the Mighty Claw, Trex998, anbuagent12. Slazik, TheGoddamnBatman, Tdonso, Thathalonerd084?, ChocolateChip03, Tomand(g)reen.

    Zevandir’s Silver Seagulls Crew: Kevalalajnen [First Mate], GraySlayer [Second Mate],

    Gilguy360’s First Blood Crew: AidanJan [First Mate],

    NamNat’s Golden Eagles: Sethbean [First bean],

    Melvarius’ Crimson Hawks: RainbowPanda [First Mate],

    Message to the KoA.

    Hello, thank you for accepting our alliance offer. However, I feel that I acted in haste and did not take the time to fully wait out the clans undergoing reconstruction. In fact, the former Pirates of the Infinite Horizons now recognised as Privateers awaiting a nation to serve.

    We have selected the Kingdom of Alesgan. Long has the kingdom of Alesgan sheltered us and given us a home, and now, we wish to repay this group by supplying a navy and active members. We also believe this union will offer a benefit to both sides, one of our main objectives is to create a port and port town, or at least, a port as part of the current city of Alesgan.

    If you will allow us to merge with your clan, we will be willing to become a military branch of your Kingdom, answerable to Council and King. However we would also like to push your goodwill and request that the Admiral of the Privateers be given a position of rank within the Kingdom of Alesgan, a gesture of acceptance on your part, and a voice in the ruling of the Kingdom on our part. We would also like to request the title of [Sailor] for each member of the Privateer Fleet.

    We also would like to reserve the right to our own recruitment thread, simply to manage members of the Privateer fleet. However, a requirement will be that the applicant is already a member of KoA, and all existing members will be required to apply to KoA.

    Zevandir, representative of the Privateers of Minecraft (Hoping to be the Privateers of Alesgan).

    What do you think guys?
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    Wow Mel, I forgot bout the Ninja VS Pirate thing! Can’t believe I didn’t see it before! But, seriously Ninjas, you can’t just rock up and claim a crew :tongue.gif: This clan is still undergoing reworks anyway :biggrin.gif:
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    Ok lol :biggrin.gif:, I havn't played TF2, would love to though. Might have to get around to getting it on steam.
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    Ok Nam, I will. But we need to decide some things, is everyone happy to be the Privateers (of KoA)?

    But guys,we need to have everything fully prepared and ready before asking to merge with the KoA. So could everyone please just confirm that you wish to become the Privateers of Alesgan?

    Then I'll get started, might even draw up a letter of Marque to ask them to sign :biggrin.gif:
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    Quote from Doctor_Mittens

    -- The Spy

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    If we become KoA Privateers, I'm guessing we'll just pretend we didn't do it, I'm sure for RPG and atmoshpere's sake they wont mind, besides, if you want to keep your house safe, its an unspoken rule to build it in the city, the ilderness is free play. Also, how often do any of you raid anyway? I can't even find houses, I have to follow randoms from spawn, feeling like a total pedo. I'm more into digging awesome cave houses.
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    What happened to the server? Its all blowed up :/
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    Great, thanks guys!
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    Mel, she's 11 :biggrin.gif:
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    Rogue! Its on the KoA thread! - http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/69017-♥♣kingdom-of-alesgan♦♠/#p4884559

    why: sounds like a life to be lived
    gender female
    pirate lingo: argh walk the plank and other stuff
    other clans: wolf pack
    timezone: central south
    no i am not a veteran
    any crew will do
    no current kills

    Hi there Luna, that app is declined/rejected, however you want to put it. If you want to try a more detailed and thorough app that might get through, try copying and pasting the app template on the first post of this thread. Thanks.

    Ok guys, heres what I can determine is the current member list-
    Sethbean, NamNats, MadTruck, Jax129, Trevdor, Kevalalajnen, AidanJan, Melvarius, Gladosexe, the Mighty Claw, Trex998, anbuagent12. Slazik, TheGoddamnBatman, Tdonso, Thathalonerd084?, Grayslayer, ChocolateChip03, rainbowpanda, Tomand(g)reen.

    Going to go PM these people now.
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    Mel, that was always my idea when I heard of a name change. Privateers are actually just Pirates given consent to be Pirates by one nation against another nation. In short, it would mean we raid and kill, be Pirates, just as KoA’s allies. I personally think this is best, as stated before, we leech off KoA, using their server etc. So I think we should become KoA, at least in principle. I also have spoken to council, Zoom and Neku anyway, maybe VIROS, who support the idea. Also, if we are going to become Privateers (looks pretty clear to me that there is going to be name change), I think we need to establish a clear-cut leader possibly called Admiral (as naming that person Pirate-King of a fleet of Privateers seems a bit… dumb…). Also, I think Crews should now be named after their crew ship. I know I’m building The Silver Seagull regardless of what happens, thank god the first boat I made and was then blown up wasn’t The Silver Seagull. I’m constructing a new base, and due to Rune Craft, its coming up wonderfully. This base is far more elaborate than the first two as well, and the only person I’m letting in first is either Kev or Aidan, or Gil, if he shows up. By the way, I need to impose a sort of tax, 1 diamond from each member every, I dunno, lets go 30 days, just to help pay for the huge area of city I intend to secure to build the Tavern, and If possible, dry-docked ship.

    Gil, what are your thoughts on all this?
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    Hail Kingdom of Alesgan, currently ruled by Spymaha, fifth King of Alesgan!

    The Pirates of the Infinite Horizons (Possibly about to undergo a name change as part of huge clan reworks) approach you with the offer of alliance, we wish to cease all semblances of hostilities with certain official members and gain the friendship and trust of others.

    While I, as Captain of a single crew and responsible for only a small portion of the clan, can pledge friendship, Pirates will still raid and attack those caught outside the boundaries of official roads or cities if they should so choose, however, they will understand it is discouraged.

    This alliance will bring prosperity to both clans, and as a sign of this good faith, I would like to request on behalf of the clan to be named sponsors and proprietors of the main City’s Tavern, serving the finest Ale in Alesgan! (Or Milk in Minecraftia, your choice).

    Thank you for your time,
    Sincerely, The Pyrates of the Infinite Horizons

    Just reposting this, someone wanna accept or conirm/something else please? :biggrin.gif:
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    Kev, I'm GMT +8 and Gil is -8, thats why it works well :tongue.gif:

    Rogue, the IP is on their thread, Kingdom of Alesgan, the new thread has funny symbols before and after the thread name.


    No:3 (I I guessed Mel's right)

    Yes: 6

    Abstain: 2 still

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    Kev I thought you were +5? who is then?
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