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    Kev, I reckon you are doing a good job at declining applications :biggrin.gif:

    How is it going guys? Ive read all the posts but was inquiring about the KoA server.
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    Mel, the Admiral dude is supposed to still be a captain, the captain of the now dominant crew.
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    Havnt left. Just playing on a different server. Im not sure if I want my crew, I think that KEv can be the New captain, that also means he can legitly go for Pirate King or whatever you are calling it. Still here, just in the shadows.
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    OK, unless someone can host a server or something, or even make a donation button, I have only one idea. But first a few things. I am not leaving the new server I found, the community is awesome, the people are active, and the server works. Also, I’m not going back to KoA, if you guys want to, then pick a new Acting Admiral, I don’t want the position anyway, Mel wants it but personally I think Kev or Nam are better suited, Kev because he is making a huge effort and seems to be good at it, and Nam for pretty much the same. Mel, you just don’t have right tact and you are a bit brash and not too serious, I’m slightly worried you might laugh this clan into a hole ;D Don’t take it hard :tongue.gif:

    So my only idea is migrate to the sever I’m playing on and start up a faction, in the server, you HAVE to RP EVERYTHING! You can’t just kill someone, because bandits prefer to loot not fight. Also, bandits are attacked by everyone who sees them, I tried to arrest one yesterday with my friend, then we got in trouble by a guard because he wasn’t actually a bandit anymore :biggrin.gif:

    But yeah, if you want to come to the server, everyone post apps here, then the elected leader can create a post on their forums for recruiting, also, you should all probably get or use a mic and Teamspeak, I do and so does just about everyone else.


    Ok, thanks, that’s all I have got. Do what you want. Btw, I’m an elf, so if you want to go straight and be legal citizens and possibly join the elven group of elite archers (which I am relatively well placed in) join up and I’ll ensure you get in.
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    Damn it, I don't want to be the leader. And para, I respect everything you have done, but I dont know what to do, while KoA was in Temp, I joined the same server as Aidan did. That's why I wanted to step down, the Pirates lost interest for me, but if you want, I'll work and drag You guys where you want to go. Just tell me where.
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    Ok, I’m back, was doing… other things… I found Aidan, not telling where, you can probs work it out.

    Now, what the HELL ARE WE DOING?

    I honestly don’t know anymore. Everyone is indecisive and acting really weak-minded. I can push and lead you wherever you want me to, but not if you don’t know where to go. Heres a new vote.

    Dire hardship Leadership vote:

    Namnats: 1

    I’m not voting for myself, so I think I’ll vote for NamNats. The leadership thing will expire as soon as the leader makes a decision where we are heading and gets us there, then he steps down from power and a perma leader (or not) is elected.
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    Umm... thanks for sharing? Care to use private next time?

    Hmm... I'm thinking probably go with the second option, it seems it would be easier to get started, but if the Ninjas let us on that server, we could do a mix between the two options.
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    You're joking Para, you act like someone a lot older. :biggrin.gif:

    No prob...hob...bes. :biggrin.gif:

    Ok, I'll see what I can do about the PayPal account. Then we'll wokr out a provider. What do you suggest Para? And IN that Case, I'm starting a new thread, two actually, one will be where we shall create a map to use, so we''ll do that whole pass the map thing. I'm getting excited :biggrin.gif:

    I'll start the map. Btw, please DON'T get the materials yourself, I don't want a scared landscape. I'll explain more once it begins.

    But this also means that we need to sort out what we are doing. I suggest we drop the KoA idea of merging, bedcome our own clan, and live strong! Whihc brings us back to a name.


    Everyone suggest a name and we'll pick one.

    My current idea is a server with multiple factions, rival Pirate Crews, and one big, Island nation, home of merchants etc.
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    Yeah, but I can't pay for it, my parents hate me playing games on teh computer :biggrin.gif:
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    AWESOME! Thanbks a bunch, took me less than 5 minutes to make a skin that looks awesome.
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    Quote from Melvarius

    So does the vice admiral HAVE to be a first mate?

    No they are NOT the first mate :tongue.gif: They are a captain.

    Thnaks Para, but the dilemma at the moment is that, I'm 15, I can't get server, so its either leech of KoA etc, jopin with them, or find someone who can supply a server. I think we'll have to take the offer of a hamachi server from the Ninjas. I'm honestly not sure what to do from here, simply because I'm used to games where you dont need a server, those are much easier to lead.


    You may have your crew, to name as you wish, in return for allowing us onto this new pirate server.
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    He just helps you get started Mel, and if you need something done, tell him to get it done, then he can tell someone else etc. Also, building a stronghold or ship will be much easier with someone else.

    Nam, I TOTALLY LOVE WHAT YOU JUST DID. I was hoping beyond hope one of the new captains or members would do something like that. I'll do some changes now and we'll see. I think I picked right with the two new Captains, you are already performing incredibly well.

    Quote from NamAd

    Can I just say... I am honoured to be both a Captain and a member of their Council, I have a few notes on the post just a few minor ones.
    The Rules/Guidelines

    I think that Council level is too high, I think they may give us one of the remaining colours for their names, but it will only be maximum Noble.
    Yeah, I think you're right. We'll ask them very nicely for a noble rank.

    I think that KoA will only want us to mainly be a naval force and that this will be decided by them to be honest, not something we can decide unless they approve.
    How will we decide upon a Ad + V-Ad, will they both be through "extraordinary circumstances"? Or will the Captain nominated take his right-hand man?
    I think they should both be voted in, that way, the Admiral can't pick a buddy and rule in a dictator-like way. They have partially equal power, so the VC can hold the Admiral in check.

    Second-Mates are the money men? (just so I understand!)

    You said "another 5 men" will this mean there are 9 in a crew, thus making 36 total (if we are all on)? Is this not too much, maybe a 5 man max.
    Hmmm.... The problem is that there probably wont be enough members to fill four crews, and I highly doubt everyone will be on at a time. So, lets drop it to Captain, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 2 Sailors, and drop the Senior Sailor idea.

    Also could the First-Mate become the Captain as they share similar roles?
    Yes, that is the idea, should the Captain be promoted, say, to Admiral, his crew goes to an Admiral's Crew Status. But should a Captain leave or be disgraced, his chain of command shifts up, First Mate becomes Captain, Second Mate becoems Firs, one Sailor beocomes Third Mate etc.

    I can forsee much confusion around both Affliated and non-crew Sailors being called Sailers, perhaps Merchants or Land-lubbers?
    I see yes, we shall call Wait Nvm, if the KoA accepts us, then the recruits will come straight from them, whihc means no need for the non-crews.

    Can Shipwrights be from KoA? Also I'm not too happy about the mandatory Skins, perhaps incorporating the colours into the existing one but not forcing...perhaps this could be for the captain to choose?
    I must have been misunderstood, sorry, The admiral and Vice-Admiral have the mandatory skin, but can customize it, such as adding a sword and changing the face. Other crews are up to their Captains. My crew is goign to get a sailor skin, with silver and white striped shirt.

    Message to KoA

    I don't feel that the apology is needed, if you see what I mean? It is apologising for wanting an alliance?
    Perhaps we could thanks them for it and then go on?

    From what? Could you not say that we have long admired the Kingdom and wish to be a part of it's legacy?

    Could certain detalis be omitted? Like to be conferred later? Maybe the tags [Sailor] can be decided upon later.
    Also I think that it should have a more sympatheic feel to it like we are only small compared to them.
    Good Idea, will fix that also.

    I thank you for reading this wall :tongue.gif: and wish to emphasise that I do not want to offend you or your plan, it is good just slight details that I have picked out. There is a reason you are the one doing all the alliance talks.

    - Nam

    Ok Nam, heres the updated version of the rules etc, I changed your Crew name, but I would have preffered it to stay as a bird, simply because birds are awesome and gives a theme to the fleet.

    Leadership system-

    The leader of the Privateers, to be respected at all times. While this figure holds power, it is not absolute, and should the Fleet rebel against the Admiral, he can be removed by a majority of votes. A majority means at least 51% of the fleet agrees to the Admirals removal. The Admiral must rise from the rank of Captain unless in extraordinary circumstances, when an Admiral is elected, their ship becomes the Flagship of the Fleet. The Admiral can also have an Airship, which becomes the Flagship of the Air Fleet.

    Second in command, bears equal power to the Admiral, however is answerable to the Admiral. The Vice-Admiral is also a Captain of a ship.

    A Captain is the master of a ship, and is ranked directly below the Vice-Admiral, Captains must show good leadership skills, activeness and a willingness to be part of the clan.

    Council of Captains-
    With the Admiral at their head, this is the main political and leading body of the clan, making decisions and electing and allocating recruits.

    Crew Members-
    Below the Captain is the First Mate, Second Mate and Third Mate in that order.

    The First Mate’s duties are helping to lead the crew, and making sure orders are followed. Holds two votes in any clan elections or votes.

    The Second Mate is also the Pay Master, paying anyone who needs to be paid and organising paying other clans etc for services. At this point in time, this role is rather little. The second mate is also charged with paying Shipwrights.

    The Third Mate is the quartermaster, ensuring that food is distributed, along with armour and weapons when required.

    Below the officers of a crew are 3 other members, simple sailors, the senior most sailor is the next Crew member into an officers position should something happen, such as leaving the clan.

    Members not affiliated with a Crew rank below Sailors of Crews, but are referred to as Sailors themselves. Sailors without a Crew are required to help construct a Port Village on a server we settle in, were they are to live until recruited to a crew. These sailors are strongly suggested to either hide the village, say, underground, or simply hide the valuables inside the house they own.

    These members of the clan are respected, and can choose if they wish to be part of a crew or not. Shipwrights are outside the leadership system, as they are required to build ships, water ships for most crews and even possible Sky Ships for the Silver Seagulls and other flying related crews. No man can order them to build a ship, but any man can pay them, the shipwrights are payed what they deem fit, and are sworn not to reveal the location a ship should the buyer so command. Shipwrights who are part of a crew do not count for the 8 men and a Captain, however, they cannot be payed for their ships made for the Crew.

    How a Captain gains a crew- By either coming to the Council of Captains with 5 other Sailors who wish to become part of his Crew, which is then named by said Captain. A Captain can also gain a crew if the Council of Captains or Admiral decides to appoint a respectable member, either a Sailor or an Officer/Sailor of a Crew to Captain, and assigns him 3 Sailors to begin the crew. A Sailor wishing to become a Captain needs the approval of the Admiral.

    Crew Guidelines-
    Crews are to follow the commands of their Captain to a reasonable degree, meaning that if a crew member thinks the command is unreasonable, such as being commanded to drown themselves in lava, they may refuse, as they are not bound to slavery but serve willingly. Captains would do well to remember that.

    Should a Crew dislike their current Captain and be able to prove he is unjust and unfit for the role, they may commit a mutiny without threat of punishment from the other Captains, who should be able to see why this occurred. The disgraced Captain can then rejoin the ranks of the Sailors in the Port Village.

    Crew Appearances-
    Each crew needs to pick a colour or colour scheme for the crew, then construct a flag design to represent it, and each Crew member must wear a skin that is a variant or inspired by one the Captain decides. I would suggest standard sailor white slacks and striped shirt being placed on a skin and recoloured in the crews colours for sailors, and then something else for Captains and Officers. Admirals and Vice-Admirals must wear the blue uniform skin (soon to be received).

    Crew Raiding Guidelines-

    A Crew may raid another Crew for booty and bounty, however, they may NOT commit structural damage and/or cause the other Crew any difficult apart from a loss of items. Any Crewmen involved in a raid may be killed on sight by the other crew. This is to ensure battle readiness and skills improvement, such as getting to a hidden base without being seen, ensuring it is a HIDDEN base, and for the attackers, finding a hidden base and stealing from it.

    If we are accepted as Privateers of Alesgan, crews will then be forbidden from raiding each other.

    Crew Strongholds-
    Each Crew must construct a Stronghold, that acts as a meeting hall, a warehouse, and anything a Crew might need to support itself. The previous Stronghold of the Silver Seagulls was a huge entrance hall, with rooms to the sides, before entering the main corridor, the first section contained crew housing, and the second was the Workshop, Smithy and Storage room on one side, and The Agricultural Sector on the other. Then through a door was the second hall, the military sector, with the armoury behind a locking iron door, the CTF (Cannon Testing Facility) and the Archery Range.

    Suggested Stronghold tips. Put the stronghold far away from Spawn, ideally in the side of a cliff overlooking a bay, with the main stronghold being far underground. This means the Crew can create their Ship in the bay, while their stronghold is built underground. The bay should generally then be renovated to include a proper harbour and possibly houses or some form of buildings on the wall.

    Clan Stronghold-
    In the case of the KoA server, I intend to buy a large area of land in their city so that we can dedicate rooms to Crew valuable storage places, and create a meeting hall. The main area above ground will be the Tavern or Inn of the city, I’ve built a few so far, so we should be able to make it awesome. This Tavern will be the rallying point as well. The Clan armoury will also be contained with the Clan Stronghold. If possible, and enough land can be sustained, we will build a ship in the City, propped up for aesthetic reasons, appearing to be dry docked.

    Also in the case of the KoA server, should we be accepted as their Privateers, we will construct a port near the spawn, and request it Cuboided, where the crews can create their ships and the unaffiliated Sailors live.

    Admiral: Vacant, awaiting election of a crew.

    Vice-Admiral: Vacant, awaiting election of a crew.

    Council of Captains: Gilguy360, Melvarius, Zevandir, NamNats.

    Ranking officers: Kevalalajnen, AidanJan, Sethbean, RainbowPanda, Grayslayer.

    Sailors: MadTuck, Jax129, Trevdor, Gladosexe, the Mighty Claw, Trex998, anbuagent12. Slazik, TheGoddamnBatman, Tdonso, Thathalonerd084?, ChocolateChip03, Tomand(g)reen.

    Zevandir’s Silver Seagulls Crew: Kevalalajnen [First Mate], GraySlayer [Second Mate],

    Gilguy360’s First Blood Crew:
    AidanJan [First Mate],

    NamNat’s Depth Dwellers: Sethbean [First Mate],

    Melvarius’ Crimson Hawks: RainbowPanda [First Mate],

    Message to the KoA.

    Hail, Kingdom of Alesgan, currently ruled by Spymaha, fifth King of Alesgan

    The Pirates of the Infinite Horizons are no more. They have vanished under a wave of change and re-emerged as the Privateers, searching for a strong and powerful nation to pledge their allegiance to.

    The Privateers of the Infinite Horizons would like to become the main naval force of the Kingdom of Alesgan, and become the sailors of your vast empire, and rename the fleet of four crews (currently awaiting members, soon to be chosen from our ranks), to the Privateers of Alesgan!

    Long has the kingdom of Alesgan sheltered us and given us a home, and now, we wish to repay this group by supplying a navy and active members. We also believe this union will offer a benefit to both sides, one of our main objectives is to create a port and port town, or at least, a port as part of the current city of Alesgan.

    If you will allow us to merge with your clan, we will be willing to become a military branch of your Kingdom, answerable to Council and King. We would also like a few titles and one ranked member as a representative, however we feel this should be discussed later, and not in haste, as our allegiance is bought once, and destroyed only by utter destruction of one of two clans, which shall become one.

    We also would like to reserve the right to our own recruitment thread, simply to manage members of the Privateer fleet. However, a requirement will be that the applicant is already a member of KoA, and all existing members will be required to apply to KoA. We think that this will insure our members are loyal, and also that the members will be able to be allotted a crew as soon as they are accepted.

    Zevandir, representative of the Privateers of the Infinite Horizons (Hoping to become the Privateers of Alesgan).
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    And after we are speaking to Grierson, what then? :biggrin.gif:
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    Mel, you accepted Panda on base if name :biggrin.gif: because he is also apparently active he's your mate. We became privateers because everyone agreed in name change, and because it seemed privateers was the choice. Go be good cappy now Mel :biggrin.gif:
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    How rude. You can't honestly expect me to admit someone that has put a few words in some places. Sigh,
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