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    posted a message on Big Reactors port for 1.9.4 / 1.10.2 - anyone interested? (update2: Mod is working on both 1.9.4 and 1.10.2)

    EDIT: new official mod thread:


    Hi folks,
    Big Reactors is one of the main mods I use on the 1.7.10 server I play on with my friends. Recently, we moved to a new 1.9 pack and we had to drop BR (and other mods) since there is no updated version of it.

    For the fun of it, and to maybe use it on our server, last week I started to work on porting BR to 1.9 and so far things are looking good. I shared a couple of pics of it around and I was asked if I plan to release it to the public if/when the work is done.

    Since this started as a for-fun project that if all goes well I can use on my server there are currently no such plans but if there is really such interest I can try and see if I can maintain the public version updated.

    It's my understanding the Erogenous Beef (the author of Big Reactors, https://github.com/erogenousbeef/BigReactors) has stopped working on the mod and it's licence is basically "do what you want with it" so there should be no problems on that front (but correct me if I'm wrong!)

    So what do you guys think? Do you miss Big Reactors as much as I do or do you fell that other mods have replaced it on 1.9.0 ?

    Let's see if I can make a pool :D

    Zero no Ryouki

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    posted a message on Immibis's Mods - Now with 85.7% less version numbers in this title!
    Hi guys!

    I love this mods, many thanks to immibis!

    My only concern is with the LXP Enchanter: did you guys known if there is a way to have it put only a single enchantment on a book? Having many random enchantment combinations is becoming a nightmare for my sorting/storage system :( (AE)

    thank you!
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    posted a message on could not start minecraft
    I've got the demo running. Wanting to known what was going on I've runned MC under a debugger and see that it just hung after checking for some jar files in the bin directory and after a connection to amazon web services. I dowloaded the jar files from the Lightweight Java Game Library web site, the last snapshot and now I can play the demo

    If anyone is interested, these are the step a taken:

    - download the Lightweight Java Game Library (lwjgl) from http://lwjgl.org/download.php (i used lwjgl-2.8.4.zip)

    - decompress the zip file and then copy the following files in the minecraft bin directory : jinput.jar, lwjgl.jar and lwjgl_util.jar

    - create a directory named natives in the bin directory

    - copy all the files in the native\windows directory from the lwjgl archive in the natives directory you just created

    - download the last snapshot of minecraft from http://www.mojang.com/ then place it (minecraft.jar) in the bin directory

    - run Minecraft.exe and log in

    I've just re-run the game forcing it to update itself and it still work (i suspect that the "force update" did nothing)

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    posted a message on could not start minecraft
    I tried what you suggested. Before doing it I've checked che .minecraft directory and it was empty (ie: no bin directory)

    After enabling the "force update" option I logged in and got the same "done loading" screen. I then checked the .minecraft directory and I found a newly created and empty bin sub directory

    Minecraft is still frozen on the "done loading" screen.
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    posted a message on could not start minecraft
    I've just downloaded the Minecraft demo (windows version) but when I start it, after logging in, it just hang on while sayin "updating minecraft done loading" with a green progress bar below (filled up to, say, 95%).

    I've tried various solutions suggested on this forum and other web sites but so far nothing worked. What I've tried so far:

    - the "delete the .minecraft\bin directory" route : there is nothing in the .minecraft or bin directory; deleted either directories but no changes

    - dowloaded a minecraft.jar in the bin directory (from one of the last snapshot): i don't get the "updating" screen (i see it flash by) but just a black window

    - updated my graphics drivers (ati)

    - updated java to 7u7:
    java version "1.7.0_07"
    Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_07-b10)
    Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 23.3-b01, mixed mode)

    - rebooted the machine

    nothing worked. I'm running this on win7 x64

    Could someone give some advice?

    Thank you
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