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    I'm making personal changes to the pack that I may or may not share at some point as a download. One thing I'm working on is eliminating tiling errors through texture additions and blockstate/model changes. Right now, doors. Here's some screenshot of the changes:

    Frontal BeforeFrontal After

    Back BeforeBack After

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    Quote from Maydence»

    I just wanted to say I REALLY love this pack, although it works fine on my windows PC, when I use it on my my MacBook the grass/lilypad/stone/sand/etc. textures are all mixed up. I'm wondering if there's away to fix it so they're aligned again? D:


    Thanks again! I hope someone can help.

    Sorry for the late reply, but you have to turn off Alternate Blocks in the video options. Though, here is a fix you can load alongside the pack to fix said tiling errors even if you leave on alternate blocks. This also contains simplified animations for the ores, furnace, and nether portal (no visual difference in-game, though it may increase performance very slightly). Set it above the main pack for best results.

    Feel free to include any or all of these changes in the main 1.8 pack, Pavo. :)

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    Quote from Chaos2341»

    Means without the CTM there is no CT possible?

    Why not grabbing the affected image from the affected side, cutout the unwanted stuff and replace it with that what is wanted/needed? I know Java is the hell incl. his GC but it should possible at the end.

    Are you making a pack that you're trying to utilize connected textures in, or are you using someone else's pack?

    In either case, that's not how connected textures in Optifine works. Optifine uses a set of 47 pre-made textures by the pack-maker for complete control over the look of each connection. It also allows for advanced controls, such as nesting effects. You can randomize certain pieces of connected textures, you could connect certain repeating parts of connected textures, etc.. However, all of this requires textures made and rules set by resourcepack makers. What you're suggesting is both unreasonable and unlikely to work to the very particular tastes of most resourcepack makers.

    All of this being said, your complaint is better-aimed at the resourcepack authors, not the Optifine creator's.

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    The list now has a new home, courtesy of citricsquid. Check it out!

    Click here to go to the latest list.
    Click here to view the changelog.

    Letting us know of new mods for the list:

    Know of a mod or many not already on the list? let us know! There are currently 3 ways to get a mod on to the list. Each one will be explained in detail in the following spoilers. Please choose only one method unless the others have failed. I personally prefer the submission for as it's easier on both myself and the end user, but any method is fine!

    Before submitting a mod for the list, please note that mods created with "Mod Creator" programs are not allowed on the list. This is because of the sheer number of how many are created, and because those types of programs really should have their own website/list.

    Method 1 - Using the submission form
    Click here to see the submission form.

    This method is very similar to method 2, except somewhat easier since you don't have to set up the questions yourself, and because you can do this anonymously if you prefer.

    Simply fill out (hopefully all) the answers on the page, and hit the submit button. I'll receive a notification and will add the mod asap.

    Method 2 - Leaving a post in this thread
    This method is pretty straight forward. Simply leave a post in this thread detailing a mod that's not on the list.

    To make making it easier for us easier for you (what?), we provide (free of charge) a set of questions. Some will have multiple choices from a set of choices. You simply open up the spoiler below, select the entire set, copy it, and paste it into your post. From there, you just fill in the answers to the question in regards to the mod.

    All questions starting with an asterisk ( * ) are required. If you do not answer a required question, you may be ignored!

    There is a long version and a short version of the Q & A, just be sure to know how to answer them (use long version for referance).

    *Q: What Minecraft version are you submitting this for? (Choose all that apply)
    Choices: (a. 1.7.2) (b. 1.7.10) (c. 1.6.4)

    *Q: What is the name of the mod?

    *Q: What is the link (URL) to the mod?

    Q: What's name of the mod's author?

    Q: Is the mod available on more than just singleplayer? (Choose any that apply)
    Choices: (a. Singleplayer (SSP)) (b. Multiplayer (SMP)) (c. Local Multiplayer (LAN)) (d. Same file for both client and server (Universal))

    Q: Does the mod require Forge? If not, is it at least compatible with Forge? (Choose only one)
    Choices: (a. Required) (b. Compatible) (c. Not Compatible)

    Q: Could you please provide a concise description of the mod? (Few sentences to a paragraph)

    *What Minecraft version are you submitting this for?:
    *Mod Name:
    *Link to Mod:
    Mod Author:
    Forge Compatibility:

    Method 3 - Finding and telling us on IRC
    You can find us on IRC on the channel #mcf_modlist at irc.esper.net. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before contacting us there. If you've never used IRC before, then you can simply go to the channel via webchat here.

    First and foremost, you must get our attention by PINGing us. Pinging means simply to say the full name of. So, if you do use the IRC, you may ping ZeroLevels or ImperialFeline. On the other hand, please DO NOT ping citricsquid. He's got other things to do, and doesn't actually work on the mod list.

    Sometimes though, we'll be asleep or otherwise offline. That's right! We do occasionally sleep! If this is the case, then pinging us is pointless. Don't fear though, for you can use the bot Cadbury to leave ZeroLevels a message. To do this, you need to use the tell command. To use it, you use a dollar sign followed by the word "tell", then the person you want to leave the message for, and then your message.

    Here's a quick example on the usage:
    $tell ZeroLevels Hey, would you please add my mod to the list? It's called ModName and the link is this.is.a/link. Thanks in advance!

    Make sure to send it to regular ZeroLevels because sending it to his sleeping (ZeroLevels|Zzz), busy (ZeroLevels|Busy), away (ZeroLevels|Away) versions of the name won't work. ZeroLevels only checks tells sent to the standard version of the name.

    Banners made to support the mod list. If you enjoy the mod list enough, please go ahead and take a copy of the code and paste it into your signature on the Minecraft Forums or wherever else supports BBCode.

    Also, any support for the list by mod authors is welcome, even if it's only a text link.

    Looking for mods? Check out the

    NOTE: In order for the code to paste correctly, you must paste it as plain text (Right-click, choose "paste as plain text" - or - If on the MCF, choose the middle clipboard icon on the text editor).

    You can still find the older list in the posts below if you prefer. Though, it won't be up to date.
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    MCPatcher hasn't worked Forge since Forge 1.7.10- that I'm aware of. This was the last version of Forge for 1.7.10 before they started suffixing the build titles with -1.7.10.

    Forge build 1291 was released on January/23/2015, so if you can't wait for support to be re-jigged, then this is the version of Forge you're going to have to use (as well as mods that still work with this version) with MCPatcher and the repackager unless someone else has figured out other methods. If so, do tell... <3

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    According to the thread and this wiki page, the latest version of BTW is for Minecraft 1.5.2.

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    A lot of people judge too quickly, especially these days. Take any quality of any game, an it becomes a handle for them to base their judgments on, even if they've never played it themselves. That said, even if they do, it's not necessarily going to make them feel differently about it. In the long run, it doesn't matter. If they call themselves gamers, I feel that one day they'll at least give it a shot, just to try the game that at one point grabbed hold of a surprisingly large portion of the gaming world. :P

    Everyone has their opinion. I love MC, but plenty of people hate it. For both good reasons, and bad ones. It's by no means a new thing.

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    Quote from BudderOfEnder»

    Can someone help me? (This may be a re-post, and i'm not sure so I apologize in advance) I'm desperate and I still would like to know if anyone has the answer to this?? It feels like months I have had this question lol

    You don't install resource/texture packs with MCPatcher. MCPatcher is for adding capabilities for resource packs to take advantage of in order to extend the reach and capabilities of resource packs. If you want to install a resource pack, open Minecraft, go to Options, click the button (labeled "Resource Packs..." by default) that opens up the resource pack selection menu, and then click the "Open resource pack folder". This should open the folder in which you would place your resource packs that you download.

    So, for instance, if you were to download Pixel Perfection (as an example), you would receive a .zip file containing its textures. You would put the .zip file into the folder opened by the above-mentioned method. There is normally no need to extract anything, so don't worry. You're done. Your resource pack is installed, you just need to activate it in-game. You don't need MCPatcher for it to run. However, the resource pack does also use MCPatcher features for greater aesthetic appeal, so patching with MCPatcher would go well with this.

    Download MCPatcher, run it, choose the version of MC you wish to patch, and click patch when it's done loading. Restart your Minecraft launcher, and select the new profile labeled "MCPatcher". Once the game is loaded, if you haven't done so already, go into options > Resource Packs... and make sure the resource pack you want to be active is on the right side (assuming you're using MC 1.7 or higher). Then click "Done", and you're all set to play.

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    Quote from NicoFilippo»

    ... so I created her accound (Not Admin xD)! I am gonna remove it if she wont do so! MINECRAFT OR NOTHINK!!!!!!!

    Do you really think holding something of your parents' hostage, even if it's something you gave them originally, is best way to go about getting what you want? Especially considering that the computer itself was likely given to you by said parents, who, if you live with them, could just as easily take your privilege of even having one away from you. In short, be a bit nicer about it, and it'll likely happen more quickly. If she said she would, then be patient. Minecraft's not going anywhere. You've got time.

    I mean no offense, really. It's just hard to judge whether you're just joking or not.

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    Quote from xXxOneLovexXx»

    Is there a way to use .jar mods? Because a server that I want to start being a apart of is wanting me to use MCPatcher with Conquest, but I won't use it unless I can have my usual mods ( MorePlayerModels, Damage Indicators, and Zan's Minimap hopefully with the waypoints I've already saved from going onto it with ATLauncher ) with it. I tried moving said mods into the "mods" 1.7.10 folder that MCPatcher created in my .minecraft, but I can only select .zip files and the mods I use don't come as .zip's, they're .jar.

    So, is there anyway that this can be fixed / I can use the mods that I want with this? They have custom textures and such and I think I'm one of the few who actually uses those mods ( It's a RolePlaying server, not many use any mods aside from MorePlayerModels )

    If those mods are Forge mods, then you should need only to patch a profile with Forge already installed. Don't install forge mods with the patcher, just put them into the mods folder as usual. Since it creates a separate profile upon patching anyways, and you can quite easily revert to the previous version if it doesn't work out, you could always just test it.

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