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    Welcome to a brand new upcoming Minecraft server called ElementKingdom!

    We have many new concepts for our server; The biggest being we used towny war to make a brand new idea on how to play survival Minecraft!

    In our world there are seven kingdoms, in which a player can choose to join. There is a Queen/King for each kingdom, and players who choose to join those realms live under the rules the King and/or Queen sets! (Still following the basic server rules of course).
    There is also a human realm, In which people can build their own towns, in truces or enemies of the kingdoms.
    However, once you choose to be a human and make your own world, you can make contracts, and do tasks for the kingdoms to earn powers, items, and riches from the element you chose to aid.
    If a one who has chosen the path of an elemental kingdom, but the rules of such don't match what you find you want your path to be, there's an option to defect; although you'd lose your place in the kingdom, fret not! The realm of humans is free to make allies, and towns together in.

    There will be allies, wars, enemies and so much more!

    Good luck adventurer;
    I hope you survive...


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    It depends on the role, What role were you thinking about applying for?

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    Hello, My name is Zero.

    I am the owner of ElementKingdom!
    ElementKingdom is a brand new server coming soon to your local minecraft, We are a semi war server with a faction plugin to enhance gameplay, Each Kingdom has a Queen or King, You may choose which kingdom you wish to join. We have Ice, Water, Darkness, Void, Nature, Fire, Electric, and Corruption, There will be wars, there will be envoy drops in which players can fight to the death, there will be events, and royal games! Come apply to join the team now!

    We are currently looking for staff of all positions! From Moderation Staff, to Developer's, to Builder's and content!

    If you'd like to apply message Zero [Ash]#5304 on discord answering the following questions-

    In Game Name-

    Time Zone-
    Reason For Wanting Position-
    How Much Time Can You Put Into The Server-
    Staff Experience, (Please List Servers You have Worked On, If Any.)-
    Why Did You Leave The Following Servers, (If Any.)-
    Can We Contact The Server Owners Of These Servers, (If Any.)-

    Thank you guys so much for taking the time to read this!


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