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    posted a message on Small Bukkit Survival Server
    Quote from mchost


    Great! Joining now.
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    posted a message on Small Bukkit Survival Server
    I'd like to join.
    I like to build massive structures sometimes and I'm pretty decent with redstone. I've been playing MC for over a year now so I know most of the things about the game, so if you need help with anything, I'm usually the one to come to.
    IGN: dist234
    I hope to see you soon! :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.4.2] ▲‡‡†█ Source Evolution █†‡‡ ▲| VANILLA | PURE SURVIVAL | NEW MAP | SIMPLE | 24/7 UPTIME |
    Minecraft Name: dist234
    Location: USA
    Referrer (Did someone refer you to our server?): No one referred me.
    Why do you want to join our server? I just want a server to play on, I would usually get on Buxville but it says I'm not whitelisted anymore, so I came here.
    Have you read our rules? Yes.
    Did you vote for us (You MUST vote BEFORE applying): Yes.
    Do you have previous bans on your McBans record? No.
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    posted a message on Is this speedtest OK?
    Quote from cianoo21 »
    Oh god someone help me

    There's no hope.
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    posted a message on Fear and owercoming it.
    Well, besides the irrational stuff (spiders and so on), there isn't much that I fear. If dementors were real, those would be the one thing I truly fear - fear itself. But, of course, they aren't real.

    And a fear of death is completely irrational, by the way; everyone dies at some point.
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    posted a message on Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
    In a mirror.

    I had to.
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    posted a message on Cake or pie?
    What? no "or Death?"


    Anyways, cake. I've never had pie.
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    posted a message on Why in the world do people talk like this?
    It's because SMS messaging is limited to 160 characters.

    What are you doing today? - 25 characters. (Including spaces)
    Wt r u dong 2dy - 15 characters. (Including spaces)

    Simply, it allows for more characters to be typed. That, and the fact that people don't give a **** about grammar anymore. Without proper language, our technology would probably be abysmal, so please use correct grammar if you can.
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    posted a message on Storms in Alabama
    Quote from Djokovic »
    I live in Tennessee and we had storms all night. (It's Eastern TN) Yeah, from 9-11:30 we had Tornado Warnings, and about 6 super cells passed through. Got to see the hail the size of golf balls and lightning flashed for about 20 minutes straight one time. Tornadoes appeared about five miles from my house, and several of the storms that passed through us already did or were going to produce tornadoes later on. 13 people died in the town next to mine. Overall, it was not fun staying up late waiting for the warnings to pass, but I got to play MC on my laptop in the basement anyways. :biggrin.gif:

    I'm in East Tennessee too. School got dismissed early because the elementary school had no power. We're lucky that we're in Meigs County, with it being so small and in a valley, the worst of it missed us. We had some wind and rain, but no hail or anything. We did have to go into our hallway twice, though (No basement). I heard that a F4 or F5 tornado hit Birmingham in Alabama. There were some pictures of hail the size of baseballs sent to WRCB-TV 3.

    I hope we don't get another storm like this for a long time.
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    posted a message on Team Fortress 2
    Quote from maki814 »
    Sticky Jumper?! How could anyone use that monstrosity of a "weapon"? It does very little! Caber's too explodey for me. I also like the loch 'n load. Yay for rants of how differences collide. Watch. Someone, ANYONE, will say Demopan is the best setup.

    The Sticky Jumper does not do little.

    Video says it all.
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    posted a message on Why do the generation of tweens hate smart people?
    My problem with the, eh, "not-so-bright" people at my school (which is most of them, to be honest) isn't that perhaps they're filled with envy, or perhaps they just don't care, but it's more so the fact that they're so stupid that they don't even know the difference between the commutative and distributive properties in simple math problems. I know, I'm being stereotypical, but it's kind of hard not to be, when I have an IQ of around 135 - 140, which I believe to be higher than average compared to most adults, and I don't even have a driver's/learner's permit yet. With everyone not quite as bright as you are, what can you do? They just talk their mouth off all the time, it's always either drama or sports. It just infuriates me to see everyone in my grade get a C or D on an assignment when they could've easily made an A on it. You'd have to see them to understand. See, if they had paid more attention, and talked about something different for once, maybe I wouldn't be so antisocial. Oh well. Always gotta blame someone else.

    Live and let live, I say.
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    posted a message on 5 Books Everyone Should Read
    1. White Fang, Jack London
    2. Call Of The Wild, Jack London
    3. All the Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling (I'm on my 4th time reading them)
    4. Art Of War, Sun Tzu
    5. War Of The Worlds, H.G. Wells

    If I could suggest a few more, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn are good, too.
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    posted a message on Your favourite Meme
    Too many to list, but I'll put a few:

    1. Y U NO _____
    2. Yo dawg, I heard you like ______ so I... etc.
    3. It's OVAR NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAND (Who doesn't like it?)
    4. Trololo.
    5. Demotivational pictures. (Are they even a meme?)

    Last, but not least -

    Keyboard cat.

    EDIT: I'll probably slowly add more and more to this list if I remember to.
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    posted a message on [v.1.5_01]Syrup's Mods: Furniture, Stained Glass, Tweaks!
    Quote from caseyds620 »
    Radiant Luminance!

    Here is an idea I thought of. A block. A white-glasslike block. It sits in a dull state. Add Redstone and BOOM! Light. A working light switch system. Could also be activated by right clicking. It would be a whitish, partially transparent block that throws out twice as much light as glowstone. I think the main appeal is it can be turned on and off.

    Need to inspect your mob spawner without taking a risk? No problem.
    Want to play hide and seek with your pet wolf? Easy.
    Want to create a failsafe that leaves invaders in the dark with mobs closing in? A gently breeze.

    Tell me what you think guys, I think it would be a great addition to FancyPack, and it fits the mod of adding more homelike objects. I think it can be done.

    Also, I'm running FancyPack with Misa's Realistic, and it is EPIC!

    I like this, but there's one tiny problem:
    Glowstone has 15 luminance , which is the same as sunlight.
    The maximum luminance level is 16.
    16 < 30.

    Shouldn't be brighter. I approve being able to turn it on/off though.
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    posted a message on What's your favorite online multiplayer game moment?
    Quote from The Shadow Wizard »

    PS: Next person to say a game but no moment gets stabbed through the internet. (Just kidding, but seriously, say the moment).

    Maybe you should capitalize "moment" in the title?


    On TF2, I was playing Soldier for some reason (This was before I got the Black Box, I play Soldier all the time now), and somehow, I got 2 airshots. And I think they were both Scouts. I was seriously saying "HAX" in the chat. Good thing the server I play on isn't serious. Win.
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