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    posted a message on ❄️ WinterCrest No Grief! ❄️🌸1.20+ 👭THE PERFECT PLACE TO MAKE FRIENDS ║FREE ALLAY! ║ CUSTOM ITEMS & EVENTS ║

    I have only been apart of this server for the past 1 - 2 months, in this time the server has allowed me to spread my creativity. Griefing is not allowed, but the kind and friendly player base would never grief even if this rule was not enforced. The staff are friendly and if you ever have a question, me being a new player of Minecraft I had a lot of questions, and the staff and the player base have answered all of them as soon as they could in a productive and well-mannered manner. The server does have a discord server which you will need in order to rank up on the server and gain the rank "Native" In the server the rules of the server are repeated once again. Overall, I am a big fan of this server and its player base and i would and already have, recommended it to a friend.

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