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    posted a message on {}[] New Pixelmon Server NEEDS STAFF []{}

    Name: Meghan

    Skype: Zeranocare

    Position going for: Gym leader/E4 Or any staff position you feel you need me in.

    What Time Zone do you live in?: EST

    IGN (In Game Name): ItsZera

    Age( preferably 10+): 16 in October

    Past Experience: Previous co-owner of Crimson outpost. Head-admin of Pixelmon rangers for about 8 months before we closed. Also have experience in Admin,mod and helper spots for a few friends of mine since 2012, way too many servers to remember the name, i apologize. Also have experience as Flying gym leader and Dark type E4 Leader.

    Why Should We Pick You From Everyone Else: I'm more mature than most minecraft players in my opinion. I'm not "power hungry" i just like helping servers out because i like to build and make players happy. And I'm easy to talk to, get in touch with, and work with. If you need someone in charge for a day, you got it. If you need me to stand in the background for a while, you got it. I can help with just about anything.

    Answer these questions to the fullest:

    If a Staff member is abusing their power what do you do? Screenshots. Always. I'll save the screenshots and then PM them about what rule their breaking, how it makes the staff as a whole look to the players, and politely ask them to stop. If they continue, i will contact the owner or co-owner via skype with the screenshots. If its severe i will attempt to temp-ban them for 24 hours to avoid any damage to the server and community.

    What if someone says they have been scammed by another player and the other player denies of scamming? What do you do? Check their inventory, chests, and ender chests. If they come up empty, or the player being accused is truthful i will leave them be, and do my best to return the item to the victim by getting it legit in survival.

    What if you see a donor abusing non-donors? Screenshot and (possibly) temp-ban for 24 hours and then let the owner/co-owner know so he/she can suggest either a perm or 1 week temp ban. Possible removal of donation perk(s) and/or donation prefix.

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    posted a message on Builders Needed | RPG MMO SERVER | Professional Plugin and Dev Team | Space Themed Rpg |

    I just got back into minecraft from a year long break (Woo) And im looking to help out any servers that need it.
    I have experience in World edit, although i will admit i haven't used Voxel Sniper.
    I just moved into a new apartment with a new laptop, so i don't have any builds to show (All my files i kinda trashed, not thinking i would need it :c)
    My style of building varies, however on my old server where i was co-owner and builder i was known for my Greek style city that was built in the clouds (Geez i wish i still had those screenshots). I don't have much experience in Medieval buildings, but i would like to learn more, so if you need anything just let me know !
    My skype is Zeranocare

    If you decide you want someone who is professional in Medieval architecture, i completely understand xoxo

    Good luck!


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    posted a message on ADVENTURECRAFT NEEDS STAFF! 1.8 SERVER!

    What kind of server is this ?

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    posted a message on Looking for a medieval rpg server~

    My friends and i are looking for a decent medieval rpg server to play on :)
    Can be new, just need one with active players, friendly staff, and extensive character customization options (races, back story, strengths, weaknesses, towns based on races, etc)
    I can also help if any new servers are looking for builders and whatnot.

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    posted a message on //||Pixelmon 3.4 Server||\\ [Looking For Staff] [3 Needed] [Builders Needed Especially]
    • Age(13 and up): 15, 16 in october
    • IGN: ItsZera
    • Skype(Required): Zeranocare
    • Do you have Teamspeak?: Can always make one
    • Maturity Level(1-10)?: I like to joke and mess around so some days it'll be a solid 6. But with players i can easily bump up to a 9.
    • How long have you been playing Minecraft? Pixelmon?: I have been playing minecraft since 1.2.5 and pixelmon for a little over a year and a half. However, i have been absent from minecraft all together for the past 3 months due to family issues and me losing interest in it all together. Im back though, and ready to help servers and players alike <3
    • Past Staff Experience: I have been co-owner/gymleader on pixelrangers, co-owner of crimsonoutpost, and head-admin of two other servers (excuse me for forgetting the server names its been forever). I've also held moderator, helper, and gym leader statuses on other servers as well. So i've had just about every position staff-wise except owner.
    • Pictures of Builds(Not Required): New computer sorry </3
    • Plugin/Developing Experience: 6/10, im dusty on it from my absence.
    • Why do you want to be Staff?: Its not so much that i want to be staff more of i want to help out a community and build onto the server to make others happy & to give me a break from my daily routine.
    • Why should I choose you over others?: I believe im more mature than most minecraft players, im easy to get in touch with and i'll help with just about anything.
    • After the project is over, what would you like to apply for?: Whatever you need help in. Probably a staff position so i can assist players when needed.
    • Anything Else?: If you wanna know anything else just lemme know!
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    posted a message on Looking for new pixelmon or medieval servers!

    Hello! I just got back into minecraft and i really wanna build or help build up a server.

    I only play pixelmon & Medieval rpg servers so if you have either one and are looking for a builder then lemme know :)
    If you wanna know anything else dont be afraid to ask haha.
    IGN: ItsZera

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    posted a message on NEW PIXELMON SERVER ~ NEED STAFF

    My ign is Zeraleth, if you add me on skype (Zeranocare) i'll tell you all about my experience over the past three years, pixelmon and vanilla mc included, which includes co-owner, head-admin (3x) and mod (2x). I look forward to helping your server expand!

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    posted a message on Looking for a new pixelmon server!
    Hello everyone, im currently looking to join a new (under a month old) pixelmon server! If possible i'd like this server to have

    -Custom starters

    -Player-run gyms

    -Friendly staff

    -Decently built areas

    I want to join a new server because i like watching servers develop, also i feel i can get to know the owner a little bit better if im an old player! I also love giving suggestions and helping servers out in anyway. If you or someone you know has a new pixelmon server, please comment the server name and IP below. You can also message my skype @Zeranocare

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    posted a message on New Pixelmon Server needs staff and builders
    Ign: ZeraLeth

    Age: 15

    Experience: I've been admin on a server called 1337xcraft, a vanilla minecraft server where i first learned about staff commands. After they shut down i moved onto smaller vanilla minecraft servers (cant remember the names i apologize) where i perfected my admin skills, and then i moved onto pixelmon. A notable server i will mention was a popular one a few months ago called Pixelmon Rangers (15-30 players a day) where i started out as helper, and then after holding several staff positions in between was eventually promoted to my longest staff position to this day, head admin. I was head admin for a good 4-5 months before we ran out of money and players. The owner then made a vanilla server called Crimson Outpost where i was Co-Owner for 2 months before we ultimately decided to part ways. I've recently come back to pixelmon, and i am a Moderator on Pokemedows, but i plan on quitting due to careless and hard to communicate with staff members. I can work effectively with world edit essentials and permissions and i've played around with groupmang and know the basics to it.

    How long have you had mc: Since 1.2.5

    How long have you had pixelmon: About two years

    What plugins do you know how to use: As mentioned above, essentials, groupmang, world-edit, pokeedit (not sure if thats a plugin or part of the pixelmon mod itself) evs/ivs, and some worldguard

    position: Mod/Admin

    Why Should I choose you: I have a ton of experience and i'm very mature when i need to be. I feel as if im a fun person to be around, and i know how to effectively enforce rules to players kindly. I'm also easy to communicate with, get in contact with, and work with. If you ever need anything you can count on me.

    Would you ever abuse your power(With reasons): No, i feel as if many staff members are power hungry and abuse their rights too often. The most i've ever done with my power for my own gain was making a house through creative mode with some world edit, but i'll never become the "bad admin" who only care about how strong and cool i can be. I put players before myself always :)

    Are you willing to start small and grow bigger: Yes, i would like to become acquainted with staff and how the server runs before having too much power.

    Are you ready for a Challenge: Yep!

    Some Suggestions!

    Server name:
    Arcanine Adventures (Arcanine is my all time favorite pokemon :D)
    Slowpoke Craft (Second fave)
    Pixelmon Opal
    Pixelmon Quartz
    Pixelmon Dark Matter

    I vote for an Adventure server:
    -We could have admin built towns with pre-built homes that players can purchase
    -The jobs plugin, along with a separate world for gathering resources OR separate area in the main world for gathering resources would ensure a nice clean looking server
    -Towns would be based on gyms, for example the fire town could have a huge volcanic gym with small rocks and mountains where homes and towns are located, which sounds super cool.
    -We could have teams that players join as they join the server (Ex: Team aqua/magma or team galactic/plasma. Even new teams, can't think of any names but yeah)
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    posted a message on New Pixelmon server Need Admin,Mods, builders, Gym Leaders and Elite fours!
    IGN: ZeraLeth

    Age: 15

    Rank wanted: Mod/Admin

    Why wanting this Rank: I'm looking for a new server, as my current one just isn't working. He doesn't really consider my suggestions and is never available. I want to show you how passionate i am about working on servers. I love working hard on servers and making players happy. Being able to see hard-work pay off, and say "I helped with that." really makes me happy. I want to assist new owners with making servers and i have tons of ideas on how to bring in players and have a successful server, as i have been from many different servers and i have much to offer.

    Email (got no skype Email me at [email protected], however i may take about two hours to check as im not always on my phone.

    Any Experience With this Rank: I've been helper, jr.mod, mod, head mod, admin, head admin, and co-owner at least once in my life. On a server called 1337xcraft (vanilla) i was admin, and i worked with groupmang, essentials, and world edit on a daily basis. I then worked on a pixelmon server called Pixelmon Rangers, where i was helper-head admin. I assisted new players, worked with permissions, promoting people from group to group, and working with evs/ivs through pokeedit for gym leaders. I then moved on to a server called Crimson Outpost (Same owners, just vanilla minecraft) where i was promoted to Co-Owner although i didn't work much there as we shut down two months later due to the staff losing inspiration and hope for the server. I'm currently a mod on Pokemedows but i plan on quitting soon due to the fact that the owner is a bit careless and is never available. (If you need any proof i do have screenshots where you can see my staff prefix from old servers, as well as old skype contacts who ive worked with that can confirm my staff positions.)

    What Would you do If Someone was Hacking the server?: Check to make sure they're hacking for sure. Usually if they're x-raying i can go into /v and see them dig straight for diamonds. With pokeradar it is a bit harder but again going into /v and stalking is the best way to go. If they're confirmed hacking i will temp ban until the owner can approve a perm ban.
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    posted a message on Brand new Pixelmon server! Looking for staff! POKELEGION!
    IGN: ZeraLeth

    Skype: Zeranocare

    Age: 15

    Timezone: EST

    Applying for: Moderator/Admin

    Past experience: The first time i ever had a staff rank was on a vanilla server called 1337xcraft. I was an Admin for about two months as we worked hard on building the server and working with plugins. While it was all fun at first we quickly ran out of donations are had to shut down. The next time i had a high staff rank was on a pixelmon server called Pixelmon rangers, which recently shutdown due to lack of donations. I went from helper to head admin, and had every staff rank in between. Being that i am younger i was not promoted to Co-Owner, but i had every command that the Co-owners had. (I was op'd) And my duties included understanding and being able to work with plugins such as groupmang, world edit, essentials, and so on. After we shut down, the owner decided to try again with a vanilla server. I was finally promoted to Co-Owner and my duties stayed the same, as far as managing plugins and assisting players went. It was fun, and i had a great time although in the end we did shut down. Currently, i am a moderator on pokemedows, a server that is still running but the owner never seems to care about us and has basically abandoned the server. Which is why i am currently looking for a new server :).

    Why do i deserve it over others: I love building and helping servers. Its not just about the staff rank to me. While im very used to and enjoy being staff, i see it as much more than just a high rank with cool perks. I want to be able to look at happy players and amazing builds and say "Hey, i helped with that." I want to make people smile and enjoy their pixelmon experiences. I believe i deserve this rank over others because im very easy to work with, get in contact with, and communicate with. I do my up-most to make sure nobody is ever let down.

    Strengths: I will do any task you need help on, and im almost always available. I'm also easy to communicate with and I'm told that im a fun person to be around, but i'll let you decide on that last part.

    Weaknesses: I do get frustrated a bit easier than most people being i'm a moody female teenager, and i won't lie i do cuss often, Although i will always stop when asked to and i try my hardest to be a nice person to talk to and be around. I will do my best to work on my weaknesses and i look forward to working with you in the future :).
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    posted a message on New Pixelmon Survival Server
    ZeraLeth ^-^
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    posted a message on Help me find this skin?
    Its perfect <3 Thank you~
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    posted a message on Help me find this skin?
    Thank you so much <3
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    posted a message on Help me find this skin?
    Steve model. And this is the only picture i have of it unfortunately.
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