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    At the moment it just adds a new biome, some items derived from the new native blocks, and a few blocks from my old mod. I plan to add more random things as I go along, as well as adding more of the stuff from the old mod. Suggestions for things you would like to see are greatly appreciated!
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    posted a message on [1.4.2]Zeno's Mod - More Stuff
    Zeno's Mod
    Like Vanilla, But With More Stuff! [i]So[/i] Much Stuff!

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    Things currently added:
    • Thatch Block
    • Tile Block
    • Mud Brick Block
    • Redstone Block
    • Worked Diamond, Gold, Lapis, Iron, Coal, and Redstone Blocks
    • Chisel
    • Diamond Chisel
    • Mud Brick, Thatch, and Tile Stairs
    • Snow Brick Block
    • Snow and Snow Brick Stairs
    • Salad
    • Nether Ores (Deep Roots and Deep Iron)
    • Coal Block
    • Emerald, and related
    • Ice Shards
    • Grass Grows On Cobble, Grassy Cobble sometimes drops Mossy
    • Inscribed and Fused obsidian
    • Active Mycelium
    • Void Chisel
    • Endstone Brick
    • Endstone Brick Stairs
    • Sun and Moon Shards
    • Solar Chisels
    • Lunar Chisels
    • Etched Obsidian in three colours
    • Mutton
    • Netherbrick Fences
    • Stained Glass
    • Worked Stained Glass
    Ask me if you have something you want added. I mainly do things that might as well be vanilla. Nothing OP, nor anything too outside the scope of normal gameplay.

    Download: Downloads are now hosted at Zenotek!

    1.7.6 Risu-Compatability Version
    Download: http://adf.ly/BZLwV
    Download: http://adf.ly/9ktX5

    Changelog (as of 1.5)

    • Fixed a few bugs like sheep not giving you food. Mainly stuff I forgot about when porting to 1.4.2
    • SMP might work again. Give it a shot if you want.
    • Fixed stained and worked glass
    • Updated to 1.4.2
    • Some other fixes
    • Still no SMP (soon, hopefully)
    • Added Stained Glass & Worked Stained Glass
    • Moved to Forge
    • Many many bugfixes
    • Likely just as many new bugs (woot forge!)
    • Made ice shards come from chiseling ice, not breaking it
    • Added mutton from sheep
    • Added red etched obsidian
    • Added nether brick gates
    • Fixed ice crash
    • Added sun shards and moon shards
    • Added solar chisels and lunar chisels
    • Added etched obsidian
    • Updated to 1.3.2
    • Added void chisels
    • Added Endstone Brick & stairs
    • Added config file for setting custom block and item IDs
    • Ice shards and Obsidian grips listed in creative inventory
    • Chisels can now turn mossy cobble into mossy stone brick
    • Lots of bug fixes
    • Tools added to creative inventory
    • Ice shards fixed
    • Fused Obsidian explosive resistance fixed
    • Alternate version with compatibility for Risu's Armor Stand mod provided
    • Fixed Grassy Cobble
    • Added damage to chisels
    • Added Worked Iron Blocks
    • Chisels (the iron kind) can turn stone brick into cracked stone brick
    • Added all the blocks to the creative inventory.
    • Updated to 1.3.1
    • Made secrets notsecret
    • Fixed a few bugs
    • Merged 1.6 Emeralds and related into 1.3.1 vanilla Emeralds and related
    • Added ice shards dropped from ice. Crafting four together in a square makes an ice block.
    • Grass will now grow onto cobble, and mining this has a chance of leaving mossy cobble.
    • Using a chisel on stone brick now makes cracked stone brick.
    • Added 2 new secrets. Hint: Try crafting a diamond on a piece of obsidian.
    • Added Emeralds, Emerald Blocks, and Worked Emerald Blocks. Ore should generate normally, and when MC1.3 comes out, they should transfer over smoothly.
    • Changed salad recipe to remove bowl stacks and replace them with four bowls.
    • Added two secret things. Images at the bottom of this post provide clues to secrets.


    Everything in this spoiler is going to be relocated (slowly) to Zenotek. It will remain here for now, though.


    X = sugarcane
    X = flint
    Mud Brick
    X = dirt

    I = iron ingot W = stick
    Diamond Chisel
    D = diamond W = stick
    Redstone Block
    R = redstone
    B = block (thatch, tile, mud brick, snow, endstone brick, or snow brick) N = nothing
    Snow Brick
    S = snow block
    F = mushroom, egg, cooked chicken, or apple L = leaves B = bowls (4)

    Bowl Stack
    B = bowl
    Note: Bowl Stacks are no longer needed. They will remain in game, but have no use nor crafting recipe as of 1.5

    Coal Block
    C = coal
    Obsidian Grip:
    D = diamond O = obsidian
    Emerald Chisel:
    E = emerald G = obsidian grip
    Burning Chisel:
    L = lava bucket
    Active Mycelium:
    M = mushroom B = bonemeal Y = mycelium
    Note: Active Mycelium will grow over grass.
    Void Chisel:
    I = ice shard E = eye of ender O = obsidian grip
    Solar Chisel:
    D = sun shard O = obsidian grip
    ('Why D?', you ask? because HTML!)
    Lunar Chisel:
    M = moon shard O = obsidian grip
    Sun Shards and Moon Shards:
    Shards are not crafted. They are made by using an emerald chisel on certain blocks.
    Glowstone makes Sun Shards
    Lapis makes Moon Shards
    Nether Brick Fence Gate:
    N = nether brick S = sun shard

    Right-click on stone to turn it into stone brick
    Right-click stone brick to turn it into cracked stone brick
    Right-click on mossy cobblestone to turn it into mossy stone brick
    Right-click on ice to make ice shards (3)
    Diamond Chisel
    Right-click on stone to turn it into worked stone brick
    Right-click on diamond block to turn it into worked diamond block
    Rght-click on gold block to turn it into worked gold block
    Right-click on lapis block to turn it into worked lapis block
    Right-click on redstone block to turn it into worked redstone block
    Right-click on coal block to turn it into worked coal block
    Right-click on iron block to turn it into worked iron block
    Note: all worked storage blocks can be crafted back to their component materials
    Emerald Chisel:
    Right-click on obsidian to turn it into inscribed obsidian
    Note: Inscribed obsidian is theorized to have negative effect on some local wildlife
    Right-click on glowstone to make a sun shard
    Right-click on a lapis block to make a moon shard
    Burning Chisel:
    Right-click on netherrack to turn it into nether brick
    Right-click on inscribed obsidian to turn it into fused obsidian
    Note: fused obsidian is as hard as bedrock
    Right-click on obsidian to turn it into red etched obsidian
    Void Chisel:
    Right-click on stone to turn it into endstone (takes 1/4 of total durability per use)
    Right-click on endstone to turn it into endstone brick
    Solar Chisel:
    Right-click on obsidian to turn it into yellow etched obsidian
    Lunar Chisel:
    Right-click on obsidian to turn it into purple etched obsidian
    Redstone Block / Worked Redstone Block
    Redstone storage block. Glows when stepped on or touched, like redstone ore.
    Nether Ores
    (Deep Iron and Deep Roots)
    Deep Iron gives 4 iron, pre-smelted, per block.
    Deep Roots give either a sapling (common) or dirt (uncommon)
    Get it from sheep. Roast it for additional benefits. Otherwise works like pork.
    Note: cannot be fed to wolves.

    Bowl Stack: Used in crafting Salad


    And in Czech:


    Copyright ┬ęZeno
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    posted a message on [1.4.2]Zeno's Mod - More Stuff
    Heh. Thanks. I'll get all those fixed as soon as I can. I do work during the week, but hopefully I'll have some time this evening. That thing with grassy cobble is not intentional, by the way. Damn, I'll have to figure that out. It should be using the exact same code as grass...
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