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    Quote from Wasthereonce»

    I'm using Chromaticraft with Climate Control. I've disabled the Ender Forest biome in both the Chromaticraft config and the CC config, and I've double checked that it is disabled in the world CC config. However, it still seems to be generating. Conversely, I have a Biomes O' Plenty biome called Mangrove enabled with a very high instance rate and it does not generate. Do you know of any solutions to this?

    The Mangrove biome is a sub-biome of Deep Ocean which generates in great quantity as part of the "South Seas Complex". The only solution is to turn off BoP sub-biomes with a flag in the CC config

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    anyone knows what the

    "# Comma-delimited list of externalBiome Names."

    exactly is for in the GC config?

    When running with BoP together, GC creates its own Bop Config* but not when e.g running it with Traverse.
    Though GC still generating Traverse Biomes, w/o any of those biomes named in aboves externalBiome Names

    setting. So really wonder when to use this line, and the format of those names (ids?)


    "assorted parameters" {
    is set as default, though afaik BoP Biomes are created - so what exactly is falsiefied here?

    If you put a list of biomes in that field, the next time CC runs there will be fields in the general config to control biomes with the specified names.

    BoPBiomesOn is not normally supposed to be altered by users. It's altered by CC when creating worlds where BoP is available, and the purpose is to allow CC to know if you had BoP on when the world was created so it won't add BoP to an existing world which isn't supposed to have it.

    Quote from Sieb2»

    Can I use both climate control (for biome placement) and biome tweaker (for editing biomes) at the same time ?

    Yes. CC will override all the biome frequency settings in BT but the biome character changes (color, temp, etc.) remain.

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    The spawn offset changes the start place for the spawn search. Normally it is 0,0. From there GC searches outward in a square spiral until it finds a valid start location (which is basically "above the water level"). The spawn search is not limited and continues until there is a memory problem.

    The spawn should end up in the nearest acceptable spot to the start point, although it can miss locations. If you have a Z offset of +5000 you should end up on the nearest decent-size landmass to 0,5000.

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    Geographicraft will probably be able to work with Lost Cities, if they don't alter the system for biome generation. I'll take a look.

    RTG probably could support that API, but I can't get the time to work on it right now. Both the principal programmers have personal issues that occupy too much time and mindspace. I would be the one to do that bit if we did it. (The GC change is much easier, just an hour or less if it works).

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    You can call it a bug or not but the simple fact is that I wasn't able to intervene in BoP's sub-biome assignments. They're simply out of my control. I honestly don't think even *they* understand that system (it has been dropped for the post-1.7.10 version) because they never fixed the South Seas Complex bug after over a year of complaints. I would have to write an entirely new sub-biome system and I'm not even clear what theirs is supposed to be doing.

    ID = -1 has the same effect as incidence 0.

    Snowy biomes will frequently generate next to any biome in the COOL climate. If you want to keep snow (mostly) away from any biome you have to take it out of COOL. To keep Forest and Plains out, reassign them to the WARM climate. (They are currently assigned to multi-climate groups that include them in COOL). That will leave you with very few vanilla biomes in the COOL climate, only Extreme Hills, (warm) Taiga, and Roofed Forest (which you might want to move too).

    Roofed Forest, incidentally, is in there because I wanted to balance the biome assignments a bit. Vanilla puts it in WARM. I put it in there because I thought COOL climate was boring with only X-hill, Forest, Plains, and Taiga. If you're using BoP this won't be a problem.

    WARM biomes will still occasionally generate next to snow in short stretches but it's fairly uncommon. This is due to a corner effect - the biomes are laid out in a grid and you can have "illegitimate" contacts at corners, which can expand to a short stretch of contact due to border adjustments.

    I'll reply to CC questions either here, there, or on the GC thread. I prefer a CC-specific question be asked on the CC thread, though, to increase the archive value.

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    There's still Minecraft discussion, just not here. Minecraft on Reddit gets dozens of threads and hundreds of comments, maybe more, every single day. I don't really understand the like for Reddit because what you say is so ephemeral. After two days, tops, it's off the front page and probably nobody will ever see it again. The entry cost to a successful thread is really high there, as well - I often see "4 year survival world" posts. So, four years of play for one successful thread on Reddit?

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    Geographicraft (Climate Control for 1.8 and later) 0.8.9b released. Serverside crash in 1.12 fixed.

    1.12 version:

    GeographiCraft-1.12-0.8.9b (runs standalone; does not need ZenoTechnology)

    1.9.4 - 1.11.2 version

    GeographiCraft-1.9-1.11-0.8.9 (runs standalone; does not need ZenoTechnology)

    BoP biomes only work in the BoP or RTG worldtypes.

    The maps below are done with

    ForgeAmidst 1.4.1

    Map showing multiple islands and a variety of climates in a 16Kx20K area around start, with default settings and SeparateLandmasses=true (oceanic world)

    Same seed and settings but with SeparateLandmasses=false (continental world)

    Mountain chains! Mountains can now be set to appear mostly in mountain chains. A great option to add interest to large land areas.

    Latitudinal climates with Frozen Oceans option. Note use of start location option to place the hot zone at the equator but the spawn in a temperate area.

    Current supported outside mods are RTG, Biomes o' Plenty, Highlands, and Thaumcraft.

    Biomes o' Plenty and Highlands have both made changes that restrict usage. BoP will only place decorations in the BoP and RTG worldtypes; GC can place BoP biomes in the overworld but they have nothing in them. Highlands has tuned its terrain generators to its own noise generators, available only in its worldtype. Highlands biomes can be placed in other worldtypes such as Default and BoP but they look very different from the intent, generally having an "amplified" feel.

    As a result, the defaults for intervening in BoP and Highlands worldtypes have been changed to "true".

    Defaults for climate incidences have been changes to 1/1/1/1 from 2/1/1/2. Generally 1/1/1/1 is better for oceanic worlds and 2/1/1/2 for continental ones. Feel free to change to suit your taste, of course.

    Geographicraft allows you to control climate zones, ocean sizes, biome frequencies, and continent sizes. Make Minecraft worlds into Yourcraft worlds! Geographicraft is a 1.8 version of Climate Control, renamed to make the function clearer

    Set climate zones to smaller, more manageable sizes so you can find a variety of biomes more easily.

    Change the frequencies of common biomes and climate zones to occur as often or as rarely as you want.

    Prevent hot biome-cold biome transitions, or mix all the biomes together.

    Restore true oceans to vanilla, or keep a universal continent with large lakes.

    Create a variety of land sizes, from giant continents tens of thousands of blocks across to islands that fit on a single map.

    Move biomes from one climate zone to another. Turn the oceans into giant deserts, endless jungle, frozen ice plains, or vast mountain ranges, if you want. Fill the oceans with islands of your choosing. Rearrange temperate zones to make warm and cool zones distinctive. Put mountains or forests into hot zones as oases.

    Review of the 1.7 predecessor, Climate Control, by TeronRedoran

    Also removes the tiny islands out in the ocean.



    requires ZenoTechnology-1.2 to run

    For Climate Control users: the config files have been renamed but the content is the same.
    Version info and changelog:

    0.8.9 BoP biomes are excluded from worldtypes other than BoP and RTG (BoP intentionally does not generate its biomes properly in other worldtypes). A possible bug with latitudinal climates and BoP is now gone. Available for 1.9.4 through 12.2

    0.8.8 Modified to work with the latest BoP version, and pre-1.12 renamed to indicate it will not work with 1.12.

    0.8.7 Fixed a startup crash. Added an extreme climate separation option, to make taiga-desert junctions even rarer at the cost of making Snowy and Hot climates less common on continents.

    0.8.5 Fixed function in customized worlds

    0.8.4 Runs on 1.11.2 as well

    0.8.3 Matched up to current version of BoP biomes and sub-biomes. See Curse download page for details.

    0.8.2 -Reworked island placement to fix a bug

    Improved forced start continents

    Altered config to increase average landmass sizes.

    Widen rivers setting now affects frozen rivers

    There are options to put Ice Mountains in snowy moutain chains and Mesa in hot mountain chaings

    There is an option to use Mesa as the border for Mesa Biomes rather than Desert.

    Fixed a crash with BoP ids set to -1

    Fixed problems with inappropriate placement of BoP Volcanic Island and BoP Bayou

    Reduced incidence of BoP Coral Reef and BoP Kelp Forest

    Note: you may see occasional chunk glitches on the borders of previous exploration if updating an existing world from earlier CG version. I have only seen a few in 10's of thousand of blocks along the exploration border. They are to terrain a few chunks away, not the monstrous chunk walls you can get in vanilla.

    0.8.0 - fixed a bug in world with "SeparateLandmasses=true" which broke up landmasses into archipelagos. Altered landmass formations algorithms. Slightly increased the land proportions.

    Also, bug fix for Mountain Chains = true in 1.11, and an option to turn GC on for custom worlds.

    Since the formation algorithms have changed, you will get chunk walls if you update from earlier version and have turned off the chunk wall prevention system.

    0.7.8 - added registry for partitioners, external classes that can modify biome frequencies in particular areas. Currently only needed by developers intending to write a partitioner

    0.7.7 - Set to run on 1.11 as well as 1.10.2 and 1.9.4. Name changed for clarity.

    0.7.5 Added SEA climate (both ocean climates).
    Put in attempt to dodge bug created if the IntCache is reset by other mods or multitasking.

    0.7.4 Important bugfix for world specific configs, which were not working before
    Added "Mountain Foothills" biome in BoP worlds.
    Removed rivers from frozen oceans.

    0.7.2 Bugfix for sometimes overwriting other mods' custom village generators.
    Tested to work on 1.10.2 and with current BoP (no changes were required).

    0.7.1 Several important bugfixes and changes to default config for continental starts and more land

    0.7 Ported 1.7.10 version to 1.8.9

    0.6 Released 0.6 version and changed name to Geographicraft

    How the world-specific configs work.

    GeographiCraft uses configs differently from the standard Forge model. It keeps a separate config for each world, and uses the "standard" config file only for new and imported worlds, and only to create their world specific configs.

    The important configs are stored in the worldspecificconfig folder in each world's save directory. This file holds the settings for that world. Changing the config file for a different world or the general config file in the general config folder will have no effect whatsoever on a world with it own worldspecificconfig. You can have as many different worlds as you want, each with its own settings, and switch back and forth between them without any config fiddling. The only exception is biome sets; the assignment of IDs to biomes is set by the biome mods you have, not by CC. You can use CC to make some biome not appear in any given world, however.

    The general config is used for new worlds, and for worlds that are being switched to GeographiCraft. When the world is first run under CC, the current general config is effectively copied to the worldspecificconfig folder. That then becomes that world's config and can be edited to change that world's settings without changing other worlds or any new or imported worlds.

    Chunk Wall prevention


    GeographiCraft can prevent most chunk walls resulting from changing your biome set or biome placement.


    Be cautious using this on any important world. First of all, bugs! Terrain gen bugs can leave big ugly footprints in your worlds. Make a backup of any important worlds.

    Climate zone are smoothed if you have climateRingsNotSaved 0 or larger.

    If you want the new biomes but with the vanilla land and climate system, there's a config setting.


    You can make reports here, to my email (see my profile), or on Github.

    How to set up:

    First, install Forge 1450. It might work on earlier or later versions, but no promises.

    Second, start GC with any biome mods you intend to use in you mod folder and quit without making a world. This is to create the config files.

    Third Go in and edit the config files.

    First, you need to decide the "style" of changes between one world and another. "Biome Locking" requires a larger space between explored areas but produces less-jarring junctions between old and new terrain and produces chunk boundaries very rarely (I may have seen one in about 20 worlds I've looked at). "SubBiome Locking" needs less space between explored and new areas, but the junctions are more obvious and you see occasional 64x64 "chunk corners" although mostly near water and so with low walls.

    If you use the Biome Locking option, set biomeRingsNotSaved=3 and set subbiomeRingsNotSaved=-1. This will produce a boundary of roughly 800 blocks between the last place you travel and where the new terrain starts - but with a LOT of variability.

    If you use SubBiome Locking,biomeRingsNotSaved=-1 and set subbiomeRingsNotSaved=0,1,2 or 3. I've only tried 0. Higher numbers will reduce the boundary area but increase the chance of chunk walls. A value of 0 will produce a boundary area about 400 blocks across. Each extra ring not saved should move that in 64 blocks but at some point the chunk walls will reappear.

    Second, set "No Generation Changes" to true. This will make GC You can go ahead and change the generation configs to what you want after the change.


    Either open an exiting world with CC or create a new world. If it's an existing world, there may be a long delay (several minutes) while CC determines the generation plan for the world and saves then to disk. Then, quit Minecraft (not just the world, you have to quit the program). Go into the new worldspecificconfig directory in the world save file and edit the configs to produce the kind of world you want. Normally, for imported world, that just means setting "No Generation Changes" to false. You can already have set everything up for what you want in your general config and just have "No Generation Changes" set true; but you should review the other configs to make sure they are right. Then, restart Minecraft, open your world, and fly around to see what the boundaries look like!

    Effects of config settings on world (long)

    Land Sizes
    The four land configurations each set the frequency with which particular land sizes appear in the world. For all the land sizes, there is huge variability - land sizes can easily be half or double the stated values. Plus, land formations can appear on top of each other in which case they merge.

    Land usage is complicated so I'll describe it with a "land usage" score, which can later be converted into a percent.

    "Large Continent Frequency" sets the frequency of large continents, very roughly 8,000 by 16,000 blocks. These are about the size of continents in 1.6 generation. They have a land usage equal to about the frequency you set.

    "Medium Continent Frequency" sets the frequency of medium continents, very roughly 3,000 by 6,000 blocks. There are about the size of a small continent on a 1.6 map. They have a land usage equal to about 3/4 of the frequency you set.

    "Small Continent Frequency" sets the frequency of small continents, about 1,000 by 2,000 blocks. This is smaller than anything the standard 1.6 generator ever makes. They have a land usage equal to about half of the frequency you set.

    "Large Island Frequency" sets the frequency of large islands, about 500 by 1,000 blocks. This is similar to the large multibiome islands you occasionally see in the large lakes of 1.7 generation, except that in 1.7 the larger one are essentially always merged into the universal continent, so the ones you see in GeographiCraft tend to be larger. They have a land usage equal to about 40% of the frequency you set.

    "Medium Island Frequency" sets the frequency of medium islands, about 250 by 500 blocks. They are always one climate only.

    Universal ocean or universal continent?

    SeparateLandmasses usually determins the oceanic vs. continental character of the world. The defaults, and almost any setting with more land, produce an oceanic world with separateLandmasses=true and a continental one if it's false. If you have substantially less land than in the defaults, the world is oceanic but with more land and larger landmasses if SeparateLandmasses = false.

    Ocean trip length: This is probably the factor people are most interested in, and I'm sorry there's no simple answer or formula. Very roughly, if you hit the nearest land, your crossing distance will be on the order of the size of your continents. So in a world made of large continents, you have a typical crossing of 16,000 blocks. in a world of large islands, it's about 2,000 blocks. If you have a mix of continents, you'll have a similar mix of crossings. So in a world half large islands and half large continents you'll get a 2,000 crossing half the time and a 16,000 crossing half the time. 1.7 worlds are actually about 90% large islands and 10% large continents and that's why usually ocean crossings are really short but every now and then you get a 10K whopper (by going the length of a skinny lake).

    If you've got a universal ocean, you may miss the nearest land. In a busy ocean world, you will sometimes about double your crossing distance that way. In an open ocean, you can miss land after land and go on for a very long trip. The GeographiCraft defaults produce a "box of chocolates" effect on ocean crossings just like land forms; mine have typically been 2,000 - 10,000 but looking at maps I think you might see ones as long as 20,000 without being fluky.

    The defaults create a world with a wide variety of land structures, from oceans scattered with islands to massive continents. Climate zones still exist, but are smaller than in vanilla, roughly the size of snowy zones in vanilla 1.6 and before.

    Mod Pack Policy: You may include this mod in a modpack provided: 1) You provide attribution; 2) You provide a link to this thread, the Planet Minecraft post, or the Curse download page; and 3) You do not use the modpack for any financial gain, including AdFly links and the like.

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    Set bandedClimateWidth to 2 or above to turn on latitudinal climates. (Technically anything above 0 turns it on but the results are poor with width 1.)

    The width is the number of climate zone widths the bands will be on average (there is variation). The default climate width in GC is half size zones, which are 512 wide. If you have a bandedClimateWidth of 4, the bands will average 4 x 512 = 2048 blocks high, or the height of a max-size default map.

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    (Climate Control for 1.8 and later) 0.8.9 released. BoP biomes are excluded from worldtypes other than BoP and RTG (BoP intentionally does not generate its biomes properly in other worldtypes). A possible bug with latitudinal climates and BoP is now gone. A new version will be out shortly for 1.12

    I am trying to get banded climate to work but after setting the config nothing changes at all. Did i forgot to enable something??

    Using your config, I was getting latitudinal climates correctly without BoP, but they didn't seem to be working with BoP. After making the change to exclude BoP biomes from inappropriate worldtypes (which required some refactoring) latitudinal climates are working in both worldtypes.

    Quote from KingMiner»

    Is the update going okay? Has it been significantly delayed or have you not gotten time for it yet?

    Delayed trying to fix the BoP business. I'll try to get it out tommorrow - again.

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    New release of Geographicraft to work with the changes in Biomes o' Plenty. The name is changed to indicate it only works with version 1.9 to 1.11. 1.12 has some changes to the codebase and requires a separate version, which should be out tomorrow.

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