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    Chapter 58: In Which the Minecraft Gods Throw Various Things at Me to Get Me to Stop, and Demonstrating That Carrots Work Better Than Sticks.

    (Metaphorically, that is. They're not too good for tool handles.)

    Exploration Limit: X = -833,000

    Back out to sea, well past my minimum stop distance at X = -750,000

    X = -835,000
    X = -840,000

    Sunset. Well, it seems like Minecraft is still trying not to tempt me

    X = -845,000

    Continuing the recent pattern, I'm encountering land mostly at night when I can't stop. Looks interesting but bye.

    X = -850,000

    Late in the evening it starts to rain and thunder.

    X = -855,000

    A patch of BoP Coral Reef alerts me to nearby land. It's still thundering, so I crank my view distance up to 14 to reduce the chance of accidental grounding. I still end up needing an emergency stop. It's a small Snowy island and I'm soon past it.

    X = -860,000

    Time for sunrise, but you can scarcely tell, because it's still thunderstorming.

    X = -865,000

    I hear a sharp crack of thunder without seeing the lighting stroke and turn around to look. I *think* I see a horse bobbing in the distance - a Skeleton Horse? but I don't get a pic fast enough to catch it. I haven't seen one and it would be odd to see my first at sea - how do they float?

    At about X = -869,000, the ocean floor alerts me to a nearby continent. I head to look even though it's still thundering.

    It's a temperate Birch Forest. But as I approach, there's another flash of lighting, leaving 3 (I think) horse bobbing almost right in my path. It seems the Minecraft gods are still angry at my hubris and now they're upping the ante to stop me.

    I veer to avoid them, but they still feather me as I pass.

    It doesn't do much, though - even Damage Screenshots catches only the tilt from getting damage. You'll notice I'm pretty close to the coast, though, and grounding now could be a distinctly bad thing.

    I snap a pic once I'm past but it's too far to make them out clearly.

    Well, I had been thinking about landing but I've changed my mind. I'll lose almost 400,000 blocks of travelling if I die now (getting killed by a Skelly Horse is a "legitimate" death and rolling back to a backup is not acceptable for that) plus the time to rebuild my gear. Not worth it. So I speed on by.

    X = -870,000

    At 10 in the morning the thunderstorm FINALLY stops. That was a storm!

    X = -875,000

    I pick up a ding passing an Ocean Monument.

    X = -880,000
    X = -885,000

    This is really getting to be a pattern. Another day without a place to land, making 5 days in a row with only one daytime landing opportunity. Well, good for the time.

    X = -890,000

    I am indeed now making almost 60,000 blocks an hour, even with the slowdowns to look at land as I pass. Good. I needed that.

    X = -895,000
    X = -900,000

    So now I don't even get land at night?

    Not tonight, at least.

    X = -905,000
    X = -910,000

    FINALLY! It's great for speed to see little land but it gets hard to think of things to say after a while. I actually am not too bored in real life because I'm bopping to a Pandora channel for Postmodern Jukebox as I'm playing and an hour of listening to that is no hardship.

    I land on a Moor next to a Extreme Hills.

    And then a Bayou - kind of deja vu from the last island. Walking on slope sides gets awkward so I cross a pass to walk through the Extreme Hills.

    On the other side of this ridge the Extreme Hills is milder and not too hard to cross I miss the village in the hazy background, although Extreme Hills villages can set my teeth on edge with their crazy building sometimes.

    Eventually I have to cross another ridge to continue west and end up overlooking this vanilla Forest. The forest continues into a BoP Woodland without any great picture opportunities.

    I realize at this point I'd forgotten to crank my view distance up so even those great pics aren't as good as they should be.

    Past the Woodland is an enormous lake, which I boat across, followed by a Savanna which is pretty big too.

    After the Savanna I'm presented with my choice of swamp biomes, which I think is vanilla Swampland on the left and BoP Lush Swamp on the right. I head for the Lush Swamp, but it's actually Wetland, which I've seen plenty of lately, so I try to veer left into the Swampland, mostly without success, becasue the Wetland veers left too. After the Wetland I cross a big of Mountain Foothills and then come to a river.

    With a view of Cherry Blossom Grove. This is the third one I've seen. I like the biome and want to do something with it, but the previous two weren't as pretty as they could be as they bordered dry or dayspawning biomes (CBG's pinks look better next to a wetter and bluer grass color IMO). I can see some of it boders the Wetland, which is a good aesthetic match, so I decide to see what else is around.

    Yeah, that's nice. Mostly it does border wet biomes - Swampland, Wetland, Moor, and Meadow - with grass colors that set off the Cherry Blossom Grove. The Mountain Foothills are the only exception, and that's not too much of a clash. The river is a nice touch too. There's no adjoining mountain biome for pics but I still really like the place. But what makes up my mind is something I can see from the edge -

    A Boreal Forest, which is something I've wanted to look at the whole journal. It's an unusual biome, combining small relatively rugged hills with closed forest. I want to take a look and see how it works.

    So, I've found a place for my next base.

    Next Chapter: Siting and build planning.

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    If you want realism, the fact that you can plop down a bed while a zombie horde is heading for you and safely skip through the night to watch them burn in the morning, is way more unrealistic than furnaces not operating while you're asleep. Also, needing to go AFK during the night for your automatics to work isn't harder at all, it's purely obnoxious, while more mobs in the morning does make it harder, if not much because Minecraft is so easy.

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    Chapter 56:

    Exploration Limit: X = -632,000

    I'm trying a new trick to fix the visual glitches. I close all my other programs besides Minecraft. In the past I've found the Mac OS seems to give Java pretty narrow timeslices and so sometimes Java doesn't run as fast when other programs are going.

    X = -635,000
    X = -640,000
    X = -645,000

    Dang it.

    I hit another landmass at X = -647,000

    That's a good-looking mesa but - night - dinged - late - bye.

    Back out to sea.


    X = -650,000

    Well, that was a long night without much to report. Except - running only Minecraft *does* fix the visual glitches. Woohoo!

    The ocean floor guides me to land at X = -652,000. It's a snowy zone, and I have the choice of landing on Cold Taiga or Ice Spikes.

    Well, duh! Some choice.
    The RTG team has talked about making some more realistic ice spikes, but for now we're still using the vanilla AdventureTime version.

    The cold zone ends. There's a small isthmus (not in the pic) connecting to the warm zones across the water, but I just sail over in a vanilla boat.

    I pass some nice scenery - Forest, Orchard, Land of Lakes - but I've seen it, blogged it, and I'm on a schedule. So I just stay on my boat. Just before X = -654,000 the land ends and I switch to the Duski and head on.

    X = -655,000

    I get dinged.

    X = -660,000

    The ocean floor guides me to a landmass around -661,000.

    Attractive enough, with a nice Orchard, but since I can't chop the boat it's too much hassle to stop. It's a decent-sized landmass, and continues about 1,500 blocks. Then it's back out to sea.

    X = -665,000

    Sunset. I settle in for a long night of boating.

    I pass the time watching celestials, as usual. Not too much, of course, because I have to watch for land and make sure I don't hit it.

    X = -670,000
    X = -675,000

    Shortly before X = -680,000 I reach an Ice Plains shore. I pass on by, with nothing particularly remarkable until then end.

    The inviting lights of a village in a distance. Coastal, again. Of course the inviting lights are decieving and if I went there it would probably be a mess.

    Shortly after I pass a cool-looking - um - something - so I guess that wasn't the end.

    I reach Deep Ocean but almost immediately see another Ocean shelf.

    Now *that* really looks interesting. It's close enough to dawn to stop, so I get off for a closer look. It's just Savanna Plateau, which I've seen many times, but for some reason it produced some really interesting shapes this time.

    The Savanna goes on for a while, then I reach a (not quite yet) Dead Forest, which also goes on for a while. Then it's a Land of Lakes, and the stone patches produce so many items floating around that I take off my Ring of Magnetization in frustration so I don't have a chest of junk following me around.

    At X = -683,000 I reach the sea and head back out.

    X = - 685,000

    The ocean floor guides me to land again near X = -688,000

    I land on a plains, with a Forest right behind. Further on is a Chaparral with bigger than usual rock formations.

    Then it's a Sheild, then Extreme Hills.

    From the Extreme hills I have this vista of plains and then a hilly Orchard. I follow the plains for a while, and right as they end there's a river I can follow further between a vanilla Forest and a Coniferous Forest.

    The river dodges into a swamp to avoid a big Extreme Hills.

    The last biome of the continent is a Snowy Forest. The sun was setting I had expected I'd be racing to get my boat off, but you can see that village in the distance so instead I race over there for the night.

    In the morning I check in with my hosts. They seem thinly dressed for the climate, but they're not complaining. Or maybe they are and I can't understand them.

    I do a little trading and since they have a dock, I build the Duski on it to head back out.

    X = -690,000


    X = -695,000

    Wow. And - dinged on that one. No surprise.

    X = -700,000

    At X = - 703,000 I am guided to another snowy coast late in the afternoon. I sleep atop a tree for the night.

    This Ice Plains is just lousy with Polar Bears. I find three mother-and-cub pairs while crossing. I give them a wide berth (bearth?) because - I don't want to orphan any more cubs (sniff).

    Next I head into a Moor.

    This has a collection of Harvestcraft trees - incongruously Mango and Grapefruit in what's supposed to be a wet, cold climate.

    I manage to fall into one of the stupid vanilla pools crossing the Moor. There's nothing in there so nothing's hurt but my pride.

    After the Moor I pass into a Shield. The beach has bent southward and I walk along its edge into another Ice Plains. The beach turns to the south and so I rebuild the Duski and head back out into the sea.

    X = -705,000

    But within a few hundred blocks there's more land, quite possibly part of the same complex. There's an inviting river as I approach, and I switch to my river boat, only to discover this river's just inviting me back to sea in a hundred blocks.


    I just boat along the coast, encountering another river that takes me in and then back out again in a hurry. I reach the end of the landmass (or peninsula or whatever) just after -706,000, having encountered nothing but vanilla Forest along the coast (which is very unusual).

    Then it's back out to sea.

    Next Chapter: I'm approaching my minimum travel distance of 250,000 blocks - will I find a place to stop?

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    In normal situations it doesn't make the game easier. It makes it harder, because you can't circumvent mobs spawning at night by going to sleep. The regular zombies burn off, but when you wake up there will normally be creepers, witches, baby zombies, and lurking skeletons about. You'd better have done your villager security right too.

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    There's a mod for 1.7.10 and some earlier versions called Somnia which does just that - continue the world as you sleep. The limitation, as several on the list have predicted, is that it takes time to run the night even with the graphics off. On my machine it took about 2 minutes to run the night, and that was without massive farms or redstone. I wanted it mostly to "keep me honest" about where I slept and exploits like "protecting" villagers by sleeping. I found having to spend 2 minutes staring at a clock made it not worth it, and just went back to the honor system.

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    RTG is changing a lot of terrains between 1.10.2 and 1.11.2. The Ocean/Deep Ocean change can be seen underwater as chunks load as you're going from lower to higher, which is 1.10.2 to 1.11.2 Ocean and 1.11.2 to 1.10.2 Deep Ocean. It's not a big deal though - it's still through the water effect, it's at the limit of your loading, and it disappears as soon as the next chunks load. You can easily miss it if you're not looking for it.

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    I boat over a LOT of ocean temples. I'll try to count my next time out but I think I see about 20 per Minecraft day on the open ocean. It varies a lot - sometimes I hit one every 30 seconds, literally, and sometimes I'll go most of the night and not see one. Maybe one time in 10 I get hit. It's possible they occur more often on the flatter RTG terrain.

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    Chapter 55: A Boatwright Writes About the Right Boat After He Already Left.

    Exploration Limit: X = -600,000

    As I set off, I realize I've got a tulip in my hand which the Ring of Magnetization must have made me pick up. Odd, but cute, so I leave it.

    There are still lots of Elder Guardians out here, and I wonder about whether my slower boat is more vulnerable. I pass this first set without incident so maybe it's not big deal. (Well no incident for me. A lot of squid are getting toasted.)

    X = -605,000

    I was hoping the slower boat would help with the graphical glitches, but apparently not. It *is* slower though - barely half the speed of the Davinci boat.

    Shortly after dusk I come to an Ice Plains coast, but I judge it's too late for snoozing and boat on by. It's relatively short and soon I'm past it.

    Wait, darn, it's still present. Soon enough it presents itself with a plains-ish biome, and then I think I'm past, but once again it's still present, with a snowy mountain next to a bog, and then some probable Extreme Hills, and then some Desert Hills. All this time I keep going south as well as west since the coast keeps curving to the south.

    Am I finally free?


    Finally, at X = -608,000, I really get away to the open sea.

    Just before X = -610,000, I hit another landmass, Savanna this time. I keep going, but soon find I have sailed into a very large RTG lake and land blocks me in all directions.

    Rather than back up, I find a shallow spot and build a little platform for a bed. I'm still way out in the water, far enough that no monster will come after me. I plop my bed and sleep the last bit of the night.

    The land in front of me is actually *wet*land, so I can boat into it a ways (I'm not dealing with that Roofed Forest on the right). After a while i have to abandon the boat, and I have a struggle with all the detritus the Ring of Magnetization has picked up (especially a variety of different BoP lily pads the boat broke). I can't get what I want in my inventory because the junk keeps popping in. Eventually I get rid of it all, and then I go to the usual walk some-swim some required by the Wetland.

    The Wetland goes only a little further before I'm back to the sea. Reaching


    by vanilla boat earns more "credibility points" than in a modded boat, but doubling transit time is a LOT. Even at my original schedule, that would be 4 years instead of 2, and my current rate is more of a 5-year mission (dun-dun-dun - - da dun Dun Da DUNN!) which would be TEN in a vanilla boat which would be - no. Just no. So it's back to the Duski.

    But not for long, because right after I set off I see more land to the south, part of the same continent. So I head there and get off to look at that. I pass that Shield, and then in the distance.

    A Sacred Springs. Too dangerous to walk through, so I go back to the boat to go around. Bad lag as I pass confirms my decision.

    Next is a Chaparral, and it turns out to be the end of the landmass.

    This imposing rock stands sentinel at the end. Cool!

    Then it's back to the sea.

    With the usual annoyances

    X = -615,000

    Just before sunset the ocean floor guide me to a cold coast. I explore just a little before dusk.

    I sleep to this great view atop a high Spruce.

    In the morning I head to a Tundra adjacent to a Moor.

    Oh, right, this is the first time I've actually *walked* through a Tundra.

    I reach the ocean just past X = -620,000 and head back out to sea.

    But in only 2000 blocks I'm in sight of land again. By this point, though, I'm feeling behind schedule again. I could look at the RTG landscapes all day, but I have places to go. Writing the chapters just reinforces that. I've written almost three chapters, and only covered 120,000 blocks. Well, maybe that's "only" covered 120,000 blocks. At that coverage, and my current publication rate of 5 episodes/week, it'll take 3 years just to publish the ocean travelogues, never mind the detailed explorations, builds, or base activities. I've got to pick up the pace.

    After some cold coast, I see a plains-type biome - possibly Grassland by the color. Then at X = -623,000 it's back out to sea.

    X = -625,000

    Watch out world, Zeno's in a hurry.

    Um - that's not how I wanted to be watched.

    I'm still carrying the ding when I spot the next landmass, just before X = -630,000.

    It's Roofed Forest - how many different reasons can I get not to stop?

    I pass some Forest and Woodland and then

    Boreal Forest, and big enough for the hilly terrain to show up. I'd like to stop and look, but I'm still dinged, so - onward.

    It's a big place, with a lot of good scenery.

    At X = -632,000 I finally head back to open sea - still dinged.

    And - sunset. Well, let's see if I can pick up the pace in the

    Next Chapter

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    If I'm just pretending to use Waystones, I could just cheat teleport. I do have good self control, although even so even when I've actually chosen to LAN cheats, like TP'ing around to see what was going on with the entities, it's always been on a copy of the world. The "real" world so far is uncontaminated by LAN cheats, although I have done a few rollbacks after crashes. Not that there's any proof of this.

    The thing about forceloading chunks is that I don't know which ones are the problem. I'd say almost every chunk in the base village has been affected at least once, and probably every chunk has been unaffected at least once. So there would have to be a lot forceloaded. The last time I went a long way so the chunks really should be unloaded, and it looked like when I was Waystoning/LAN cheat TP'ing back to the home base last time that Waystoning in wasn't causing trouble. So hopefully next time I go back there won't be any new trouble and I can start thinking about repopulation. The one thing I didn't so that I should have was to save-reload after going far away. Next time, if I still have trouble.

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    Hey, good to hear from you!

    I actually tested RTG + Davinci out at 20 megablocks and I actually didn't see anything odd apart from some jerkiness in entity motion. I agree the instability issues are concerning, although so far I haven't had anything affecting the basic structure of the game. The problems seem to occur only with entities and I guess mod-specific programming like whatever Botania uses to store mana. The worst that's happened to me so far is to be dumped in the deep sea without a ship, but I'm actually prepared for that (lily pads + ship construction supplies). That actually hasn't happened since I switched to the Duski.

    My fallback plan, if Waystones become unworkable, is to give up on going home and just keep travelling west, with breaks to construct smaller bases along the way. I'd have to be scrupulous about leaving every bed I ever sleep in intact with adequate supplies to restart, because otherwise I'm effectively playing hardcore (since death would send me all the way back to spawn). Quite possibly before the end I'll be "done" with my home base and effectively playing that way anyway. I had these visions of bopping back and forth between different bases to work on them as I did in my previous world but my schedule and the comparatively crude state of my forward bases seems not to agree with that.

    Hmm, if that comes up maybe I should add a sleeping bag mod.

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    Quote from Robijnvogel»

    As long as those height options are biome-specific, they probably shouldn't influence RTG's generator (unless BT actually determines the placement of biomes depending on their height settings).

    Basically, yes, except maybe that height gets used for a fallback to determine whether something gets a sand or stone beach. I think all biomes have defaults for that now so even that should never come up. It definitely does not influence the terrain generation per se at all.
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    Inside the worldspecificconfig folder in the save file, inside the ClimateControl or Geographicraft folder, there's a biomesoplentyInCC.cfg file. Check the biome IDs. Is this 1.7.10 or 1.10.2?

    Have you changed any IDs? Changing BoP IDs causes trouble sometimes.

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    Try swapping the IDs for Shrubland and Temperate Rainforest in the BoPinCC config.

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    Chapter 54: In Which a Lot of Pleasant Experiences with River Boating Encourages Me to Try Something Perhaps a Little Crazy.

    Exploration Limit: X = -561,000

    I trudge through the Cold Taiga for a while.

    Soon I spot a welcome ice skating path, and hop on to speed up.

    Before long the Cold Taiga yields to Forest, and I switch to my vanilla boat to follow the river.

    After a while the river deadends against what looks like Highland, but turns out to be Moor, with particularly atrocious vanilla pools.

    I spot a Cashew tree, but I'm still not collecting.

    The Moor is the last biome before the end of the continent. I rebuild my boat and set off.

    X = - 565,000

    Just before X = -570,000, I spot the rise of an Ocean floor and start looking for land. It's very late in the afternoon and I'm under time pressure. I cross -570,000 before I find it.

    The landing biome is Prairie, which is a bit of a problem because those wimpy trees wouldn't be legitimate for staying the night safely without a bed, so bed-plopping on them is an exploit by my house rules.

    My solution, as on my spawn island Prairie, is to build my mini-house design, where the 2 high walls will keep out ground mobs and the 1 wide slots on the roof keep out spiders and allow me to kill them from underneath and not get jumped when I head out in the morning.

    In the morning I check for creepers from the roof, since it was actually dark by the time I finished my shelter and there could be spawns about. There are none, so I chop down the shelter and continue. After the Prairie is a Woodland, and then a Chaparral.

    With, conveniently, a river.

    The river soon brings me to the ocean, but it's not the end of the landmass, which continues to the west and south.

    There's a port village here (there have been a lot of those lately - just luck or something with the placement algorithm?). Of course the squidwards are floating in the water, which I guess isn't as bad as I thought, because it seems that they now know how to get out of the water. I try trading hoping that I can find a villager that still takes Charcoal, but no dice. So much for that easy trade good.

    To continue along the coast I have to cross this very pretty bay, which is big enough to justify taking out my boat.

    Past the Coniferous Forest is an Extreme Hills, with this nice mountain, big enough to look impressive even from within the Hills. Avoiding climbs up the big hills, I manage to get through in a series of reasonable passes.

    I come to a river and (another? the same?) Coniferous Forest, but the river goes north and I trying to go west.

    I skirt that mountain on the left

    (also easy on the eyes)

    - and end up having to go north to the ocean anyway. I head southwest on the beach, next to some very impressive Extreme Hills vistas. Fortunately the beach is a little wider than it usually is next to Extreme Hills and I don't get the annoyance of walking sideways on a hill.

    Past the Extreme Hills is a small Shrubland, and then a Shield. The coast veers a bit to the north so I go inland a bit.

    The next biome is Dead Forest, which I haven't yet seen in this world. Nice to still be finding new things after so long exploring. This version isn't quite dead yet, with the live spruces - more of a Dying Forest.

    It soon shifts incongruously to a Flower Forest, which, incidentally, has another village. I bed down there for the night. In the morning I hunt around for good trades, mostly out of habit, but find nothing compelling. Onward.

    The Flower Forest is HUGE - the size of a full biome, I think. I need to look carefully at my configs to make sure I haven't somehow messed things up and put some full biome as Flower Forest.

    Next is a Highlands, and the coast has veered south again to be close. Beyond that is another Extreme Hills.

    This has a different personality than the previous one with its soaring mountains. It's lower, with much relatively flats, and rockpiles more on the scale of Highland. I like biomes that can vary from place to place, so I happily move on.

    Next is Woodland, then the sea again. I head over to the Savanna to the left to make sure it's the end, and it is. Back to sea at - 573.

    One last tiny barrier island on the way out.

    And then, almost immediately, another little island which turns out to be from the next landmass.

    This has a big smooth-sloped mountain which I initially expect to be Alps, but is actually Ice Mountains initially. After a while, it *does* become Alps, as demonstrated by a little hot pool I come across.

    Finally, just at -575,000, it's back to the sea. I dine on some Suadero just before boating off into the sunset, as part of a test to find out how few different Harvestcraft meals I can get by on (I'm aiming for 4).

    X=-580,000, and the moon rises to speed me on my way.

    X= -585,000
    X= -590,000
    X= -595,000

    In the morning, an Ocean floor guides me to another landmass at almost -599,000. This has a Chaparral and

    And another Flower Forest? I'm sure seeing a lot of them. I check my configs and logs to make sure nothing is assigned to Flower Forest, but it got ID 132, and there's nothing there. Just lucky, I guess.

    Boating through a Flower Forest is quite pleasant, as you'd expect. After a while I come to a Prairie, and then the river reaches the sea. I decide to continue along the coast in the vanilla boat, passing some Land of Lakes, and then Prairie again,

    And then finally a Coniferous Forest at the end of the landmass.

    I originally decided to use Archimedes' Ships (now Davinci's Vessels) because squid strikes were an unacceptable risk with vanilla boats and because I wanted to use chests on a Davinci ship. Well, vanilla boats are no longer wrecked by squid strikes and apparently I can't use chests on a Davinci ship without crashes, so the only advantage is greater speed. Did I make the right decision? I decide to test it.

    So, rather than beaching and switching to my Duski, I turn to the west, set my view distance to 10, and row off into the deep deep sea in a vanilla boat. Appropriately, this is right after I cross the X = -600,000 milestone (blockstone? kiloblockstone?).

    Next Chapter: *Did* I make the right decision?

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    Quote from ThreeEightius»

    Now I know I might receive a lot of hate from people saying "Yeah but you can still build now, it's not like you HAVE to defeat the dragon."

    And I would agree. Yes, even with today's versions I can still do most of the stuff I used to do. But there was something special about Minecraft before all this RPG gameplay was added, that made it stand out from other games. Now it's just becoming more and more like any other mainstream game.

    I just don't get that attitude. I'm a peaceful builder/explorer type and I've never even bothered to fight the dragon. But why should I mind that somebody else can? I hope they have fun doing it. MC lacks a number of things I want, and that's the main reason I mod; but they certainly do provide things valuable to players like me (1.7 biomes, assorted new blocks, off hand actions, and the new Terracotta). I'm not being ignored in favor of other playstyles.
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