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    OK, I've posted Underground Biomes Constructs, allowing stairs, walls, and buttons for all UB stones except no buttons for brick. Please back up your worlds before installing (only for installation; I'm concerned that block IDs may get changed; it's pretty stable for me). This version *replaces* Underground Biomes; you have to remove the existing UB zip from your mod folder and put this in instead.
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    UndergroundBiomesConstructions 0.9 now available in beta for 1.10 and 1.11.2

    UBC for 1.10
    UBC for 1.11.2

    Only 16x textures are currently available. Not all buildings and parts of buildings get converted to UB cobble and this may not be fixable due to internal changes in Minecraft. But, the building options and varied landscapes UBC creates are back!

    v.19 - Fixed drops from some ores ubified through UBC Ore Registrar. Thanks to mallrat and Rayzr522.
    v.18 Ubified ore registrations changed for some ores ubified with the UBC Ore Registrar. Other worlds will not be affected. If so, you will get a Forge error message when starting a world. This will be partially incompatible with those world (the affected ores will disappear). If you have such a world, I recommend staying with the old version since there are no other changes. Sorry, but the change is necessary to prevent name conflicts between several mods which all have a block named "ore".
    beta.17 Ubified ore registrations fixed. Dimension "include" option no longer automatically includes the overworld.
    beta.16 Ore ubification for IndustrialCraft.
    beta.15 Fixes for info mod names and crashes when other mods call pickblock inappropriately
    beta.13 Fixed lignite drops and renamed "alternative slab textures" to "plain slab textures"
    beta.11 Fixed upside-down stairs display and a memory leak in ore ubification.
    beta.10 Re-fixed cobble recipes. Fixed pick block issues.
    beta.9 Fixed stone drops and crafting with UBC cobbles.
    beta.8 Fixed quantities for stairs and walls recipes. Fixed ubified lapis drops.
    beta.7 Fixed unconverted ores and configs for strata layers
    beta.6 Fixed ubified itemblock drops
    beta.5 Fixed client loading hang
    beta.4 attempted patch for a server crash
    beta.3 - UBStrataColumnProvider restored, fixes for cobble crafting, brick drops, and ubification settings
    beta.2 - patches added to stop crashes with RTG and Davinci's Vessels

    UndergroundsBiomesConstructs 0.8 Now Available for 1.8


    0.8 Summary

    Java 8 now required.

    The constructs have been completely redone for 1.8 (by LouisDB). I doubt anybody will update a world from 1.7.10, but if you do the constructs (stairs, walls, and buttons) will all disappear.

    Speed improvements thanks to Asiekierka have removed the need for in-chunk generation.

    The recipes are not currently world-specific, and the ability to automatically coordinate client recipes to the server isn't on either.

    0.7 Summary

    numerous bug fixes, including Ubified ore harvesting, Ubified ore breakage textures, and ID bugs in large modsets.

    Support added for other mods to alter the stone sets, including substituting UB stones with their own, adding them as layers, or adding entire new underground biomes.

    0.6 Summary:

    Two much-requested features: Underground Biomes-textured ores, and an option to leave natural stone unchanged.

    Texture changes can be done with resource packs.

    Configs are now world-specific.

    Server configs are automatically downloaded to clients on login. The mod returns to client configs on logout.

    Assorted bug fixes: mob griefing allowed, UB stone reasonably affected by explosions.

    Special thanks to BBoldt for the overlay textures!

    This is a revision and extension of the outstanding Underground Biomes mod, originally by ExterminatorJeff and later by GromPE. Originally Constructs added stairs, walls, and buttons in almost all of the UB stones, including smoothstone, cobble, and brick versions. Constructs has since added many more features and fixes listed below. Here's a link to the original Underground Biomes mod.

    Downloads (updated May 31, 2016):

    UB Constructs 0.8 beta for 1.7 Recommended for new players or new worlds. Existing worlds should be left with their current UBC version unless there's some big reason to upgrade.

    UB Constructs 0.7 for 1.7

    UB Constructs 0.6h13 for 1.7 (32x texture pack included; 16x and 128x resource packs downloadable below)

    UB Constructs 0.5 for 1.7 with 32x32 graphics pack (version used in my journal and pics; textures created by The Order)

    UB Constructs 0.5 for 1.7 with 16x16 graphics pack

    Texture packs:

    16x16 resource pack

    128x128 resource pack, textures by Els

    Packs supporting UBC:

    Pixel Reality by Wedhro

    Delta-NP (64x and 128x)

    1.6.4 links (updated with bugfixes June 24, 2014):

    UBConstructs for 1.6 with 16x16 graphics pack

    UBConstructs for 1.7 with 32x32 graphics pack (version used in my journal and pics)

    Sphax extension pack

    Dokucraft Textures by Archibald_TK

    For modders: How to set up UB textures for your ores

    First, download the UB API from here. Do NOT, repeat, do NOT include any of these classes in your distribution. The best approach is to set it up as an external library for your mod. There's a fair amount in there, but you won't need much for this.

    Code: there are two ways to request your ores get "UB'd". Both require a simple one-line call, wrapped in a try-catch so it runs if UBC is installed and just gets skipped if it's not there.

    The first method is to actually request the operation. This has to be done during your pre-init and *after* UBC has run its pre-init.

     try {<br> UBAPIHook.ubAPIHook.ubOreTexturizer.<br> setupUBOre(<em>oreBlock</em>, <em>overlayTextureName, FMLPreInitializationEvent);<br>} catch (Exception e) {<br> // do nothing; Underground Biomes not installed<br>}</em>

    The second method is to send a request to UBC. UBC stores this in a queue and runs it during its own pre-init. This has to be done *before* UBC runs its own pre-init.

     try {
     requestUBOreSetup(<em>oreBlock</em>, <em>overlayTextureName);
    } catch (Exception e) {
     // log e.toString() somehow so you will know if you called this at the wrong time.
     // UB will throw UBOreTexturizer.BlocksAreAlreadySet (a runtime exception) if you do

    0.6 changes

    0.6h3 - Mod interaction fixes for ore texturizing.

    0.6h - fixed bug not recognizing UBifyOre=false in world config, fixed longstanding bug where ores were sometimes not converted, plus a number of bugfixes for ores with metadata (e.g. ore mods).

    0.6g - fixed jerkiness with UBifyOres on

    0.6f - fixed vanilla cobble recipe

    0.6e - bugfixes: world config file not saving in windows, pathfinding crash in servers, and crash on destroying UB slabs. Expanded support for ore texturing by other mods.

    0.6d - fixed missing gold ore conversion. Added support for NoCubes 0.4.

    0.6c - added config option to allow UBC, Biomes o' plenty, and Twilight Forest to all run together

    0.6b - Added ore setup request option to simplify ore setup timing

    Added config option to stop clearing a var to allow BoP+TF to work

    Changed the API package naming for compatibility with my other mods.

    0.6a - config file path fix

    0.6 -

    Ore texturing: During chunk generation, Underground Biomes Constructs can replace vanilla ores with UB-textured ores. The option is controlled by the config setting UBifyOres, and the default setting is true or on. Both unmodified and modified blocks can exist in all worlds, so the option can be turned off and on, although this will cause both kinds of ores to exist in the world.

    Existing players may wish to set this option to "false" before loading any existing world. Existing blocks aren't changed (sorry, but there would be a substantial performance hit.)

    UB Constructs only provides "UBifying" for vanilla ores; however, there is a simple interface for any mod to request that an ore be "UD'd". Three blocks are use for each ore; UB creates, names, and textures them when it get the request. Due to timing issues, this might often have to be done with additional bridge mods.

    UB textures: Rather than having multiple versions with different texture sets, there will now be resource packs with various texture packs. The default texture pack is the one most downloaded recently, the 32x32 pack by The Order. There are currently two other packs available: ExterminatorJeff's original 16x16 pack, and Els 128x128 hi-res pack (requires Optifine). I'll put up another hi-res pack by Wreckage shortly.

    World-specific configs: Each world has its own config file, stored in the "worldSpecificConfigs" folder in the world save directory. If a world doesn't have a config, it gets the current general config. The config files have the same format as before.

    When a player loads any world, the mod switches to the config setting for that world. This includes served worlds; the config setting are transmitted over the network.

    Changing config options in one world has no effect on any other, and the general config settings are used only for setting up new worlds, or worlds which haven't had specific config files before.

    The only exception is the oredictify option, which can't be changed after loading. The general config setting applies to all worlds for that player.

    Bug and mod incompatibility fixes:

    Mob Griefing allowed: originally mob griefing was off because the game crashed whenever an Enderman picked up most modded blocks. Forge has fixed that, and mob griefing is now allowed. Existing worlds will need to turn it back on via cheats.

    UB stone can be blown up by explosions: UB stones and constructs were too hard. They are now roughly as hard as cobblestone - igneous is generally a little harder and sedimentary a little softer.

    UB Constructs attempts to deal with chronic problems during complex multi-mod generation, including "chunk being generated" crashes and stack overflows. In some situations it could even rescue other mods.

    0.6a - config file path fix


    Added ore setup request option to simplify ore setup timing

    Added config option to stop clearing a var to allow BoP+TF to work

    Changed the API package naming for compatibility with my other mods. This will cause problems for other mods using my API, but I had to do it at some point.

    0.6h13 - Added rescue recipes for cobblestone walls, cobblestone stairs, stone buttons, and all slabs to convert 1:1 into vanilla equivalents. Improved management of Tile Entities. Patch to place Emeralds in Highlands Cliff, Rock Mountains, and Snow Mountains.

    0.5 changes

    Stone hardnesses have been changed somewhat from earlier versions, as the sedimentary stones were just too soft. Sedimentary stones are harder, about half as hard as vanilla stone, while igneous stones are somewhat softer, about 1.5 times as hard as vanilla stone.

    Vanilla chunk bug in ultra-high-speed generation fixed.

    Options to change seeds between dimensions.

    Bugfixes to some of the slab recipes.

    Requirements: Minecraft 1.7.2 (only) with Forge 1046 or higher.

    0.4 changes:

    0.4c, d - fixes for cobblestone slabs and allows conversions to 1.7.2Slabs,

    0.4 - Important bug fixes, performance improvements, and an API !

    Bug fixes and performance improvements for the underlying Underground Biomes mod

    Biome size setting works The underground biomes were generating with a biome size of 3 regardless of the size in the config file (= very roughly 128 blocks across). This has been fixed. The size will now be 16 x 2^(configsize), so 16 for 0, 128 for 3, 512 for 5, 16K for 10, and so on. Anything over 21 would make the entire mine craft world, out to block 30,000,000, one single biome. Any value over 21 is set to 3 so if you use an existing config you'll get a distribution with the same character as what you had before.

    The default has been changed to 3 (same result as old configs with the current release). At that setting, you will almost always see multiple underground biomes in any outdoor screenshot. If you like seeing large stretches of similar stone, I would recommend a setting of 5, which makes most biome blobs a single type of strata column. A config setting of 5 does mean that most 2K by 2K max zoom maps will be missing a few stone types.

    Important: you will get sharp changes between already-generated and newly generated chunks. In my experience this is not generally noticeable (can you see where it happens in my survival journal? I can't.)

    Faster Generation UBConstructs now passes blocks by reference inside terrain generation and this speeds up generation by a factor of at least 2. Also, large parts of the generation process were not producing useful effects and are now skipped. On my computer (a 2 year old Mac) UB can almost keep up with flying in creative, and I never have any problems at all while walking around.

    Easier vanilla stone recipe The default recipe for UB stone to vanilla stone in new config files has been changed from 4 -> 1 to 4 -> 4. Settings in existing config files will not change. Bug fixes and performance improvements for the add ons in UBConstructs

    UBConstructs now works server-side

    UB stone buttons are now properly destroyed by pickaxes

    One stone for one button UB stone buttons are now made with the same recipe as vanilla stone buttons - 1 stone for 1 button, shapeless. This will conflict with the 1 UB stone -> 1 vanilla stone recipe you can get by changing the configs, so you can't use that recipe and UB buttons at the same time. I would recommend using the 4 -> 4 stone conversion recipe instead. There's a config option to shut off the buttons if you wish.

    Implementation of UB features UBConstructs was written from a slightly older version of Underground Biomes, and was missing a couple of (relatively minor) improvements and bug fixes from the latest release. All these have been added to Constructs except the multipliers for stone hardness and explosion resistance.
    New features:

    Smoothstone and Cobblestone slabs for all stones

    API available There is a simple API that allows another mod to get the block ID and metadata UB would generate at a particular block location. Performance should be close to that of UB generation itself if used properly. Even non-optimized use seems fine on my computer.

    Smoother strata transitions option There is an option in the config file, "harmoniousStrata" that rearranges the strata layers slightly to stop black-white transitions. Default is off (old strata)

    Cobblestone replacement There is an option to replace cobblestone made by world generation with the appropriate UB cobblestone. Stone stairs become oak; making UB stairs during village generation is difficult. Default is off. An addition config setting is available to convert village gravel into brick (default is off.)
    Requirements Minecraft 1.6.4 or 1.6.2 with Forge installed. It works with Forge 871 and 953; should work with any Forge in-between and possibly with earlier ones.

    Installation Place the zip file in your mods folder. Remove any other copy of Underground Biomes or Underground Biomes Constructs.

    Already-generated chunks will not change; only newly generated chunks can have the new stones. If you have not used Underground Biomes before you might prefer to use the mod only on new worlds; I do. Consult the original mod for documentation.

    For existing Underground Biomes users:

    BACK UP your worlds, please. I've tested this on a number of worlds but it's good to be safe. ID bugs can be catastrophic.

    Important Keep your existing config file.


    These are two builds from my worlds. They are designed and built with the 32x32 "faithful" Underground Biomes texture pack, which actually changes a few stones, notably rhyolite, which becomes an outstanding decorative stone, and black granite cobblestone, which is so dark it's hard to tell apart from black granite smoothstone. Both are built almost entirely from Underground Biomes stones; I'm sure anybody familiar with the mod is aware how outstanding it is for these kinds of monumental builds (thanks, ExterminatorJeff and GromPE!)

    This is my first completed build with the mod. The posts are blue schist walls; the tops of the corner pieces are basalt smoothstone walls; the top of the summit temple is decorated with basalt cobblestone stairs; and the stairs going up are chalk.

    This is a view of a WIP build. The spires are marble walls; the green decorations on the tops are green schist buttons; the spire tops are rhylolite walls; the colonnade holding up the central dome is rhyolite walls (with one space between each wall); and the protrusions on the marble brick pillars are marble brick stairs.


    Stairs, slab, walls, and buttons are all made with the same recipes used with vanilla stone. Brick cannot be used for buttons; otherwise all stone versions can make all products.

    UBC in Action!

    A UBC stone sorter (I need this!)

    UBification of Tinker's Constructs ore (with other nice features relating to stone and explosions)

    WTFOres, which provides an alternate texturing system

    Review by Cliffwalker

    Legal stuff: This mod is licensed under the Lesser GPL license v3. Source code is available from the author on request.

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    Quote from Sweedumz

    XP farms are required to "play seriously". If you want enchanted gear -- needed for big projects -- then you need an XP grinder; Period. It is not feasible to run around killing mobs in the woods to get a set of even level III enchanted gear for any purpose.

    Absolutely not. I don't use XP grinders and I always get a decent set of enchanted equipment in a couple real-world days of playing. Ranching for villager trades, mining, and an occasional monster hunt gives plenty of XP. On top of that, vanilla minecraft is easy enough that even level 1 enchanted equipment is overkill. The only thing that you need XP farms for is getting complete sets of maxed-out equipment for PvP - and of course the only reason you need them for that is because of the *other* players using their XP farms for maxed-out equipment sets.
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    Quote from redstonevet90

    Zeno, you can say automation is an exploit all you want, but that doesn't make it true.

    I never said anything like that. I said automating production of valuable resources intended to be basically non-renewable is an exploit. Automated sorters aren't an exploit, automated armor deployers aren't an exploit, automated smelting isn't an exploit, automated food farming isn't an exploit, automated collectors aren't an exploit, automated transport isn't an exploit, automated minecart loading isn't an exploit, automated doors aren't an exploit, and automated lighting isn't an exploit. (no slight intended to dozens of other uses I didn't think of on the spot.)

    Unlimited supplies of a valuable limited resources is an outrageous exploit. It's telling how much defenders of the practice have to distort what Mojang is actually doing (a VERY limited change; they're not even stopping SEMI-automated iron farms) and what people like me are saying. Fully automated iron farms are indefensible and even people who like it realize they have to distort the topic to sound reasonable.
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    Quote from FatBobTheSlob

    Don't need to. As soon as a mod is on GitHub it falls under the open source licence. You can freely distribute it then.

    I wish this were true, but I just checked and it's not. From GitHub's page on licensing:

    You're under no obligation to choose a license. It's your right not to include one with your code or project, but please be aware of the implications. Generally speaking, the absence of a license means that the default copyright laws apply. This means that you retain all rights to your source code and that nobody else may reproduce, distribute, or create derivative works from your work.

    There's an exception in the next paragraph for viewing and forking on GitHub, but that obviously doesn't apply to distribution or the paragraph I cited would be nonsense.
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    Quote from redstonevet90

    There's two arguments that I laugh at when I read this thread:

    1) This will reduce lag.
    No it won't. People will just let the golems stack then wack them with a sword,

    Actually, the whole business of a 10-person village being able to fill a room with an infinite number of golems is a) totally ridiculous and b ) ripe for exploits, and not just the iron farm. It needs to get fixed, regardless of what happens to AFK farms. Several ideas:

    1) Make golems regenerate slowly, and then make then spawn VERY slowly - like one an hour. That way, they'll survive normal zombie fights, generate roughly at the rate it takes to build a real town, but come out too slowly for most exploits.

    2) Make golems "check in" with the nearest village all the time. If there's no nearest village, or if the nearest village has too many golems, despawn.

    3) Tag golems with their home village. The village will never produce more golems than it' supposed to have, no matter where they go, until those golems die.

    1) could be combined with 2) or 3) as well.
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    Quote from MentalMouse42

    A question: Is it better to table-enchant a thaumium pickaxe before turning it into a pickaxe of the core, or vice versa? Or to put it another way: On the one hand, is there any problem with enchanting the PotC at the table, and on the other, will infusing an enchanted pickaxe add instability/cost like it would for infusion enchantment?

    Pickaxe first. The infusion to make the tool eliminates any existing enchantment. You can enchant the special thaumium tools at the table, and they will usually get a lot of enchants, and I find it kind of fun to see what you get (plus it's less work than 10 or so levels of enchants). However, I almost always get Unbreaking III as one of the enchants. That means you can't put Repair on it, so while it will last a long time, it does wear out eventually.

    I'm sure any enchantment raises the difficulty of further infusion - I don't think Azanor would have gone to the trouble of tracking the source of the enchantment. I can't testify for sure, because I've had very little trouble with infusions - in dozens of infusions I've been zotted about 3 times for trivial damage and I've had one flux splat and one item knocked off a pedestal. That includes a Thaumstatic harness, two Magic Mirrors, and a hand mirror, as well as several overlay enchantments on vanilla-enchanted special tools.
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    Quote from FatBobTheSlob

    What the hell happend to the research? I wanted to start into Thaumcraft, but so far every research has proven impossible: http://imgur.com/a/YAyZt

    To few runes, to many points to connect. Always. No matter how many times I try to get the same research note.

    There are always multiple aspects to use. The paving stone research is definitely doable once you have one more aspect. Not sure about the other because I don't see what it is but it should be doable from the node distances.

    HOWEVER, you have very, very few of the aspects on the table. There are 50 used in "vanilla" Thaumcraft research and you only have 10. You basically need all of them on the table to do research.
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    Quote from IncubiLord

    So I can't have an iron pickaxe, an iron sword, and some armor when I want to go caving - just exploring, not trying to strip-mine the area for resources?

    I'm not the greatest twitch-player out there. Sometimes a creeper manages to take out me and my stuff. When I respawn, with my five minutes to run back there and maybe get some stuff back, I should pull out my backup gear that I... don't have because I haven't stockpiled 29 iron ingots ready to craft an entire set of gear which I shouldn't need unless... well, that's a second time I died going back into that cave because I really want to collect my diamonds (which I've randomly stumbled across) before they despawn, and now the time-crunch is going to be really harsh.

    It's a game; if you want the treats you have to earn them. It doesn't take much skill to get 29 iron on average before a creeper bags you. If you're really bad at caving AND you just can't stand a minecraft day or two mining - well, then you haven't earned going caving in full iron armor. Go in leather, or do something else. You don't *have* to have full iron to go caving - lots of people like to get started by caving.

    If you don't want to meet the game standards, fine, cheat in your iron.
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    Quote from EtonGaming

    I guess I'm not certain, but think about it: Auto wheat farm, chicken farm, blaze farm, mob farm, enderman farm. All farms I could see a normal player building.

    None of those are being nerfed in any way. Only AFK iron and gold farms. Possibly AFK blaze and endermen farms might get the same nerf, but in any case, you just have to do a minimal amount of work at the keyboard to collect the resources.
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    Quote from Calacbolg

    I could engineer a fancy 9x9 piston door.
    Or I could place a wooden door.

    I could engineer a railway system with fancy destination switching.
    Or I could hop on my horse.

    Seems like the only use of engineering that actually rewards you in a significant way is the one that Mojang is actively attempting to weed out.

    So -

    The satisfaction of solving an interesting intellectual challenge - doesn't matter to you.

    The ability to make attractive designs and buildings - doesn't matter to you.

    Impressing others with clever designs - doesn't matter to you.

    Reducing repetitive tasks like sorting and transport - doesn't matter to you.

    Increased supplies of food, leather, wool, paper, and many others - doesn't matter to you.

    The ONLY thing that you value is getting balance-breaking quantities of resources intended to be highly limiting in the game.

    Got it. I'm sure Mojang will consider the value of players with such value systems in their decision.
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    posted a message on All automation is bad and you should feel bad for spending absolutely any time not mining in Minecraft, even for a few seconds
    Quote from Calacbolg

    Mojang is essentially telling every single person in the engineering crowd of Minecraft that they do not belong in the Survival mode of the game.

    So, you seriously think the ONLY purpose of engineering is to get unlimited quantities of resources intended to be limiting, while AFK? That's kind of sad.
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    Quote from EtonGaming

    Look, really, I don't think this nerf is a good thing. I've built an Iron Trench on my server, and now it is either going to be useless (if village chaining is indeed broken) or I am going to have to AFK, throwing eggs to push the golems into lava. Yes, I KNOW it's the same for XP and rare drops, but I really think Mojang should avoid removing* features that have been in the game for a year and a half.

    If your server admin supports iron farming, they can give you whatever iron you think is appropriate for the number of golems your grinder destroys.

    Quote from EtonGaming

    For everyone saying these things rely on an exploit...

    Do you want crops to only drop when destroyed by the player, rendering mass wheat farms useless?
    Do you want mobs to only spawn on natural blocks, impeding mob farms?
    Do you want the enderpearling above the nether trick to be fixed, meaning people that make gold farms will have to halfslab the ENTIRE 128 block radius?

    An exploit is using a the game rule to achieve something seriously against the designer's intents. Automated wheat farms probably aren't an exploit - I've never heard anybody complain about them. Mob farms are a maybe and enderpearling above the nether is ABSOLUTELY an exploit.
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    posted a message on Iron Farms Nerfed!
    Anybody who wants unlimited iron can still get it. Just cheat in the Iron. Lots less lag on the server, too!

    Any game needs limited resources, and iron and gold are intended to be that in Minecraft. There are lots of other interesting automation systems you can set up that don't break the game. There's creative mode if you want to build without resource limits, and switching modes, it you want to fight without resource limits. No need to break survival mode to accommodate people who want the benefits of mining without mining and the benefits of fighting without fighting.
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    posted a message on Byzantine Basilica styled Wizard's workshop (Finished)
    Update with the building shell enclosed; interior and window views.

    WOW! Amazing.

    P.S. Hey, you posted on my survival journal, and I posted on yours!

    Well, keep writing good stuff and I'll keep posting there! I probably should have posted this in the survival forum but - oh well.

    Quote from Zahnradfee

    Wow, this will become a beautiful build!

    I love your color choice - these additional stone types from your mod sure look good together and they do fit in the color palette you see in southern/eastern countries.
    I suggest building an olive grove around or next to the house. That would look nice.

    If you haven't already tried it out, here is a tool that helps me a lot when constructing domes, arches and circles: http://perfectsphere.codeplex.com/

    I wish you much success! :)

    The palette being a good match for Mediterranean architecture was largely luck. Underground biomes provides 24 kinds of stone but they're spread out and it's hard to find them all. I've found about 12 in this world so far. I rather like the effect - you have to adjust your plans to what's available, and so you get more variety and creativity.

    Olive trees are a great idea. The surrounding desert is too bare. I don't have any olive trees in my mods, but I could probably sculpt some out of birch tree materials.

    Perfect sphere looks great but unfortunately I've got a Mac so I can't run it.

    P.S. Wow, what a great villa! I love things like the insula for testificates. I've been trying to build something interesting for village housing but I haven't really succeeded yet.
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