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    Quote from Keybounce»

    Can you release a mod that will replace the vanilla ponds with your ponds?

    I looked at it, and it's harder than I thought. The actual code change is pretty small - if the level is the surface level, use my pond code, otherwise use vanilla code. But, I actually have to alter the vanilla class because most code calls it directly. That can't just be done with reflection, and is going to require ASM, which I have never done. So it's on my (large) todo pile.

    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    Also, I would have no qualms about "cheating" to get around a glitch in the game.

    I've never experienced entities permanently disappearing for unexplained reasons though, besides the usual suffocation glitches.

    I'm going back and forth on the issue or cheating back in the villagers and maps that got glitched out. Right now it's a low priority because they'll probably get glitched away again. Most likely if and when I get this solved I will cheat the stuff back in. You haven't seen this because it seems to be an interaction between RTG and Waystones. That's a bit odd because RTG doesn't change chunk handling after generation. Right now my best guess is that lighting problems are causing tick delays, and Waystones is not adjusting for them.

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    Chapter 50: In Which I Take a New Direction and Hunt the Pearls of Innwich.

    Exploration Limit: X = -501,000

    I do some tests but I can't quite nail down what the problem is. I get odd behavior generating villages and teleporting away from them with Waystones and RTG both installed, but I can't get it with either alone. It could be an interaction bug. I consider changing to some other teleportation system but everything either doesn't have the features I want (Botania has an end-stage teleport, but only to twelve locations) or involved more change to the world than I want (some of the tech mods.) Well, it seems I won't be able to use Innwich Village for trading.

    While I recover from the unpleasant jolt of having my base half-ruined and considering how to proceed, I busy myself with mentally undemanding chores around my base. Here I'm bouncing around collecting Pine wood, which I need a lot of for the castle and which could be turned into a space-efficient trade good, since coal can be compressed. Even with that enormous backpack, space is at a premium on these long trips since I seem unable to use chests in Davinci's Vessels.

    As I stew on this, I realize I don't have to have a village to proceed. I need Ender Pearls, and villagers are the easiest source, but it's not that many and I can get them other ways. It's depressing to have these nice townhomes and nobody in them - depressing enough that I consider getting zombies in there just as a kind of story - but I don't *have* to have a working village at Innwich.

    A rainstorm starts up - in the afternoon, of course. Initially I ignore it, but it progresses to a thunderstorm, so I go inside and do stuff there rather than deal with mobs. Primarily I'm looking at the Vinculotus, a Botania flower that traps Endermen by forcing them to teleport to it. The reason I need it is that I can't just buy Ender Pearls in Innwich anymore and I need another source because without them I can't make Waystones. This is my first idea to solve that.

    The Vinculotus is a very complex flower to create. Botania has three levels of "Runes". The first level is just made by enchanting the right components, then the second level is made by combining first level runes with even more components, and finally the third level runes are made by combining second level runes with even more components. The Vinculotus requires 2 3rd-level runes and one 2nd-level rune so that's a lot of time and work at the Runic Altar.

    In the morning I go out to clear up the village, which has a lot of mobs left over from the thunderstorm. This is comparatively routine given my gear although I have to stalk a lot of skeletons lurking under underhangs. But, once I'm done, I find the last villager is gone too (he was probably one of the zombies; there was a zombie villager in the mix). I'm not too stressed as I figured he'd be wiped out anyway soon enough since I haven't yet figured a solution to the entity disappearance bug.

    I plant the rice and garlic I picked up exploring. When they grow up they'll expand my recipe set, although right now I'm not feeling the fun of making recipes. It comes and goes. At this point I can probably do just fine with meat products from my chickens and cows, plus the Egg Salad I make by the chestload and some very simple recipes like Suadero (steak plus cooking oil). I'll test on my next expedition. I also collect some components for the Vinculotus creation like oak leaves.

    Then it's time to start grinding out the Vinculotus Runes. I find it's not going to be as tedious as I thought, because when I make a Rune that needs component Runes, I'm getting the components back. I'm pretty sure that's a bug, but it doesn't affect much besides tedium as at this point I don't have trouble getting large quantites of either needed components or Mana. I'm also still feeling a bit out of sorts with the disappearing villagers, maps, and mana. So I don't chuck the returned Runes in a garbage disposal like I usually would.

    Finally after 10-15 minutes of various Botania rituals I have my Vinculotus. I plant it in the little room on the lower level where I summoned and killed a Fel Pumpkin Blaze in Chapter 32.

    Then I stay up through the night (since I no longer have villagers to worry about) making a Ring of Magnetization, a Botania item that attracts items to you, along with some other indoor chores like making Egg Salad for the Gourmaryllis. The Ring of Magnetization gives me a Botania achievement.

    Come dawn there have been no Endermen caught yet. I also realize there's still a problem with overnighting, which is that Innwich is now lousy with Creepers. So I avoid the outdoor hassle and make another Botania item, the Assembly Halo. This is a kind of magical Crafting Table that doesn't have to be placed, just held in hand. In addition, it can "remember" the last recipe.

    It takes a while to figure out the controls for it. Eventually I do, but I find it's less useful than I thought as there's no way to shift-click the recipe output, so when doing lots of identical recipes, like with the Egg Salad component Mayonaise, you have to bang the "use" button for every item. This ends up slower that doing it manually, so it seems the only value is saving the hassle of placing and chopping a Crafting Table (which is something).

    I move the Vinculotus down one block, so there are 3 completely clear blocks above, in case there wasn't enough room for Endermen to pop in. Then I do chores for a bit to see if it helped. I find the Ring of Magnetization makes the Paperback trees workwhile, because now the paper thrown off comes to me rather than flying off in a random direction (and often into the ocean where I put them).

    But when I come back, still no Endermen. So it's time to try plan B.

    Plan B is to bring lots of zombie flesh to activate Priests I meet in village so I can buy Pearls. I'll try getting them from the zombie spawner in the east mines.

    First I make and charge two Mana Tablets and put them in a chest, so I will have some Mana to work with if my pools get emptied again.

    On the way I block a detour which trips me up almost everytime I go through here. This is a section where I had to back up because I ran into too much lava. No more accidentally heading down that blind alley. I have enough blind alleys dealing with bugs.

    I knock out most of the torches (which my Ring of Magnetization helpfully sucks into my inventory) and they start spawning. But it's slow. Very slow.

    I knock out more torches. Still slow.

    I guess the problem is all these guys, visible through the walls with the Third Eye. There's quite a few mineshafts here and some are a level up. They fill up pretty quickly. A faster production isn't worth clearing them all out to me, so I settle in for a long slow zombie smash.

    Next Chapter: Some Results.

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    Wet-Dry separations: complicated; not insanely so, but also likely to produce effects people won't like (e.g. Deserts will become uncommon) so I'm not itching to do it.

    Grouping Magical/Tropical/ etc.: not hard at all other than figuring how to group them. Just in clumps is pretty easy.

    BoP Volcano could be put in with externalbiomes setting now; I'll add it to the BoP Config in the future. Edit: isn't it already there? Volcano, ID 251 default. Put it in Deep Ocean climate to have it show up as an island.

    Flower Forest/Ice Spikes/ any other sub-biome: You can add them as full biome with externalbiomes. Altering sub-biomes is programmatically easy but I've never thought of a satisfactory way to do configs.

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    Yes, that should work fine, so I'll take a look at it. Well, if Coral Reef is set to incidence 0 (which is default IIRC) it should crash, but the crash should say nothing in *Ocean* climate.

    The bands are all the same width - how important is it to double the Hot and do you want to double Snowy as well? It would require recoding the methods to change it.

    No, there's nothing to stop the HL subbiomes - what's the problem?

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    Well, the sooner you can give feedback the better. Even if we haven't released yet, if something will take longer to fix we're more inclined to skip it if we're close. A lot of times my thought has to "percolate" for a while to find solutions.

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    Chapter 49: In Which I Encounter Serious Innwich Problems.

    Exploration Limit: X = -453,000

    I rebuild the boat and set off to the west.

    Once again I forget to reset my view distance to 10 chunks for quite a while.

    After another long pause I stop and dissassemble the boat to quit and restart the game. This time it restarts without any trouble.

    X = -455,000
    X = -460,000


    X = -465,000

    Just before X = -470,000 I come across some more land, initially a coastal Bog.

    Then some Plains, something else swampy, and a Jungle, followed by this mountain with Highlands-looking rocks but Extreme Hills- looking vegetation. The coast has a distinct southward tilt and keeps forcing me south.

    Shortly after -470,000 I think I'm heading out to the open ocean but -

    Again, not yet.

    After a close encounter with another turn to the south in the coast I remember to up my view distance to 14. Some more Cold Taiga and then it's back out to sea for real. I remember to drop my view distance this time.


    X = -475,000

    I've made some further improvements to volcano generation and my time trackers say it's consuming negligible time, but I'm still getting some glitches. I'm almost always seeing caves when the glitches happen, so I add a tracker for that and discover caves are indeed the biggest time consumer when I'm out on the ocean. I decide to just block cave generation out on the ocean, because I'm probably never going to explore one out here, but accidentally do it in the wrong RTG (I have several versions of all the mods I'm working on; a curse of rapid Minecraft updates) so there's no benefit in this chapter.

    X = -480,000
    X = -485,000

    Well, all these changes seem to have improved my speed so they're not a waste.

    Late in the afternoon (of course) it starts to rain.

    X = -490,000

    A rise in the ocean from an Ocean biome guides me to land shortly before sunset.

    It's another snowy coast.

    Another narrow strait formed by an island.

    And another port village next to a river in a bay! Having enjoyed my last river excursion I eagerly pull in.

    There's a Librarian with a useful book. I stew on buying it, because my main boots are Depth Strider and that doesn't combine well with Frost Walker. But, I do have another pair, so I decide to buy it.

    I sleep in the village for the night.

    There's also a butcher here. I've carried a couple stacks of meat almost a quarter of a million blocks looking to trade them away. He buys my chicken and pork, but even after selling a full stack of each I don't get a beef trade. It really doesn't seem worth the hassle to bring them given how tight my inventory is, so I think I'll just leave them in Innwich the next time I go there.

    I eagerly head to the river, plop down a vanilla boat, and set off.

    200 blocks later I'm staring at the mouth on the west end of the landmass. Well, I guess river exploration isn't *always* great. Back to sea.

    X = -495,000

    The ocean floor once again guides me to a landmass (now *that* is turning out to be a nice change!). Plains, maybe?

    I don't stop because I'm a-l-m---o---s------t to -500,000 and kind of ready for a break from exploring. Originally I thought I'd use the Waystones to pop back from a stopped boat but since I found out removing Waystones leaves "ghost" Waystones I've decided not to because I worry it might push the mod too hard. I pass a number of biomes, including this likely Dead Swamp, then it's back out to sea after about 1000 blocks.

    I tried MasterCaver's suggestion to remove Mineshaft.dat a while back and it didn't seem to help with speed. Later I found that shouldn't have been a surprise because (unlike caves) mineshaft generation isn't consuming much time on the open ocean. However, I try it again and find while it doesn't help much with time, it does help with memory consumption, freeing up about 200 megabytes of memory (!) I'll take it.

    X = -500,000 DingDingDingDingDing!

    And almost immediately the ocean floor guides me to a landmass. I land and explore. I'm going to follow the idea of stopping when I find something interesting rather than just after I meet my distance goal.

    Past the Savanna is a Wetland and a small Mesa Plateau. I go through a bit of the Wetland and then decide to check out the Plateau. It's easy to get up there with the Rod of the Skies, and I figure after half a million blocks I should look at *one*, right?

    From the top, I see what looks like a larger Mesa Plateau, and a village. Well, this looks like a place to set up a base - it's got a village, a nearby Wetlands for sugarcane, and the Mesas. Maybe I'm being a bit lax in my standards, if I'm taking the first spot after my distance limit, but whatever.

    It's almost dark, so I jump up in a tree to sleep. But, wait, where's my bed? It's not in my inventory, it's not in my backpack, it's -

    in the last village I stayed in. (sheepish look)

    Well, i have wool and wood, so i can just make another.

    In the morning I try to jump down the mesa sides the old-fashioned way to avoid the risk of a Rod of the Skies malfunction. I take some damage, but not serious with all my gear.

    One of the village Librarians has a book I'd like and I make the regular book to buy it with. I have a lot of Emeralds from all the trading I do.

    After that, and some more basic trading I head 16 chunks away from the village to set up a Waystone.

    I head north, and run into the coast. I turn and go a ways to the west, finally placing the Waystone against the Mesa, which appears to not be a stage set this time. Some spooky noises and

    Back at Innwich castle. I plant the saplings and head down to trade.

    Things are REALLY wrong this time. There is one, count it, ONE villager.

    To rub salt in the wound, there's an Iron Golem, reminding me there were at least 20 before whatever went wrong.

    I had actually made a backup when I decided on my base location on the mesa. Stop, revert to backup, head to the mesa village and-

    The villagers have changed. There's more Librarians, but a completely different set of books, and no Looting 3. OK, back to the ocean shore, place the Waystone, teleport -

    Still only one villager. I check some of my other indicators. The chickens are OK this time.

    But this stopped clock is NEVER right. It can never look like this, all off, unless maybe there's some hidden redstone, which there isn't. The Botania pools are empty again, too.

    So, I have a serious chunksaving problem.

    I do two last tests. I load a copy of the mesa save and turn on cheats to teleport back to Innwich. Same story. One villager, one Iron Golem, and that's it. So whatever it was happened when I last left Innwich, over a week ago in real time. No rolling this one back.

    I also load a copy of the "real" game, and cheat teleport back to the Mesa village. It's not wiped out, but i think I've lost some Librarians.

    So, I have a serious problem. My inital plan is, apparently, a bust.

    Next Chapter: A bughunting interlude and … ?

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    I don't use an array, I use a HashSet of checked chunks, so when the player moves I can still use my existing calcs.

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    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    For each of those chunks a 6 chunk radius is checked in turn, which covers 121 chunks, for a total of 55297 checks - and 34.56 million for the initial world spawn area (625 chunks).


    I figured the cave code was something like that. Eventually (several episodes ahead) I shut off cave generation for deep ocean, and the trackers registered a big improvement but what actually finally seems to have fixed the chunk glitching was

    having MC be the only program running.
    That might not have worked without all the fixes for volcano and caves generation, though. I was thinking about writing a cave mod to replace the vanilla code with something like what you did; I reduced volcano gen time to just negligible, although RTG volcanos are orders of magnitude rarer than caves. But it might be a really big help, because the trackers are saying almost all the time is spent deciding what caves to generate, and only a little actually generating. I got a lot of mileage out of caching - I have a limited cache where I store the result when I do one chunk, and then when I do the next chunk almost everything is already done and in the cache. It sounds like you weren't doing that.

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    Chapter 48: In Which I Expound on the Experience of a Different Style of Exploration.

    Exploration limit: X = -372,000

    Only a little ways out into the ocean I get a really long hang in generation. The last time it really hung I ended up having to go to my backup, which I really don't want to do now as that was hours of play ago. This time it does resume, and I stop my boat and disassemble back to just blocks, because often my crashes have involved problems with saving the Davinci's Vessels boat entity.

    I stop, save and reload without any crashes, but I do have a problem: the boat is stuck. I can't get it started so I'm forced to chop it and rebuild one block in the air (block by block, so I'm not floating in the ocean inbetween). But there's a problem with that.

    I've still got Mining Fatigue from the Elder Guardian ding. I go ahead and chop, since I don't have much else to do, but it's so insanely slow it takes me several minutes to chop the entire boat - long enough that the Mining Fatigue has worn off and I might as well have gone AFK. Oh well.

    I resume westward as the moon sets.

    X = -380,000
    X = -385,000

    Botania has put out an update and holy cow, it's the naggiest mod I've ever seen. Every time I log on (which is a lot, since I need a lot of breaks) I get a three-line nag. And Vazkii sure put a lot of effort into the nag, because it's a different nag each time! I'm not in a hurry to update, because my policy on update is "only when I need to". I've gotten burned on updates that turned out to have bugs.

    I'm still getting generation problems. During the last episode (I didn't record exactly when) I put some timing trackers on RTG to see if I can figure out the issue. It seems it's spending a lot of time on volcano generation, or more precisely on deciding not to generate them, as they don't happen on the ocean with my settings. I put in some caching and the tracker says things are better but I keep seeing glitches.

    I do notice that I've picked up some speed, though. Before I'd been making about 45,000 blocks per hour and now it's picked up to 50-55,000 blocks per hour.

    X = -390,000

    I watch the sun set and the moon rise. Minecraft really does a great job with the aesthetics of sunrise and sunset. I have a lot of opportunity to check out the subtleties of the sky color gradients and changes.

    X = -395,000

    It starts to rain.

    Just before I hit -400,000, I hit land. Night + rain = sail on by, of course. I
    The landmass is smaller, less than 1000 blocks, but I still pass -400,000 while I'm passing it. Then it's back out to sea.

    X = -405,000

    Shortly after sunrise, I get dinged by an Elder Guardian, but I manage to snap this relatively good pic. It looks much paler in the pic than it seems to on the screen - I have no idea why.

    I discover the Mining Fatigue burbles trail behind me in an interesting effect.

    X = -410,000

    I hit another landmass. This biome looks like Boreal Forest, which I haven't yet seen in this world, but I'm feeling pressed for time and don't stop. I don't really need to stop for anything, as, as I've said before, I'm going to see more of everything than I want. Sometimes I feel like a break, and sometimes I don't.

    I follow the coast a bit to the north as it starts to turn but then break away and head back out to sea.

    X = -415,000
    X = -420,000


    X = -425,000
    X = -430,000

    Fast to read, slow to boat. I spend a lot of time watching the celestials - and take frequent breaks, as indicated by the nag.

    X = -435,000
    X = -440,000

    The Ocean floor guides me to this isle at -443,000. This last trip has been almost 50,000 blocks, which is what I thought my average trip would be. It's been a lot less than that so obviously I did my estimates wrong, but I'm appreciating the greater variety with more frequent islands.

    This one has a offshore island producing a coastal strait, which I navigate for the heck of it. It's mostly various forests after the plains-ish biome I saw first. I don't otherwise stop and soon it's back out to sea.

    X = -445,000
    X = -450,000

    Again the ocean guides me to a landmass. The coast is initially swampy.

    Soon it changes to woodland (Woodland, to be precise), and I'm guided to this deep bay/estuary. I head in.

    And, at the head of the bay, seemingly logically, is a river. I say seemingly because the rivers are not actually generated based on the coastline, but it's still nice when this happens.

    And just in the river, is a port village! I'm batting 1000 today!

    The village has a shepherd and I take the opportunity to unload my wool. It's almost nightfall, so I doze in an L-house for the night.

    Come morning I decide to see how rivers work for "just passing through" exploration. They have disadvantages for exhaustive mapping, but I'm thinking this will work pretty well. Based on my struggles with riverboating the Duski back in Episode 45, I'm going to use a vanilla boat this time.

    The hypertwitchy turn controls on vanilla boats always trip me up after the Davinci's Vessels controls, but, with the relatively straight and broad RTG river, i manage. It is indeed pleasant travelling. In the distance I see a mountain that (to my experienced eye) looks like BoP Alps.

    The other advantage of a vanilla boat is that it can boat on ice, and very quickly at that. Unsurprisingly I have to switch as I approach the presumed Alps.

    When I'm passing I get out and climb up, and it is indeed Alps. BoP Alps has a comparatively unusual mountain design. It's actually more of a very high plateau with small hills on top. I've copied the basic idea in the RTG version.

    Of course there are great view from up here.

    I climb down and resume boating. I go through an Ice Plains with a nice view of Highlands in the distance and then a Sheild.

    Soon the river ends, because I'm coming to a Extreme Hills, which you can see a bit of on the left. RTG riverbanks don't look right around big hills so the rivers stop when they encounter hilly biomes.

    There's only a little bit of Extreme Hills to go through and no mighty mountains to cross.

    On the other side I find another river and resume boating. I don't care if there are dayspawns in these woods because I'll be going too fast.

    One of the nicest parts of riverboating is that even in a closed forest you get a view. There's a lot more to see than there would be if I were walking through this. I'd basically be looking at a lot of trunks.

    Next comes a Jungle, where I appreciate the view advantage of the boat even more. Then it's a Mountain Foothills and then the river mouth, also on a bay, but now on the west coast. It's time to go back to sea.

    One last glance at the scenery before I go. RTG riverboating does seem like a really nice way to travel through a continent. This one was remarkably logical, with a river ending in a bay leading up to mountains, where I found another river leading down to another bay. It doesn't always come out so well, but it did this time.

    Next episode: Onwards and Outwards, but troubles are looming.

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    Quote from Silvercatcher»

    Everything in software-development takes at least twice as long as expected, so they still are on schedule. ;)

    Optimist. It's *three* times as long.

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    There is a config to increase river winding.

    Like most things generated stochastically, river winding varies, and they usually have a distinct bend to them at least. They are the way they are because with 1.7 boats, navigation gets a bit iffy if they're more winding. 1.10 boats don't get destroyed when they bump the shore, so it could be somewhat higher in the later versions. I agree they look better with more bends, but I tend to put function over form. Real life rivers are often (usually?) relatively straight, although there certainly are exceptions.

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    Chapter 47: I continue Further West Into a Further Changing World.

    Exploration Limit: X = -260,000

    I head about 2000 blocks out into the ocean before I stop for some more RTG changes. I'm slogging through these thorough explorations so I can make changes to worldgen without getting chunk walls if I ever return to old islands. To be honest, that's looking unlikely as my current travel rate is significantly lower than my goal, but I want to keep my options open.

    I put in two changes, both likely for 1.11.2. First is to make the Extreme Hills even more dramatic, as I discussed back in Chapter 39. I lowered the base level of the biome, raised the hills, and added some horizontal noise to the smaller irregularities. The second change is a complete revamp of the oceans. Regular Ocean is now only mildly varying in height, and high enough to sometimes produce lighter blue on maps, to make it visible. Deep Ocean is now much deeper than regular Ocean, with a little more variation, and a very occasional seamount. This change will make Deep Ocean always be substantially deeper than Ocean, so shifts from one to the other will be easily visible and help guide players towards or away from land.

    So, back to the boat and off into the sunset. Because I'm way behind schedule, I've increased my travel goals. I'm planning to go to at least -500,000 x before I make another major stop. That's still not far enough if I spend a week at each place, but it will be better. My hope to cut down my stop duration didn't work.


    I quickly discover the Deep/Regular Ocean distinction is not as visible at night, because it's just too dark under the ocean.

    I next hit land, at -268,000, without any help from the ocean depth. I proceed to just pass it, partly because it's dark, and partly because I've got a long way to go.

    Before long the coast abruptly turns south and a huge and impressive mountain looms from the water. Iceberg dead ahead, except that it's a rock mountain from X-hills. I slam on the brakes but they seem not very responsive and I end up slamming into the beach. A creeper immediately jumps from the shadows and heads for me, as I desperately try to put the boat into reverse. As always, it starts slowly, and I have a few nerve-wracking seconds before I realize I will be able to stay away from the thing. That's the second event in this journal that's too similar to a bad event in a movie for my taste.

    Once I'm safely away from the coast, I stop to look at the mountain. I am really liking the new Extreme Hills.

    From there I continue west, and south, because the coast keeps turning south. Eventually, around -269,000, I break free and resume heading due west over open water.

    The glitchiness is back and I realize I haven't set my view distance back from my land exploration distance of 14 to my sea distance of 10 (primarily to cut back on my file size, which is growing about 1 gigabyte per 100,000 blocks travelled). It seems to help the glitchiness a little, but certainly not much.

    X = -270,000
    X =- 275,000
    X = -280,000
    X = -285,000

    Morning comes and in the late morning:

    Aha! Regular Ocean ho, to the north. This I would have missed without my ocean terrain changes.

    I cross a fair amount of ocean before I find the causative land, at -286,000

    It's yet another cold zone (what is it with cold zones on the east?), probably Ice Plains and Snowy Coniferous Forest. I elect to take a look on land, because this is going to be a long trip and I'll need the break. So - stop, chop, and hop!

    The Snowy Coniferous Forest hills rising from the Ice Plains is a nice effect, but the island is quite small and here it's just those two biomes. Once past the SCF, I'm back to the ocean, so I rebuild my boat and continue on.

    I sail a fair distance before remembering to set my view distance back down to 10 chunks. Whoops. That's some file space I'll never get back.

    X = -290,000

    The Ocean/Deep Ocean distinction guides me to another landmass just a little bit further, at -291,000.

    My initial sight is an uninviting Roofed Forest, but soon I come to a Steppe and once again it's time to Stop, Chop, and Hop.

    I soon spot another Cherry Blossom Grove and while it's lovely as always, the shift from the Steppe is too fast and grating. I wish the Minecraft biome color transitions weren't quite so abrupt.

    Next is a Swampland, and from my nightime snoozery I catch a glimpse of some promising mountains in the distance.

    I approach them in the morning and decide to climb to the top for some on-the-ground experience. It's a very high mountain, going up to 173.

    From the top of the mountain I take this shot of an adjacent, smaller (but still tall) mountain. You'll notice there's a pass between them. The new Extreme Hills code has the nice feature of sometimes - but not always - generating passes, making exploration of them for the best way through quite meaningful.

    I descend the other side to an obvious Plains, very carefully because with my increased speed it's too easy to go too fast and take a fall by skipping over several blocks on the way down.

    I didn't get a good shot from the other side but I manage this one from the Plains. Procedurally generated, folks - every last block.

    I spot a Lush Desert but bypass it, heading for an adjacent Savanna instead, which leads to a Desert.

    Soon I reach this shallow lake with what I would realize later might a little bit of Ominous Woods at the far end.

    I cross the lake to the Conferous Woods, only to discover it's a dayspawning one.

    And that's a dayspawn I don't feel like dealing with, so I dodge to the south.

    The forest reaches to the ocean on the other side, but I spot something that definitely looks like Ominous Woods. I head over to verify, but I don't go in.

    Then it's back on the boat and on to the west. I'm now at -293,000, having crossed about 1,500 blocks of land.


    Once again I travel some distance before remembering to turn my render distance back down.

    This is what the seamounts look like. They could probably look a little snappier but I haven't had the inspiration yet.

    At X=-298,000 the Ocean floor guides me to another landmass. I first sight a Mountain Foothills, then a Woodlands.

    When the coast jogs a bit south I decide to get out and take a look at the land, and probably snooze (you'll note it's late in the afternoon). Stop, chop, and hop. I race to the top of the beach to look at what land lies before me:

    And from the top of the beach, I see the other side of the beach going back down to the water on the other side. Gosh, that was productive. Well, back in the boat for another long night.

    X=-300,000 (yay!)

    A thunderstorm starts shortly after nightfall and I spend all night trying to capture a screenshot of the lightning flast. Unsuccessfully.

    X = -305,000
    X = -310,000
    X = -315,000

    The sun rises and the thunderstorm ends

    X = -320,000
    X = -325,000
    X = -330,000

    Fortunately by now I've established that with the Duski (with no tile entity components) I can safely save and quit while out at sea. It did fix the nearly constant crashes I was getting with the proto-Dusk Treader. So, when I get tired of staring at the ocean and getting shot at by Elder Guardians, I can just log out and come back when I'm up to more.

    Which I do now.

    Almost immediately after I start back up the rise in the ocean floor from a (non-Deep) Ocean biome alerts me to the presence of land.

    It's long and low, all flat Hot biomes like Desert and Savanna (so, I don't *always* get snowy biomes on the east coast.)

    I spot this Savanna village at dusk, but I'm feeling pressed for time and don't stop.

    At -332,000 I pass the last of this landmass and put it in my rearview mirror.

    Man, how many of these things are there? I roughly estimated in my head that there are about 1 quadrillion squid in this Minecraft world. No, I'm not going to count them. Although, since no save file could be big enough to hold all of them, do they even exist in a potential sense? Such are the philosophical musings I have on these long ocean trips.

    X = -335,000

    The glitches continue to worsen.

    X = -340,000

    For variety, and something to do, I've taken to watching moonrises and sunrises as well as moonsets and sunsets. I can't do it long at night, of course, because I might hit something and get creepered, but I can look.

    X = -345,000

    I've been trying to get a shot of getting hit by an Elder Guardian, and finally manage, albeit with a low quality shot. I'll keep trying.

    X = -350,000

    The ocean floor guides me to another landmass.

    Back to the snowy stuff.

    I wonder if that's the as-yet-unseen BoP Alps.

    But not enough to stop.

    I pass it and head back out to sea.

    Moonrise over open ocean. Yeah, it looks a lot like moonset.

    I spot more land just beore X = -370,000. Since it's night, I just pass by. All I see is hot biomes - but a lot more hills that in the last hot island. By -371,000 I've put it behind me.

    Or maybe not.

    I pass a few hundred blocks of coast at a distance - enough of a distance that I get dinged by an Elder Guardian out in the deep ocean. I pass one more small outlying island with a party of nasties eager to jump me and then I'm back out in the ocean for real.

    Next Chapter: Further and further

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    You have to post links to individual images, not imgur pages/image collections. E.g.

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    Chapter 46: In Which, Out of Innwich, I Reach the End Which Lets Me Sail On. Part 2.

    Exploration Limit: X=-260,000

    The area left over on the map isn't everything I need before I go on to the new maps. There's also a section on the map south of it, which is the one I originally landed on.

    I head south to work on that.

    I pass through this section of Plains and Grove through which you can just see a bit of village in the distance. I don't have any reason to go there now as I'll probably come close later.

    Next up is another Sheild (lots of that lately). I'm grinding my way through that when I see:

    Peppertree! (also next to another one) One of the last foods I'm really looking for. I set up my Agricarnation and decide to stay nearby since it will be a lot harder to find this again than the Peach tree, which was on top of a hillock.

    Nearby are a Lemon tree and a huge grove of Pecan trees (at least 5 - I've never seen so many Harvestcraft trees together) I can use as a negative controls. Science!

    These grow in just a few minutes. My negative controls have barely changed. I have my Peppercorns *and* strong evidence for Agricarnation effectiveness. Winning!

    I pass through some Meadow and Forest and snooze for the night atop this lone Flowering Oak in the Lavender Fields.

    In the morning I head through some Orchard (which I saw on the first circuit in Chapter 42)

    And then get to shear sheep here. Nice!

    I get back to the plains where that distant village was, except it turns out much of the Plains is actualy BoP Marsh.

    The village is beautifully located right on the shore of this great lake. But it's deserted! I wander though the village looking for villagers and finding - none.

    Eventually I find one in one of these goofy pools. He turns out to be a Fisherman so I guess it makes some sense. I eventually find one more, a Leatherworker, but this is still an extremely underpopulated villages. It should have more like 8 villagers, not two. I have nothing to trade with either, so I move on.

    The other side of the lake is this great Grove, also with Peonies, which I still forgot to get.

    I spot this impressive Rainforest mountain and head towards it to look for views. However, it turns out Rainforest is a seriously dayspawning biome I don't want to come in. So I try going around it to fill out my map.

    And, after a difficult climb up a steep hill, I finally manage that. I did have to go into the Rainforest, but the section I entered was too steep for many trees and thus not dayspawning.

    A little more crawling and I'm done with the maps I've made. Now it's time to move on to the (likely) two maps to the west.

    I make the next map to the west of that one. It looks like just a strip on the edge. I head north to finish it off.

    I come across another village and hunt through it for traders, finding a Shepherd and dumping some wool. But as I'm looking through the village

    Some of the houses have been lit? How can somebody prank me on a private world?

    Only when I look to the east do I realize I already visited this village in Chapter 43. This was the one off the map that I could see, and there's the stage set Mesa Plateau. So I pranked myself, and effectively, too!

    This is the north end, so I turn back south and fill in some areas I missed on the way up. The land bulges outward towards the top and I couldn't get it all in one pass.

    The next map south has a Lush Desert, which I already know from Chapter 43. It also has a village.

    Which is just totally wrecked by these stupid vanilla pools. They're designed to be subterranean and are a disaster on the surface, clearing any and all blocks in an irregular ellipsoid. I wrote an improved version, WorldGenPond that doesn't pull out the foundations of houses and the bottom of trees for RTG, but most other mods are still using the vanilla WorldGenPool, including BoP. Anybody and everybody is welcome to use the improved version and please, please do. Hapless villagers in worlds all over the (real) Earth will thank you!

    The Lush Desert has these nice mini-ridges but way too many surface pools. It's not big but it's all there is on this map and soon I'm done. I set up my 8 maps for this continent on a temporary map wall to show it.

    Although it took eight maps, it's not nearly as large as that implies. The land area is less than two maps and with some adjustments it could easily fit on four. I feel weirdly attached to this place, the largest landmass I've mapped in this world. It's been a lot of work because of the complex shape and the cane shortage, and the need to get it all done at once.

    I guess it's an example of how you care more about things you have to work for. When I was a kid my mother made this fancy shaped cracker spread for Christmas Eve dinner every year. I never much liked it. One year, when I was an adult, she couldn't find one ingredient, this particular brand of roe, in her town. I had to find it in a supermarket in the huge metropolitan area where I live (which was some work even there) and shlep it home for Christmas. And, after doing all that work, suddenly I liked it!

    Well, enough nostalgia and amateur psychology. The Edge of the World beckons. I knock down the map wall, stuff the maps in my capacious, yet somehow still annoyingly full, backpack, rebuild the Duski, and prepare to head out.

    Next Chapter: starting the longest ocean trip yet.

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    Unrecognized biomes are rendered as plains (unless you set the config to have it crash; that's for modpack developers and such). We would have to put out an update to generate it. With Climate Control and chunk wall prevention you won't see any strange walls from adding a biome. Otherwise you will, and not just at the new biome because adding a biome will change the entire biome assignment table. Exception: if you add the new biome and *then* put in an RTG to generate it, you'll get walls in and right next to the biome only from the terrain definition shift.

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