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    Having the river run out of the mountain would be a nice touch, but very tricky with current Minecraft. Maybe I'll tackle it someday.

    A village with a bridge would be a nice touch. Now that I think about it, it might be possible to intercept structure placements and keep them out of the rivers.

    The little sand blotches aren't the best, but I have to defend Minecraft a bit here. The RTG team struggled with making the surfaces a little more interesting and we found it's a really hard problem. Every method we tried to mix surfacing blocks looked blotchy or poxed or *something* bad. So I forgive them for this.

    Well, these *are* places to build things in! I'm flattered you thing these look like inviting landscapes - that's been what I've been trying for all these years.

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    I don't think that's a monstrosity. I think it looks very village-y.

    You've certainly had good luck with your enchanted book supply. I am envious.

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    Episode 81: Cartographic Corrections Conclusion

    The lower right corner of this map is unmapped, so I head south along this desert river to reach it, over the desert river village I visited last episode.

    As you can see, night is approaching, and I sleep aboard the airship.

    The reason I haven't mapped it is that it's very mountainous, a continuation of the range that gave me hassle last episode when I was running its edge. There's a Millenaire Byzantine village I saw from afar in Episode 73: I guess I won't visit it after all. There actually isn't much useful in a starting Millenaire village apart from shelter when starting out; it takes them quite a while to do their stuff.

    I finish the corner and then head east along the bottom edge. My plan from here is to head to the ocean and map out the water areas, and then head back to the Pantheon.

    I have to stay high approaching the water because the mountains go all the way to the coast.

    As a result I'm almost to the view of the far side before I'm actually in the water - which oddly makes my ship go *faster* - Da Vinci makes airships slower that water ships, I assume as a tradeoff for the greater flexibility of airships.

    This view is of the swamp which partially separates this big bay from the true ocean. I say partially because there's one water passage through ocean biome proper, and a couple more through swamp.

    I'm roughly running circles around the edge, and I now head south on to the next map.

    I go down into the long inlet, and take this shot on the way back.

    Soon I finish mapping the bay area on this map - surprisingly quickly, to be honest, and then head east to the next map to finish mapping the bay. You can see one of the passages through the swamp here.

    The next map east has a bit more water than I was expecting, and as I'm mapping it out I come across this vanilla village out in the water. Initially I head over to look at it but then I remember how bad the Squidwards are at getting out of the water and pass on by, so as not to depress myself.

    Right next to the village is an almost survival island - almost because there *is* a village right there, and visible land in the not-far distance. The village probably spawned from an even smaller one that it covered up.

    As I finish up the water area I look at the unmapped section on this map and think "as long as I'm here..." I'm going to want to do that area by airship anyway, so this is as good a time as any.

    So I take to the skies.

    Mapping is uneventful, as normal for airship mapping, other that this one tall massif.

    Night falls but nothing bothers me (no phantoms in 1.12). I finish up the land area on this map.

    On this map, though, it's too dark to clearly see what I need to cover. So I stop the airship and sleep the rest of the night.

    Come morning I finish the Extreme Hills area and then overfly this interesting little offshore island combining Plains and Extreme Hills.

    Then I head south to make a pass along the north edge of the unmapped area

    At first I'm flying over a mix of forests. I could easily do this on the ground, but I want to get the airship home.

    Then I'm passing a large desert area. It looks like this is a large desert and covers almost half of the unexplored area on this map.

    Working on expanding the map, I drift into the desert and spot some impressive sand dunes.

    After I finish the pass, I head over the mountain range for the Pantheon.

    Soon enough, I'm there. I have developed some experience in landing the airship up on the roof and I manage it faster this time. Then I head down to take a look at the map.

    Wow, I'm almost done with the entire western extension of the continent. I think I can finish the rest in just one more trip.

    I check my seasons clock and:

    It's only early summer still? (The blue and yellow area is "summer" and it's midsummer when the yellow sun is pointing up.) I was wondering if I'd finish all this mapping this year, and now it looks like I may get it done in *half* a year. Progress!

    Next episode: The beginning of the end (of the middle)
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    I find the little deposits of granite etc. that vanilla puts in annoying. They're too large to ignore but too small to be a reasonable source of building material. I much prefer something like the real world (or your system) where areas are mostly one stone or another, ever since I ran across Underground Biomes 10 years ago.

    Slimes dying into magma cubes in lava is a cute little easter egg.

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    Up-date! Up-date! The End is an awesome opportunity for any number of interesting new directions - like a host of different surrealistic locations, reachable only by Elytra.

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    Doing a Garnet is running straight routes through difficult terrain for mapping purposes.

    Rivers didn't fork often in the older vanilla generation, but it's reasonably common in RTG. The river leading away from my chateau flows into another river close to 1000 blocks away, and there's a Norman village there. I'd estimate there's a fork on average about every 500-1000 blocks.

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    Episode 80: Coastal Cartographic Corrections

    I head north over some previously mapped Ice Plains and Roofed Forest towards my next mapping goal.

    To help orient you, this is the area I'm heading to map. I've already filled in the blank areas on the maps below and to my left.

    I set down next to a largish lake for which I pull out my boat and boat around. It's largely surrounded by Roofed Forest.

    But there is a clearing that connects to an Extreme Hills area. I get out, and using my new "map the clearing edges" policy, try to get all the Roofed Forest without needing to use the airship.

    The Extreme Hills area wraps around behind the Roofed Forest, and eventually connects to a complicated area mixing Swamp, Roofed Forest, and Extreme Hills. But using the more accessible biomes, I manage to get all of the Roofed Forest onto my maps. One less thing to worry about.

    From there I head east along the bottom of the map. This is the other side where I did a Garnet back in Episode 73;

    And I'm doing a SERIOUS Garnet here. But I perservere because cleaning up these tiny strips on the edge of a map is proving to be a really big timewaster.

    Though by the time I'm reaching the end a airship pass feels pretty inviting.

    Then north along the east edge for the same reason.

    Also with plenty of obstacles.

    Finally I'm out of the mountains, facing into the hot zone I unsuccessfully searched for peppercorn in Episode 76. I check out the village, which is actually on the next map west. There's a librarian there selling a Power V Book, which might even be useful to me.

    Then on north along this river.

    I spot some bunnies and decide to try to breed them. But one of them is actually a baby, so no go. I feed the baby bun anyway. Enjoy your carrot, little fella!

    I reach my previous explorations and turn west, vaguely planning a big loop. But I quickly run across this inlet I'd seen but not mapped, so I take my boat for a quick spin.

    And *that* leads to an attractive river, and I ditch my vague circle-the-region plan to take it.

    This leads up to a Roofed Forest, but only the edge and I feel pretty safe with the wide river. I take one fork here to the west and quickly reach my explored areas from going along the coast, and then take the fork going south.

    Soon I'm in a cold area, finishing out some spots on the map. I go back west to the lake and pick up the airship.

    I take it north to get that really narrow strip, and the turn east around the mountain. But I see the moonrise over the flower forest, and stop the airship above the Birch Forest M there to sleep amidst the scenery. But in the morning:

    When I break the bed to resume, it falls off the airship into the trees. I hadn't decided where I'd set down to explore the area on foot, and I guess it'll be here.

    I land the airship on a plains area just past the Birch M forest and go back to look for the bed.

    I get attacked by a skeleton under the trees. It seems to be alone, so I suspect it spawned at night while I was going to sleep.

    But I can't find the bed anywhere on the ground. It's probably stuck in the leaves somewhere.

    Leaves that are *definitely* not worth climbing around in to look for a bed. Fortunately, there are sheep in the plains area, so I kill 3 to make a replacement. I'm using my Luck 3 sword, and, oddly, although it increases the mutton drop, it doesn't increase the wool drop - I only get one each time.

    Now I plunge into the swamp that is next to the mountains I was on earlier.

    I find a lot of sugarcane here - I'm still hunting it, even though I probably have enough now for my mapping goals. I can use the extra for desserts.

    There's a Roofed Forest sub-biome, but I manage to map it from outside. From here, I decide to return to the airship. I'll use it to map the area to the northwest, then get the strip above me as I start heading back to the Pantheon.

    I like the view of the mountains rising above the swamp. Were I still looking for a swamp base, I think I'd build it here. But I have plenty of slime from the slime trees now, and I don't need it.

    The ground lays a trap for me, but it doesn't succeed.

    I chose a scenic parking spot.

    Back in the airship, I lift off and head north, going around the tall birches.

    The area to the northwest is a mix of Roofed Forest, regular Forest, and Plains. I thought it would be mostly Roofed Forest and hard to map, but I could definitely do this on the ground. At this point, though, it's too much trouble to set down in the airship for a small area like this, so I stay in the air.

    Then east over that last strip, into the transition to hot zone desert.

    And then I'm done with the map and on to the next one to the east. For time efficiency I should probably go ahead and map these blank land areas, but I'm starting to get an itch to look at the whole map. So I'll revert to my earlier plan to just fill in the water areas from here, and then head home for a look-see.

    Next episode: splashdown.
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    Try.a different browser or something like that. I never had trouble setting my country.

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    This should be relatively easy to fix with datapacks these days. I expect somebody's already done it.

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    Quote from jeffreym23»

    I completed the HS Rail line from my base to the Woodland Mansion, and timed how long it takes to get there, just over 4½ minutes. I also moved all of the Rolling Machines I had set up as they were too close to my Immersive Engineering Crusher and there was no room for more of them. Those got located to the NW corner of the roof top of the base, the entire west side of which had been extended another 10m. I added another 9 of them, then moved the Chutes over as well, placing 3 on each machine. Those were later automated using Exporters and some redstone control using RF Tools Redstone Transmitters and Receivers. These are a lot like the old Wireless Redstone mod that Chickenbones made. You click with a transmitter on a receiver to set the channel. I used these extensively in both Stoneblock and Direwolf20 1.12.2.

    This calls for some pics!

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    Are "ribbed caves" found in vanilla with any frequency? I don't recall any.

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    Those look like the new large birch trees. They are not all that different from the old ones - a little wide, moderately longer hanging leaves. The small birches are more different and I'll look for some pic to show it.

    This has come up before - there are fewer caves in RTG because without surface irregularities to hide them. large areas look like they've been attacked by Dune sandworms. But even apart from that, caves used to be rare at altitude before 1.18. You wouldn't have seen many caves in mountain areas anyway.

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    Episode 79: Cartographic Cleanup and Corrections Continued

    In the morning I continue west into some Birch forest. I've recently changed this, the large birch model, to have leaves that hang more, similar to the real-world model species Betula Pendula.

    The unmapped area becomes very thin, and crosses a mountain range, where it connects to another unmapped area on the next map west.

    I encounter this lake as I approach that mountain crossing. Now I have a decision to make - continue on and map that now, or head back, finish on the map below, and pick up the airship? I decide that when I'm done mapping on the far side of the mountain range, I'll want the airship there. So I turn back.

    After taking a short river to speed up getting there, I hit a small Extreme Hill sub-biome and the snow is melting. So it's summer, although I didn't notice the display reset that normally accompanies month changes.

    Now I'm doing cleanup on my cleanup. I'd thought I'd get this on the way back, but I forgot and did the pass on the map above. Seems my planning could use some improvement.

    And here's the ice river that left me with the cleanup on the east end of the map. Ended up not too useful - although it was rather fun.

    And then I come back, getting a few dots on the edge I couldn't get on the way out - doing cleanup on the cleanup on my cleanup. I spot this vanilla village and drop by to say hi. The locals offer me some carrots and potatoes since they grow so slowly where I live.

    Then I walk back to Ice Mountains where I left the airship and realize I might have to look for it like I did in the swamp.

    But it's easy to see with the open sightlines. Weirdly, it stood out like a beacon in the game but in the snapshot even I have to look for it a bit.

    I fly over the mountain range, getting the corner of that map, and set down again next to this Flower Forest on the other side.

    Now I go back on the map to the north, where I turned back rather than crossing the mountain range, to clean up this little strip.

    There's a river right in the middle, to make it easier. I zip over to the mountain range, then zip back for the rest.

    There's a herd of black horses grazing at the river side. Too bad I have only one saddle. Hey, I forgot to get a horse ready for explorations! I'll have to remember that this winter.

    On the next map I'm only planning to get the one area I'm in now. The other two I plan to get as I fly around the edge of the western extension, which I'll need to do for a number of mountain bits I've missed.

    This area is partly snowy biomes, and partly Taiga. Hm, not sure Harvestcraft should have put that beehive there. That's a Millenaire Inuit village, but I already got my copper converted last episode and have no trading to do.

    And there's some regular Forest here too.

    Some of it is flower forest, and this gravel pool has displaced some flowers. I pick them up, which is silly because it'll jam my inventory, but I do it anyway.

    I spot another igloo, and like in Episode 72, I check it out because it seems far from the village. And like then, it's actually a *vanilla* igloo. And like then, I check it for hidden captives, and like then it has none.

    Whoa, deja vu!

    Sunset is approaching as I use this lake to speed up finishing the area. I head to this Taiga to sleep the night, but I get attacked by this duskspawning zombie. Fortunately it's alone. I look around nervously as I wait for it to get late enough to sleep, but I get no further harassment. Duskspawning thankfully tends to be sporadic.

    Before heading back to the airship, I check the next map south to make sure there are no edges here to get. There aren't, but I forgot about that little spot in the upper left corner I need to get. I'm starting to hate corners - and miss Explorercraft, which could map on multiple maps at once, and thus solved the corner problem.

    Then back to the airship and back to that map, to get the little strip in the lower left.

    I pass this interesting hilltop oasis on the way.

    I map the little strip and then head back up to the upper left corner. Sigh.

    On the way I try zigzaging between maps to finish mapping the next map west. But I end up leaving spots and having to go back. The airship just doesn't have the maneuverability to pull that off.

    Then on to the next map to the north. This too has a tiny little strip I missed in episode 72. The mountain views here are particularly impressive. Much of this snow is in the process of melting - it fell in the spring when I was here; now it's summer and only very high altitudes in Extreme Hills retain snow. But just as it takes time for snow to fall, it takes time for it to melt, and in the airship I'm moving fast enough there's a lot still left by the time I'm gone.

    Now I'm back on the map where I just got one but not all of the areas mapped. You can probably guess my plan - fly over that crooked strip, then explore the area to the north.

    And that's just what I do. Turns out there's a river though most of the crooked strip so I could have done that from the ground.

    I make my first pass at that upper region along it's bottom. It's mostly rugged mountain, although I *could* have done some more on the ground here. I really have to learn to be more thorough.

    You'll notice the moon is rising, and I stop the airship and sleep in the skies.

    In the morning I turn around to make a pass back to the west. Here you can see the farmhouse in th large Roofed Forest clearing I encountered and slept in in Episode 73.

    I head back to more impressive mountain scenery, although this forest is more I could have done from the ground.

    I turn back around shortly after passing this montaine Mega Taiga.

    Then another pass to the east, passing through this canyon just for the fun of it.

    One more pass to the west, and I'm done with this map. I had intended to start heading back west at this point, but there's one map to my north here which is a LOOONNG way from the Pantheon. I'm already out here, and I've had several lessons in the need to be thorough. So, why not get it done now?

    Next episode: An unplanned expansion of scope.
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    Episode 78: Cartographic Cleanup and Corrections

    For my next expedition, I plan to go around the western extension to map areas that have gotten missed for one reason or another.

    Large map floors provide an advantage here: I can get close to see more clearly where I need to go. First up is this large strip in the middle. After that there are some small areas in the mountains on the southwest, then some larger areas to the northwest, and the finally I want to fill out the water areas on the north coast I found in the last expedition, to make the shape of the continent more obvious - right now it's a bit obscured by the fact that an empty land area looks a lot like at empty sea area.

    I stuff the food materials I've collected like carrots and the vanilla beans into one of the chests to open up space in my inventory, then refill my lunchbox with new foods. Then I head up to snooze on the airship for another early morning departure.

    The half-slab stair up is a pain. It takes a long while to climb, and I go around and around and around. I'm very tempted to replace it with a ladder shaft, although I've held back so far because I don't think I can make it look good. Unfortunately the space is too small for a regular pitch stair, which I assume is the reason it was made with half-slabs.

    I used up too much of my bonemeal on the vanilla tree, but fortunately I also brought a few bones I convert. It's starting to look like wishful thinking that I'll find a peppercorn tree, but we all know if I left my bonemeal behind *that's* when I'd find it.

    Next day I head over and start on that big strip. My plan is to use the ariship for this mountain region and then set down and get the rest on foot. The airship is tricky for these fill-in operations. I've mentioned the slow acceleration and turning, but another issue is that my facing can differ from the airship's facing so it's hard to see what direction I'm going on the map.

    But when I get to the second map I decide if I stop here I'll waste the opportunity to get some more exploration done as I take the airship further west. So I go all the way to the far edge of the map.

    Did the nice views I can get from above inflence my decision? Mmmmmay-be!

    I figure I'll just dismount the airship, not disassemble it, so I won't have to futz with it contacting land blocks which Davinci will attempt to include with the airship. But once I get off I realize I've left the bed as part of the airship (I should have knocked it over when I woke up.) So I have to get back on and disassemble it anyway.

    And then it's time to fill in on foot - fortunately through some attractive cathedral forest here.

    I spot a Millenaire ruined Norman farmhouse and approach, weapons drawn, in case of bandits. But, none here. Inside is just some copper coins, bread, and wheat, which I take.

    Come evening I pillar up to the top of one of the smaller trees for safer sleeping. But it seems I waited a bit too long and in the morning two zombies come up to the base. They're not burning because of the shade. I pincushion them, and check to make sure nothing more dangerous is about, before descending and continuing.

    I come across a lake and boat it to speed up exploration. But when I finish and get out, I hear zombie and skeleton noises. I go on alert to try to find out what's going on, eventually finding a cave entrance hidden behind some ferns. The time I spend investigating probably used up what I gained from boating.

    Then I come across an frozen river kind of going my way and try some iceboating. I spin out a lot, but still end up travelling faster overall. I have to be careful though, because I put down the map to place the boat and I almost boat off without picking it up again!

    I clean up some of the space missed by the river - inevitably it doesn't go *exactly* where I want - and then head on to the next map to the east. Unfortunately I switched to one-hand mapping because I needed a bigger view to make sure I didn't miss any dots and for a while I forget to stop and show the map from time to time. So you'll have to settle for the pretty pictures.

    Next up is some shrub forest.

    Soon I'm almost done with this map. The lower section I'll get in the future when I explore the south of the continent. Except afterwards, when I was writing this up, I notice I missed a little bit in the upper left. Aaarghhh!

    Now I switch to the map above. I *should* be done with this, but I'd left a tiny strip on places when running the edge. I have to be really careful not to do that in the future.

    There are some nice views here. It's started raining, which is why the sky is dark, although of course it's not raining in the Savanna. It's still late spring, so snowing in those Extreme Hills, but I stay back to keep the snow off my maps.

    After filling in the missed edge, I search the savanna for peppercorn trees, but don't find any. Then I had back west, but north of my previous exploration to add more to my maps.'

    Near nighttime I approach the oasis village I'd overflown back in Episode 74 and sleep in the village to avoid bed-plopping.

    Jewel,one of the villagers attemps to join me. Sorry, but you're not my type. Although she does sell Frost Walker enchantments, which have their uses.

    Not far from the vanilla village is a Seljuk village. I don't need to trade for goods, but I've gotten a lot of copper coins I want changed into silvers. So I sell a few of the wheat I got in the ruined farmhouse and they make the change for me.

    Then some swamp, with a lake I can use for boating. But when I check my map

    Aaargh! Once again I missed a spot - five dots above my shanks. I've got to be REALLY sure I don't leave these edge strips in the future - they cause a HUGE waste of time and effort.

    Beyond the swamp is an open grassland area, with some nice open views.

    Then on to the next map where I realize -

    I left my bed in the vanilla village. Well, easily enough remedied as there are sheep nearby.

    Here also I missed a few dots, above the left end of my shanks. Like I said, hugely wasteful.

    I have to detour down to pick them up.

    Near sunset I come across a sheep herder and head over to use it to avoid bedplopping. But it's very crowded inside the small shack, so I sleep in the sheep pen instead.

    Next episode: Keeping on keeping on.
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    No! Such a typical hardcore death though - just a silly mistake. I've made similar mistakes, and am now super-paranoid about potential falls above 20 blocks. It was fun following along, hope you post the next one!

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