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    posted a message on Currency and you?
    slightly off topic, but what about a mod Idea that had a deranged man on a unicycle that would sell you anything you wanted in exchange for books.he'd sell you the item based on the rarity in that chunk or if that block is not present, then at a default rate. I"d like it actually
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    posted a message on [Surv] Skyblock
    Quote from AznDannyPhamtom

    How would we complete some of the challenges? Ex. Infinite Water, Mushroom Stew, etc.
    This is Version 1.8.1

    I also noticed on one of the challenges [35) Craft 5 Gold Ingots. (1.9 Pre Release only)]
    Where do we even get gold?

    zombie pigmen drop gold nuggets ( i think in 1.8 too)
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    posted a message on 2 Strongholds!
    Quote from SKAzini

    ever put in mind that its the same strong hold? Did you explore it all to find out?

    lol brah if you look they're two different seeds.
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    posted a message on [WIP] Psychraft 16p
    Quote from Theevilpplz

    I know you are working on it, but can you please wait until the screenshots are up before you make a thread?
    And I personally don't think you should put a section that is a "work in progress".
    If you have no content for a section, remove it. It's not like you can easily add it back in at a later date.
    Also, it will be easier for people if your download links are in an open, obvious position, and easy to access (when you get download links obviously).

    well I was gonna put up some screenies but it failed cuz my terrain.png got a little screwed up....
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    posted a message on [WIP] Psychraft 16p
    a Psychedelic Experience
    :Teal: :Blue: :Violet: :Purple: :Pink: :Rose: :Red: :Orange: :Yellow: :Lime: :Green:

    Lets get to it then. this is my debut texture pack, something made in my free time. It will be funky, weird and will be very influenced by your suggestions. Because, lets face it, the weird stuff in my mind does, eventually, end *gasps cue*. and now for the post...

    if it happened, it says so here

    29 OCT 2011 Thread originated
    1 NOV 2011 Terrain.png fixed

    pictures. seriously, the name says it all

    a dirt hill on the first incarnation of my texture pack

    Help a Brotha Out
    I'm new to this, so for those of you who'd like to do me a solid... (discaimer: I'm not really black, will you still help?)

    Make it match
    I'm gonna make custom biomes and I want sidegrass to work on fast so how do I do it?

    Thanks, Brah
    This TP wouldnt have been made without the help of numerous texture artists and random dudes

    XSSheep He let me use part of his wood from his amazing nagareru TP
    more when I decide to put them um, I'm busy right now.

    Showcases, Demonstrations, and let's plays, you've gotta love 'em.

    Support it
    donations, signatures, all that jazz

    ">.tinypic.com/20jqrh4.png" width="" height="" alt="" />

    adcraft, mediafire, adfly oh my!

    Get the low-down

    Nov 4: point at which OP goes mad from lack of comments
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    posted a message on [WIP][TP] Phsycraft 16p
    Quote from Physak

    Here's where you want to go: http://www.minecraft...-texture-packs/

    thank you, I'll put you on the thank you. oh thats what I was missing. ty again.
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    posted a message on [WIP][TP] Phsycraft 16p
    no comments? sadness.
    Quote from Physak

    There's nothing in the spoilers...
    Also this is the wrong section.

    I know theres nothing In the spoilers and I don't know how to get into the subforums. I'm in the process of getting Screenshots, I figured I'd watch the topic for a while first.

    Quote from jtk1993

    I'm guessing you intend to call your texture pack Psychcraft?

    it that unclear. sorry that came off as a bit rude. yes, i do intend to call it psychraft. for Psychedelic Minecraft.silly.
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    posted a message on [WIP][TP] Phsycraft 16p
    Can a Mod destroy this Topic as I do not know how to?
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    posted a message on [MOD][WIP] Empire Mod! Elephant's Ftw
    for real, will a mod lock this already? this is dumb why do people keep posting?
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    posted a message on ☣ Ruined World: Reborn™ ☣[Serious Roleplay|Hardcore|Realistic|Forum|Teamspeak] ☢
    Quote from dangirdas


    maybe try spoilers just curious?
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    posted a message on Super Stylish signatures, avatars, and photosbanners, anything you want for free!
    Quote from Borlea

    can you make a sig for my texture pack?


    your signature is the baby of chuck norris and oscar wilde and harry potter.
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    posted a message on Creeper Apocalypse?
    nice, I think Id survive due to my epic sniping skills and my obsidian bunker.

    EDITt:also, 27 days
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    posted a message on 1.9.5 PR is Ready For Testing!
    I'm gonna stick with four. they need to stop releasing a version that is exactly the same as 1.9 but without matching sidegrass.
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    posted a message on Anon's 5 Rules of Game Design
    I've got a suggestion for the lag thing, mainly aimed towards notch. Laptops are very laggy for one reason: they lack high performance in most fields of computing. however, they make up for it by having multiple-core processors. if minecraft was made compatible with these, it would function much better and allow things such as mob to mob interactions (which jeb might make anyway btw)
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    posted a message on [1.8.1]-[Mod]-Lapis-Handy-Weapons-[1.1]-UPDATED!!!!
    i fixed the name and added dagger, should be up by tomorrow,

    lol original said the lapis mod. not that that wouldn't be a good name of course....
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