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    posted a message on Torches able to be placed on ceiling
    Quote from goblinraider232

    What the subject says, I shouldn't have to explain anything.

    also redstone on walls and celings

    the chandalier could be electrically or fuel powered.
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    posted a message on Adventure Mode eggs
    Quote from serban25

    I played the 1.9 pre release and i saw Notch talking about adding eggs in game for the breeding which was just a joke.(Literally he was just joking) Im thinking what if they add egg for every mob. Not in survival but in creative mode. So you can create an adventure map without needing to really mod in mob spawners with the specific mobs. Player walks on pressure plate red stone triggers dispenser, dispenser shoots eggs and the Mob poops out like zombie or whatever egg is. (this would work even better if dispensers could shoot down) Imagine if you steeped on pressure plate or pressed wrong button rather than having to make like tnt explode to uncover a simple mob spawner to instead have dispensers that shoot the mob)
    If the title needs a name change just tell me :tongue.gif:

    I made a signature for it. Its nothing interesting. Idk how to post just the code tho :tongue.gif:. Here it is tho!

    use the tags [code] [code] and [/code] [/code]

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    posted a message on Hang Glider, and the Mechanics of Flight (Simplified).
    I like this so much I made a banner.

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    posted a message on The CIA Is Monitoring Us Right Now
    Quote from Feryll

    OT paradigms:

    "Oh my gosh! The government is so disconnected with the people! They know nothing about what we think! We common people who aren't in the government can't do anything!"

    "Wait? What? They're reading my public tweets about my daily complaints and my forum posts about my political positions? How dare they?! DARN YOU BIG BROTHER CHINA TOTALITARIAN POLICE THEOCRATIC STATE ESPIONAGE TACTICS!"

    I'm not sure whether you're a bigot or on to something.

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    posted a message on I'm stealin ur bukkits!
    Quote from iglock

    Awesome. :iapprove:

    So awesome I illustrated it.

    Although, I can't help feeling that 3 obsidian blocks per bukkit is maybe a little too costly (particularly if you want to make lots of bukkits). What do people think of obsidian being gathered (when mined) as one or two obsidian ores (or maybe crystals?)- rather than just one obsidian block? That way obsidian ingots/bars could be created and used to make even more things from obsidian (a la iron,gold,diamond etc) and also would make it slightly faster/easier to make obsidian bukkits?

    Just an idea- anyway, here's a quick sig support thingy.


    the only reason I like this is because of that signature.
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    posted a message on Anarcho-Communists of Minecraftia
    is this thread alive?
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    posted a message on The CIA Is Monitoring Us Right Now
    Quote from Xypharius

    How interesting... Yes the CIA and other federal agencies moniter the internet. however it is done by bot and other written programs that search through millons of webpages, faster then most can read through one, searching for key words; then it may be brought to the attention of an actual person if the website itself has ever had any similar activity on it otherwise it is likely ignored.

    I think everybody on the internet knows that. I apologise if this is a serious thread, but I think this is more on peoples' opinions, not a search for the facts. because that you said has been said before.

    Quote from Jttye

    I wonder if the CIA hate or like bronies.

    CIA: friendship is magic

    Quote from Harvey999555

    So the Chinese International Agency is spying on us right now?
    I wonder about the French Bureau of Investigation...

    (Tbe Simpsons reference)

    I get it.
    "I feel bad betraying my country. I pledge alleigence to the flag every morning"
    "but flag is made in china"
    "that's good enough for me."

    Quote from jacobdb

    ++++ best post in a good while.

    also, if this was 1984, we woudn't be debating if the goverment was spying on us. as we woudn't even know.

    2+2 =5 when everyone around you tells you so.

    that contradicts the post you said was the best.

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    posted a message on Time-of-day specific resources
    Quote from Asdflvr

    That's actually a neat Idea, although right now there is a reason to go outside - kill the mobs for arrows / silk / gunpowder

    Even with that though, i rarely venture outside at night, because i don't wanna lose my loot.

    What about a NEW mushroom? Like kinda blueish like the moon, and it spawns around tree trunks or something.
    IDK what it would be for like food or something but yeah, adding something that spawns only during night - that is valuable, would be nice.

    first thought: shrooms. no practical use in minecraft tho......:sad.gif:

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    posted a message on Magnetite?
    Let me say something: I hate your Idea.but I have reasons:
    1) we have compasses already.
    2) A metal detector is just cheating
    3) all of those things could be made from iron
    4)new ore: why?

    but I love one thing. Electromagnets. redstone+iron. powered rails minus power? win. self-propelled minecrarts with controls? steering? I want. I need electromagnets.pic unrelated, i just couldn't resist.
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    posted a message on Automatic Pork Cooking Machine
    like a boss.
    hm...I'd make it out of less wood if I were you...
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    posted a message on The CIA Is Monitoring Us Right Now
    Get creeped by CIA

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    posted a message on Hot water (hear me out here)
    Quote from AlexJS

    What are we, Mario? We can't turn water into life energy!

    But I kid, hot springs would be nice, but having infinite health wells make food nigh obsolete.

    not with the wonderful hunger bar. and (I'm serious) Epsom salt. yeah, I'm talking about kama sutra in MC. problem?
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    posted a message on Small Rocks
    Quote from SkydivingRobot

    As a way of adding more flavor to the game, I suggest...


    Not the kind you find in the ground, but the much smaller kind that can be skipped and thrown at people.
    Rocks can be found lying around pretty much anywhere, and can also be gained from crafting cobblestone (same way you get wood from tree trunks).

    Crafting four rocks in a square creates a cobblestone block.

    Rocks can be thrown at people by means of a sling. This does far less damage than arrows, but the ammo is much easier to procure.

    Rocks can be placed on pressure plates to keep them down. This is useful for preventing boulders from crushing you whislt raiding ancient temples.

    Comments? Criticism? Go ahead and rip this idea to shreds. I don't mind.

    first of all I hate when people do that.but still,

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    posted a message on Gems. (diamond overhaul) now with pictures!
    gemcraft thread.
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    posted a message on A new use for our piles of flint
    Quote from Duke 2.0

    As it is not a true explosion, I don't see how this could possibly b used with TNT. Perhaps make a semi-TNT like explosion that does not damage terrain but does damage players and monsters, but not an actual explosion.

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